Dragon Subduing God Kicks

(Volume 2, Issue 11)

Swirling with great force, the arrow is slightly crooked. Lip Fung grabs the opportunity and kicks Dragon Sleeve.

Securing the upper hand, Lip Fung doesn't slow down his attack and launches consecutive kicks. Dragon Sleeve can't even manage to fight back.

Tiger Blade: "Elder martial brother!"

Dragon Sleeve: "We've lost!"

Lip Fung (to himself): "Such powerful arrow force...where did it shoot from?"

"Phoenix Dance Arrow..God of Arrows!"

Lip Fung recalls Hong Ba relating to him about Phoenix Dance Arrow: "Fung Er (er=child), your martial arts in the pugilistic world is already one of the top but if you ever encounter Phoenix Dance Arrow you must take extra caution!"

Back to Tuern Suern: The 3 legged cauldron suddenly sinks into the ground. The mission for the Fire Monkey is very important to them, failure is not an option. Tuern Suern immediately charges his inner force into his arms and grabs onto the cauldron.

Watching bystanders say to each other: "Ah! Someone dares to try and take what Tin Ha Clan wants, such guts!"

It turns out to be the Cave Hole Twin Rodents who are always involved with robbery. They are highly skilled in digging tunnels and have dug an underground tunnel to steal the Fire Monkey, waiting for everyone's attention to be diverted before making their move.

Hole Rodent: "Brother, it seems like someone up there is playing tug of war with us!"

Cave Rodent: "Quit worrying and just pull harder!"

Tuern Suern: "Must be the Cave Hole Twin Rodents causing trouble here!"

Tuern Suern suddenly lets go and the Twin Rodents fall down into the tunnel from the sudden release of force.

Tuern Suern charges up his inner force, his face immediately flashing shades of green and blue.

In one fist punched down, the ground seemed to tremble, for Tuern Suern has used 80% of his inner power.

The ground splits open and the Twin Rodents emerge and are crushed by the force. The cauldron is pushed up. With so much impact taken from the force now and previously, the Fire Monkey inside suddenly shoots out of the cauldron. His whole body is a bright red, his hair like fire, like a flash of light to everyone's eyes.

Bystanders: "The Fire Monkey!"

"Now's a good chance, grab it quick!"

"Don't let it get away!"

Normally with Tin Ha Clan's people here, they wouldn't dare to try and take the Fire Monkey. However, once seeing the Fire Monkey, their greed is once ignited and the contest for it begins.

The scene immediately becomes chaotic as everyone tries to capture the Fire Monkey.

The granddaughter looks on with worry for the Fire Monkey.

Tuern Suern notes: "That little girl's expression..."

In the midst of the chaos, only Lip Fung is standing still. With his arms crossed, he seemed like a completely different person from the Lip Fung with so much power and forceful velocity in battle of before.

He is coldly standing there in place because he wants to calm his senses down, to listen to all around him and find out which position the person who shot the arrow is at.

In addition, he has discovered another presence in the forest. That person didn't show any interest in the Fire Monkey's appearance and is obviously not here for that treasure.

In these past few days, Lip Fung had faintly felt this person's presence following him but he still has not been detected--his skills obviously high.

Lip Fung is notorious for his kicks in the martial world, but he has another listening skill--Ice Heart Formula--that few know of.

To attain the skills to become a swift swordsman or learn fast kicks, one just needs to have the learning potential and then practice diligently. To acquire the skill for quieting down the heart, to make it as clear as a mirror (*to see and hear everything as pure and clear as a mirror), in such a short moment, one needs ultimate discipline and tolerance. This kind of disciple can only be found in a rare few persons in this world.

When Lip Fung was a child, his father, Lip Ren Wong, had quite often left him in the wilderness to survive on his own. To survive, he must hunt for his food. The young and rash Lip Fung often went hungry for days. Under the pressure of hunger, Lip Fung finally understood that only by stillness will he be able to reserve strength and capture his food!

This kind of conditioning eventually made the then 8 years old Lip Fung possess an extraordinary tolerance and discipline.


The Cloth Bag Monk has captured the Fire Monkey inside his cloth bag. Tuern Suern has caught up.

Tuern Suern: "Let go of the Fire Monkey!"

Cloth Bag Monk: "Quit the useless talk. If you've got the ability, then come get it!"

With one punch in the eye, Tuern Suern knocks him a few feet away. In the tumble, the Cloth Bag Monk kicks off on another person's face and borrows that force to leap away. Raising his head, Tuern Suern's rain of fists is already there.

Another Phoenix Dance Arrow suddenly shoots out.

This time, Lip Fung knows exactly where it came from and shoots up in the air in that direction.

Dragon Sleeve: "Phoenix Dance, be careful of Lip Fung!"

Dragon Sleeve's warning clearly indicates that they are on the same side.

Lip Fung: "God of Arrows, show yourself!"

He suddenly turns around. "Elder martial brother!"

It turns out that the Phoenix Dance arrow released before is shooting directly at Tuern Suern! Lip Fung immediately switches direction.

