Sword Fast, Arrow Fast, I'm the Fastest

(Volume 2, Issue 10)

As Dragon Sleeve is speaking, the other four of the Swift Meaning Clan came like the wind, surrounding Lip Fung.

Dragon Sleeve: "It is often heard that the Wind God Kicks are notorious for its speed, power, and accuracy; Swift Meaning Clan's Five has long admired it for a model. If you can best us today, the Fire Monkey is yours!"

The Swift Meaning Clan's Five are the only disciples in the clan who can travel outside in the martial world because they are the best of the best in the clan. Everything about Swift Meaning's martial arts--from hand combat to weaponry--does not escape the "fast" word. Of the five, the first disciple is Dragon Sleeve. Second is Tiger Blade, third is Wolf Saber, fourth is Hawk Pen, and fifth is Snake Sickle.

Tuern Suern: "Ha! To compete against my third martial brother on speed is looking for your own shame!"

The Five's experience is not weak ad are not affected by Tuern Suern's taunt. Instead, they continue to closely watch Lip Fung. Lip Fung's fame is quite wide and the Five would not be careless. The positions that they are standing on are based on a specific strategy.

Each person's eyes are targeted on an important and harmful part of Lip Fung's body. Lip Fung is still standing on top of the three legged cauldron, his feet not moving but already a sharp wind is blowing all around the vicinity.

Slowing tucking his fan behind his belt, Lip Fung suddenly attacks with the Wind God Kick's first move, "Capturing Wind and Seizing Shadow". "Capturing Wind and Seizing Shadow" is based mainly on lightweight and is the first move needed to learn to understand the Wind God Kicks. After learning "Capturing", the person's swiftness is shadowless like a shooting star.

Already snatching Snake Sickle's weapon by surprise, Lip Fung flings the sickle into Tiger Blade's hand while stealing his blade at the same time.

Hawk Pen: "Second martial brother, let me at him!"

Lip Fung attacks again, kicking the sickle in Tiger Blade's hand toward Hawk Pen's head. Hawk Pen ducks while Tiger Blade is involuntarily led by Lip Fung's attack into kicking Hawk Pen and falling himself in the process.

Wolf Saber howls in anger at the consecutive defeats and charges forward to help.

Dragon Sleeve (thinking to himself): "No wonder that "Capturing Wind and Seizing Shadow" is the world's top motion skill. Seeing it in the eye far surpasses its fame!

Kicking Wolf Saber's hand away, Lip Fung aims the blade he stole toward Wolf Saber. As Wolf Saber cries in fear, Lip Fung is already gone and grabs the sickle that flew up in the confusion. Lip Fung hands the sickle to Snake Sickle.

Lip Fung: "This is your sickle."

Snake Sickle: "I..haven't even fought..and am already defeated!"

In another gust of wind, Lip Fung returns the saber into Wolf Saber's sheath.

Wolf Blade: "Wind God Kicks are certainly an eye-opener! We four admit defeat!"

Hung Ti (to the old grandfather): "Old Mister, are you all right?"

The little granddaughter: "Elder Sister, I'm really scared!"

Hung Ti: "Don't be scared, Elder Sister will take you two to a safe place where no one can hurt you."

Dragon Sleeve: "Lip Fung, the sword in my hand is right here, if you have the ability, come and get it!"

Lip Fung: "You are a proud man, Dragon Sleeve. If I don't defeat you utterly today, you definitely won't concede!"

(Phoenix Arrow is pulled tautly from above)

Dragon Sleeve: "We'll see who's best!"

Dragon Sleeve initiates the attack. As his sword drew near, Lip Fung has already flipped back, his speed surprising Dragon Sleeve. Kicking Dragon Sleeve's sword aside, Lip Fung attacks at the front and back with the Wind God Kick's second move, "Powerful Grass in Wind."

As Dragon Sleeve is trying to block the move, the kick's shadows are gone and instead, his stomach gets hit. (Please take a look at the battle scenes in Issue 5 pages 12-13).

In all of Dragon Sleeve's experience, he had never encountered an opponent like Lip Fung who left him losing at every move. Even if his opponent's inner strength was stronger, he would still not lose on the basis of moves.

In anger, Dragon Sleeve attacked with the deadly move of "Dragon Sleeve Blade" called "Seven Appearing Dragons."

