Tin Ha Fung Wan Comics Story

Feature: Issue 14

The main objective of this page to offer non-Chinese/Asian and Chinese-illiterate viewers a sense of the intriguing story-line that has captivated so many loyal readers at Hong Kong and overseas. This, when combined with the fantastic artwork of Ma Wing Shing truly does make Tin Ha a great comic book. However, as my literacy in Chinese is not very high and because of the vast differences between the two languages, translations may at times seem awkward. As noted in a Chinese-English dictionary, "woe to those who attempt to make a perfect translation between Chinese and English, two languages that have so little in common." For terms that are of Chinese context, they are explained inside parentheses denoted by a star (*). I also suggest that you take a look at the comic in supplement to reading these translations because it would make it much clearer and easier to remember the characters. For all other text inside parentheses, I've tried to translate the word or phrase directly.

Going by the issue order in the combined volumes of Fung Wan. Each volume has 7 issues.

Volume 1:

Intro: Bo Ging Wan's (Cloud's) Story

Issue #5: My Father As Strong As The Tiger

Issue #6: Legend

Issue #7: Sudden Changes

Issue #8: The Cloud Pass Cave on Fire

Issue #9: Once Wind and Cloud is Met, the Dragon Will Transform

Volume 2:

Issue #10: Sword Fast, Arrow Fast, I'm the Fastest

Issue #11: Dragon Subduing God Kicks

Issue #12: Phoenix Dance in Nine Skies

Issue #13: The World Stirs with Wind and Cloud

Issue #14: Buddhist Palms

Because Jonesky has released the official english translation out for sale, spcnet.tv will no longer do any more translations.

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