Tin Ha Fung Wan Comics Video Game

Welcome to the Fung Wan Game page. The purpose of this page is to offer some sort of introduction to the game in English because I have not yet found a single webpage for this game that is not in Chinese. This is a page for those of us who are not so very literate in Chinese and still crave to play and learn about the game.

Comments on the first Fung Wan game:
General Information:
The player has to play Bo Ging Wan (Cloud) from his teens following his quest for revenge. There are about three subquests that the player can have the option of undertaking.

Definitely a refreshing eye-opener from previous RPG games that Softworld has made in the past. Cool 3D graphics and very detailed. The details of the scenaries are so specific that it doesn't fall short of what one would see from the old comics. The dialogues are derived almost word for word from the actual comics. Long-time fans of the Tin Ha comics will gloat in secret knowledge that they can know exactly what will happen next!

The fighting process gets tedious and redundant, especially when you are trying to make Cloud learn some new moves--you have to use the same thing over and over again. I thought it was irritating when about every 3-5 steps you take, the game launches into a battle sequence. Some bugs in the game and some small technical plot errors (such as Cloud using his Black Sword in a fight when he didn't even get it yet!) When the player fights Hong Ba (Cloud's martial teacher) towards and at the end, his sequence literally takes FOREVER to load. I thought it was just my copy but others have had the same problem.

Final Comments:
Despite occasional nuances, the game is pretty good overall. A little disappointing that Softworld did not create the game so that the player can choose to play Cloud or Wind (or both!). I was not too satisfied with the ending of the game but heck, maybe there's going to be a part II?!

They don't do the actual game much justice but this is just so that you can get the gist of it!

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