Sudden Changes

(Volume 1, Issue 7)

Lip Fung and Du Long are knocked into the waters, with surges of wave after wave hurling them back and forth in the air. Telling Du Long to grab onto his waist, Lip Fung stabs the Snow Drinking saber into the knee of the Lu Shan statue and manages to save themselves. Du Long cries out in excitement that the water level has reached the knees of the statue. At the same instance, the battle between Du Shuay and Lip Ren Wong has taken an unexpected turn as Du Shuay is seen retreating from the aggressive advances of Lip Ren Wong's blade. Lip Ren Wong taunts Du Shuay to pull the Fire Kilin sword out of its sheath and at the moment his knife clashes with the sheath, a scorching heat emitting from the sword instantaneously shatters Lip's knife to pieces. Du Shuay sees the advantage and immediately launches a combo-move, knocking Lip in the neck and right knee. Suddenly, to Du's surprise, the Fire Kilin sword springs out of the sheath on its own and into the air. Du Shuay cries in bewilderment to his "Fire Friend" to come back and immediately leaps up to grab back the Fire Kilin sword. To know that the Fire Kilin sword is reputed to be "evil", making its holder lose his natural senses and bonding together man and sword. Du Shuay continually refers to the sword as his "Fire Friend," treating it as if it really was a human being.

Seeing the Snow Drinking saber in Lip Fung's hands, Du Shuay laughs in understanding. The reason his Fire Kilin sword had sprung out before was that it had sensed the presence of the Snow Drinking nearby. These two extraordinary weapons are like the black star or nullification of each other. The Fire Kilin sword is renown for its scalding and fiery heat while the Snow Drinking is an ice and chill absorber. As if in a hysteric trance, Du Shuay lashes out the fourth move of the "Sun Eclipse Eight Move"--the sword technique passed down in the Du family that is used in combination with the Fire Kilin sword. (*Just as the "Proud Chill Six Formula" should be used together with the Snow Drinking saber to have a power multiplier effect)--and lunges toward Lip Fung who is carrying the Snow Drinking. Lip Ren Wong angrily calls out that Du Shuay is picking on a kid but Du Shuay ignores the insult. (*In the martial world, it is considered extremely out of place and dishonorable for a person of higher status--either from age or experience-- to fight against someone who is much younger and inexperienced). To Lip Ren Wong's surprise, Lip Fung is not at all afraid and instead, lashes out a saber thrust that he had secretly learned from watching Lip Ren Wong using the Ice Heart Formula. The two weapons clash against each and Lip Fung effectively blocks the attack. However, because Du Shuay's inner strength far surpasses that of Lip Fung's, after the clash, Lip Fung is knocked aside and spurts out blood. Chinese martial arts does not just involve physical movements but also concerns with the cultivation of one's own chi, or the inner force within a person. This is usually a breathing technique (and each clan and family would have their own special technique!) that can help improve a person's concentration, mentality, and power force. The stronger the chi, the stronger the attack. The highest level would be if the person can draw upon his chi at a whim or a mere thought.

After the clash, Du Shuay challenges Lip Ren Wong to use the Snow Drinking against him. His attitude seemed completely different from his past behavior ever since the Fire Kilin sword was held in his hand. Realizing that his father is hurt in the knee, Lip Fung volunteers to take Lip Ren Wong's place. Lip Ren Wong agrees while Du Shuay eagerly leaps up to lash out the last and most powerful of the Sun Eclipse Eight Move--"Fire Kilin Eclipse." This eighth move is like a black sword cage, encompassing the opponent in a dark trap that allows no light in whatsoever. Lip Fung appears to have found the flaw in the move and stands with the Snow Drinking held upright with both hands. Lip Ren Wong watches in expectation, sitting near the entrance of the Cloud Pass Cave and suddenly notices a strange heat coming out from the cave.

Meanwhile, Bo Ging Wan who is hiding within the trees with his two personal minions--Death Slave and Prison Slave--orders them to make their move. Death Slave receives command to go snatch the Snow Drinking saber from Lip Fung while Prison Slave takes order to attack Du Shuay. At the instant Du Shuay is about to complete his "Fire Kilin Eclipse" move, Prison Slave suddenly sneaks attack from above. Du Shuay parries the blow while Lip Fung is also attacked at the same time by Death Slave. In a swift and powerful blow, Death Slave kicks Lip Fung aside and grabs the Snow Drinking. Successfully snatching the saber in his hands, Death Slave joins Prison Slave in attacking Du Shuay, however, they are no match for Du. As Death Slave is flinged aside in Lip Ren Wong's direction, Lip quickly attacks seven of his vital acupuncture points, hindering Death Slave's movements.

Bo Ging Wan immediately draws a dagger out, takes Du Long hostage, and orders Du Shuay to hand over the Fire Kilin sword. Seeing the Snow Drinking on the floor, Lip Fung picks it up and likewise, takes Death Slave in a counter hostage. Bo Ging Wan asks Death Slave whether he listens to the orders of his master. Death Slave answers "Yes," and without another word, thrusts his neck against the blade of the Snow Drinking, killing himself. Bo Ging Wan laughs at his own power while Lip Fung stands in shock. Suddenly, Du Shuay speaks out and claims that the Fire Kilin sword is more important than the life of his son, Du Long, shocking everyone. Rather than give up the sword, which he claims is his source of immense pride and wealth, Du Shuay tells Bo Ging Wan to go ahead and kill Du Long!

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