Phoenix Dance had released that arrow to distract Lip Fung and quickly moves to a new hiding place.

Tuern Suern is busy battling Cloth Bag Monk and just noticed the Phoenix Dance Arrow.

Lip Fung is there quicker though and kicks the Cloth Bag Monk's hand to block the arrow. The arrow pierces through his palm.

Tuern Suern: "Younger martial brother, quite fortunate that you came on time to save me, else I would've died under the Phoenix Dance Arrow!"

Lip Fung: "Lucky that the monk was there before to stop it, else even I may not be able to act quick enough!"

The little granddaughter cries: "Ah!"

Old Grandfather: "Siu Man, don't be scared, don't be scared..."

Hung Ti: "Be good. Close your eyes, count to 10, and everything will be ok..."

The Fire Monkey shoots out of the Cloth Bag Monk's bag.

The little granddaughter, Siu Man starts counting: "One, two, three..."

Lip Fung attacks. He is like a gray shadow leaping up, his kicks everywhere and as quick as lightning and thunder. All those after the Fire Monkey are all hit by Lip Fung's kicks.

The other person Lip Fung detected hiding in the forest suddenly makes his move: "Now's a good chance!"

Lip Fung had just finished taking care of the prospective captors. The person came swiftly, his speed not any slower than Wind God Kicks, and is obviously someone highly skilled in kicking attacks. He attacks directly at Lip Fung...

The person still in mid-air is like a dragon spirit flying, the force is terrifying. It is a martial arts derived from the famous Dragon Subduing 18 Palms (Hong Lung 18 Palms - Hong Lung is also Dinosaur) and is called "Dragon Subduing God Kicks". The move looming at Lip Fung is called "Defying Dragon with Regret" (Kong Lung Yao Fui).

In the face of such a powerful move, Lip Fung didn't even have time to think, and charged up his full powers into his legs. He attacked with Wind God Kick's fifth move, "Wind Twirl Building Tear" to meet it.

The deafening sounds of thunder clashing against each other, the area is filled with the viciousness of the battle.

Both sides are thrown back in opposite directions from the clash. The man burrows into the forest, leaving: "Wind God Kicks certainly lives up to its name, we'll meet again!"

Siu Man has finished counting to ten at this time and slowly opens her eyes.

Lip Fung also lands back on ground. Closely looking, a thread of blood is trickling down a corner of Lip Fung's mouth. With his kicking abilities, could be actually be hurt by Dragon Subduing God Kicks?

Tuern Suern: "Ah! Third martial brother..."

At this time, Hawk Pen has the Fire Monkey in his hands and is running away with the rest of the Swift Meaning Clan.

Tuern Suern: "Such a sneaky lot!"

Simultaneously, at the foot of Sky Mountain, Bo Ging Wan has the woman, Kie Yee, in his stranglehold.

Kie Yee: "Master..spare me...spare me.."

Shuet Kam Tin (thinking): He has recently become even more moody than usual, could he be losing control and turning mad from practicing kungfu?"

Bo Ging Wan slaps Kie Yee forcefully on the face twice. She of course could not bear the force and faints. Bo Ging Wan laughs out loud.

Shuet Kam Tin (thinking): His skills have improved great bounds recently. By the looks of it, he doesn't seem to be to going mad..."

A subordinate runs to report to Bo Ging Wan: "Reporting to Master, we have found the whereabouts of Lang But Fong. He is at Lin Sheng Post..."

Bo Ging Wan: "Lin Sheng Post...how dare they house a traitor of my Flying Cloud Division! Ready the horses! I shall destroy Lin Sheng Post, leaving neither chicken or dog alive! (*proverb to mean that they will literally leave no survivors)."

Lang But Fong used to be a capable subordinate under Bo Ging Wan's rule. A few months ago, he suddenly left the strictly disciplined Tin Ha Clan without a trace.

At Lin Sheng Post:

A subordinate reports: "Reporting to Post master, from our spy's reports, Bo Ging Wan has left Sky Mountain and is on fast horse heading toward our post."

Lin Sheng Post's master is Guan Chut (7).

Guan Chut: "Ha! Bo Ging Wan, I already knew you were going to come. This post is already laid with traps and is just waiting for you to come and meet your death..."

Guan Chut: "Order all our brothers to guard all the roads and be ready to give up their lives at any moment!"

A monk sitting in the same room suddenly speaks up: "No need, just ordering all the people to ambush on the main road will be enough."

Guan Chut: "Honorable monk, there are many roads leading up to our post, at least ten or so, how can you be sure Bo Ging Wan will come from the main road?"

Monk: "A great general does not walk a small road!" (*proverb - a formidable and powerful general/warrior will be too arrogant and not find the need to sneak around and attack from a small road.)

The monk is Sik Mo Juen. "The person who will walk a small road can not be Bo Ging Wan and is not worthy enough for me to battle. Though, even a great general inevitably will be broken. Clear Sea Forest's Lip Fung will be taken care of by young master, this Bo Ging Wan I will take care of!"

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