The Cloud Pass Cave On Fire

(Volume 1, Issue 8)

Du Shuay tells Bo Ging Wan to go ahead and kill his hostage, Du Long, shocking everyone at the scene. Even Du Long, his son--who would not have cried for help--could not help feeling aghasted at such words.

Bo Ging Wan had betted on Du Shuay's love for his son and thus took Du Long captive for exchange of Du Shuay's Fire Kilin sword. To his unexpected calculations, Du Shuay advanced forward threateningly with the sword charged up on fire. Seeing that the blade was thrusted forward in attack, Bo Ging Wan panicked and uttered out loud that he is the disciple of Tin Ha clan's leader--the invincible Hong Ba!

Lip Ren Wong and Du Shuay are both astonished that Hong Ba is behind the attack to obtain their weapons. Du Shuay drops his sword at the name of Hong Ba and finally agrees to the exchange of sword for son. At the same moment, the heat emitting from the Cloud Pass Cave becomes even hotter and more intensified. Lip Ren Wong, who is sitting near the entrance of the cave decides to test the strength of whoever or whatever is inside and flings a stone directly into the opening. Travelling within a few feet, however, the stone shatters to pieces! Sensing danger, Lip orders Lip Fung to hand him the Snow Drinking saber.

Meanwhile, Bo Ging Wan releases Du Long, who immediately grabs the Fire Kilin sword. Bo Ging Wan is secretly peeved that he could not obtain the sword with his own abilities and had to mention is master's name. Du Long is unwilling to sacrifice the Fire Kilin sword but Du Shuay claims that if Hong Ba is here personally, their lives would both be in danger!

Simultaneously, Lip Ren Wong senses that the "thing" inside the cave is about to appear and suddenly a look of terror appears on his usually confident face. Lip Fung immediately turns his head around and sees his father being dragged into the line of fire by "something" into the cave. Without another thought, Lip Fung runs into the cave, following the fiery trail. Du Long and Du Shuay both suspect it is the prophecy of the Lu Shan coming true; Du Shuay grabs the Fire Kilin Sword and runs after Lip Fung.

Lip Fung comes to a stop inside the cave at the sight of the Snow Drinking saber left stabbed into the ground. Lip Ren Wong appears from the bend, his whole body on fire, and yells to Lip Fung to stay back. The proud and confident father Lip Fung has known suddenly is transformed into a wild scared beast that is about to meet death. Falling to the ground, Lip Ren Wong is dragged face down by that "something" again deeper inside the cave. Uttering some last words, Lip Ren Wong tells Lip Fung to leave and to not even think about avenging his death!

Lip Fung pulls the Snow Drinking Saber out, using it to block the fire and runs after his father. Because the saber has ice absorbing qualities, it is able to ward off the fierce fire in the way. By that time, Du Shuay has reached the scene and pushes, with his inner force, Lip Fung out of the cave, telling him to take of Du Long. If there was any chance of saving Lip Ren Wong, Du Shuay is the best bet, whereas Lip Fung would only meet sure death.

Du Long catches the flung Lip Fung but because of the powerful force, is sent tumbling in the air with Lip Fung. Bo Ging Wan notices the Snow Drinking in Lip Fung's hand and runs after them. With quick agility, Bo manages to get in front of the tumbling pair at the cliff of the mountain. However, Lip Fung loses grip on the Snow Drinking and the saber plunges directly into the surging waters below. Bo Ging Wan watches helplessly as the pair also fall into the waters.

Prison Slave, under Bo Ging Wan's command approaches the Cloud Pass Cave and is immediately scorched to death. Bo Ging Wan watches in horror and dodged away from the fiery blasts. Suddenly, turning his head to look above him a few feet away atop some rocks is a blazing fire beast!

* * * * * * * * *

Mo Suern (No Double or Without Equal) City's leader, Dok Gu Yi Fong, and Tin Ha Clan's Hong Ba and his first disciple, Tuern Suern (Frost), are abroad a ship sailing through the waters nearby. This same day, Mo Suern City has agreed to combine with Tin Ha Clan and as a gift, Hong Ba has planned to give Dok Gu Yi Fong the two legendary weapons--Snow Drinking Saber and Fire Kilin Sword. In the midst of laughter, Hong Ba suddenly notices out the window a figure in the waters. That person is no other than Lip Fung hanging on with steely determination to a rock in the waters on one hand and holding on to the unconscious Du Long in the other!

* * * * * * * * *

Tin Ha Clan:
After saving the two boys from the waters, they are both brought to Tin Ha Clan. Hong Ba learns that they are the sons of Lip Ren Wong and Du Shuay but is particularly interested that Lip Fung's name carries the "Fung" (Wind) character. Waking up with thoughts of his father, Lip Fung is escorted by Tuern Suern to see Hong Ba. Du Long is left behind.

Lip Fung enters into the "Fung Wan Division" of the clan and is ordered to kneel down before Hong Ba. However, despite the physical force of two manservants, Lip Fung refuses to kneel. Hong Ba mentally takes note of Lip Fung's stubbornness and suddenly flings his two metallic balls at Lip's knees, breaking both sides of his knee bones at once. Lip Fung falls immediately into the kneeling position but refuses to be humiliated. Despite the cracked knee bones, Lip painfully stands up again. Hong Ba breaks out into laughter and announces Lip Fung as his third disciple! Everyone at the scene is shocked--especially Dok Gu Yi Fong.

Meanwhile, the long disappeared Bo Ging Wan is seen advancing back to Tin Ha Clan...

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