(Volume 1, Issue 6)

Du Long comes charging down from the Lu Shan statue and lands squarely on top of one of the bullies who was about to attack Lip Fung. Exchanging a few blows with the bullies, Du Long invites Lip Fung to join him in the fight in which Fung politely explains that he's not used to fighting with strangers. Scoffing this as an act of cowardice, Du Long is suddenly punched aside by a bully. The bully grabs the first weapon he sees--the Snow Drinking Saber from Lip Fung's hands and is about to strike Du Long. Caught off-guard, Lip Fung runs after the bully and, in an awesome swerve kick, flings the bully aside. Du Long and the other bullies are shocked. Lip Fung himself is shocked, he having never fought or practised his martial skills with anyone else other than his father, Lip Ren Wong, did not know his own power.

The bullies exit.

Du Long decides to try a sneak attack to test Lip Fung's skills as he bends down to pick up the Snow Drinking Saber. With his back still turned, Lip Fung points out the flaws in Du Long's approach of attack, naming all the acupuncture points he had left wide open and unprotected. Sheepishly, Du Long laughs and asks Lip Fung how he knew and learns that Lip Fung could "hear" it. Since he was three, Lip Fung had been practising a listening skill called "Ice Heart Formula" that had been passed down from his family for generations.

Meanwhile, the long awaited battle between two of the greatest fighters in the North and the South is about to take place for the first time. Lip Ren Wong (Lip Fung's father) charges straight ahead, grabbing a nearby wood-chopping knife, and aims directly at Du Shuay (Du Long's father) who is sitting motionless on a bamboo chair. Lip lashes out the first move of "The Proud Chill Six Formula" and is about is strike Du Shuay. Du Shuay calmly utter two words--"Too bad." Lip Ren Wong halts suddenly in midair and asks Du why he does not fight back. Du Shuay claims that Lip's knife is not worthy enough to fight against his "Fire Kilin Sword". Lip laughs appreciatively as Du points out the one flaw in his blow before and is eager to start the battle.

Du Shuay asks Lip Ren Wong to take care of Du Long and teach him martial arts should he happen to die in battle. He claims that he would do the same and take care of Lip Fung if Lip Ren Wong dies. Lip agrees without a second thought to take care of Du Long but refuses the offer for Lip Fung. Instead, he warns Du to beware of son because Lip Fung would avenge his father's loss in battle one day if Lip Ren Wong dies. Lip initiates the battle again as Du Shuay backs away into the house behind to grab his Fire Unicorn Sword. However, he does not draw the sword out of its sheath because Lip refused to use the Snow Drinking Saber.

Simultaneously, down at the foot of the Lu Shan statue, Du Long explains to Lip Fung the legend that has been passed down for generations in the Du family. The inscribed words on the statue claim that once the water level reaches to the knees of the statue, the "Cloud Pass Cave" above would be on fire. The reason Du Long has to measure the water level each day is to await for that day. However, the true implications behind the legend is unknown to Du Long. Lip Fung suddenly hears a sword and knife clashing together. Looking above their heads, Lip Fung and Du Long could see that their fathers are in the midst of a heated battle at the top of the statue's head. At the same time, a huge wave suddenly creeps upon Lip Fung and Du Long, knocking them off and into the waters. Hearing their cry for help, both Lip Ren Wong and Du Shuay watch in helpless shock.

A young male voice hiding within the nearby trees speak to his two personal followers to wait for Lip Ren Wong and Du Shuay to get tangled in their fighting before attacking. At a closer look, the young boy turns out to be the Bo Ging Wan (Cloud) who had joined the Tin Ha Clan of a few years ago!

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