As Lip Fung flipped against a tree and borrowed that force, Dragon Sleeve's sword was already near. Dragon Sleeve's sword pierced through the tree and Lip Fung swiftly evaded the blow with his speed. Attacking with the Wind God Kick's fifth move, "Wind Twist Building Tear", the broken tree splinters were drawn in a whirl of wind against Dragon Sleeve. As Dragon Sleeve is protecting himself, his chest is hurt and Lip Fung's Wind God Kicks attack again.

As they are battling, the long-drawn Phoenix Arrow is suddenly released and shoots through the mid-air.

Just when it seemed that Lip Fung has the complete upper hand, the Phoenix Arrow shoots through the trees and as Lip Fung is alarmed by the sudden power force, Dragon Sleeve quickly counter attacks in Lip's moment of diversion.

In a flash, the arrow's head is already inches away from Lip Fung's face. Attacked from front and rear, it appears that there is no escape...

Meanwhile, at the other end, Wolf Saber and Snake Sickle were already after the 3-legged cauldron without even waiting for the battle between Lip Fung and Dragon Sleeve to end.

Wolf Saber: "The Fire Monkey can't be let in the hands of another. Let's grab it first!"

Tuern Suern (grabbing their shoulders): "The winner and loser has not yet been determined. Taking the Fire Monkey now is lacking in justice."

Snake Sickle attempts a punch but is easily blocked by Tuern Suern who is fending against the attack from Wolf Saber simultaneously with "Heavenly Frost Fist's" first move, "Frosted Flying Snow".

Tuern Suern: "You two are openly forsaking a trust? That will only bring your own pain!"

As he is speaking, his energy emitted to the other two's body, breaking the bones in their arms and caused both to cartwheel in the air.

At that moment, the 3-legged caldron, for no known reasons, suddenly shakes and sinks mid-way into the ground to everyone's shock.


At the foot of Sky mountain, under a tremendous waterfall's powerful downpours, one person is bending in the midst motionless as if unfeeling to the steel-like rapids.

The person's face is faintly made out from the water--it is the Flying Cloud Division's leader, Bo Ging Wan.

Lashing out one of Tin Ha Clan's top 3 skills, "Sweeping Cloud Palm", that has the ability to split rocks and break gold, even the waterfall's force has to split in two.

At that moment, a person charges down from the cliff, following the downward force of the waterfall, and directs his sword at Bo Ging Wan.

Without any fear, Bo Ging Wan raises his bare arm up against the blade and doesn't even try to block.

The sword cuts Bo Ging Wan's arm, and in shock, the thin man releases the sword. Jumping out of the waterfall and back on land, the man trembles: "I deserve to die, Master, please spare punishment!"

Bo Ging Wan: "Why didn't you use your full powers against me before?"

The person is Bo Ging Wan's personal servant, Shuet Kam Tin.

Shuet Kam Tin (kneeling): "Master's body is gold. Even if slightly injured, my dying a million times would still not be able to compensate."

Bo Ging Wan scoffs: "Really? I think it is because it was not a completely safe chance before. If next time you feel that you would not fail for sure, you would use your full strength!"

Shuet Kam Tin: "I...I..I do not dare...I never thought of such thing..."

Another servant: "Master, your orders for the food has been prepared."

Servant #2 (leading a woman): "The woman that Master wants is also brought here."

Shuet Kam Tin (thinking): "I've followed him for years and never seen him lust for women before, why does he suddenly..."

Leaping out of the waterfall, Bo Ging Wan kicks the food to the floor.

Bo Ging Wan: "I don't want the food. Bring me wine!"

The servant cloaks Bo Ging Wan's body in fear and takes the orders.

Bo Ging Wan (looking at the woman): "Certainly is beautiful."

Servant #2: "Master, her name is Kie Yee, and is willing to your wills. If you have a desire, she will be able to fulfill it!"

Woman: "Hello Master."

Bo Ging Wan: "Good, take off your clothes!"

Without any hesitation, Kie Yee removes her clothing in front of everyone.

Bo Ging Wan: "Good body! Let me touch that skin of yours!"

Instead of being gentle, Bo Ging Wan suddenly reaches in a strangle hold for Kie Yee's throat to everyone's shock.

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