The World Stirs with Wind and Cloud

(Volume 2, Issue 13)

Man: "Lip Fung has been following me all along? Why didn't you let him come here? I could have killed him to avenge my father!"

Sword Saint: "Ming Er, stop fooling yourself!" (*Er is a common attachment to the end of a name as an endearment usually used by a parent/elder figure. It is similar to the Japanese use of "san" at the end of names.)

Man: "Uncle, you don't have to inflate other people's morale and put down our own prowess."

In Sword Saint's hands is the Without Equal (Mo Suern) God Sword. Without Equal Sword, the treasure of Without Equal City (Mo Suern City), has been passed down since from its founder and has the ability to cut through rocks and break gold. It is classified as one of the top legendary weapons. Sword Saint pulled it out of its sheath and swung it at the top of the stone bridge.

Sword Saint: "Ming Er, you are already innwardly injured from the battle with Lip Fung, do you think I can't see it?"

The force from the casual swing of the sword caused Du Long to involuntarily pull forward. Du Long drew force on his legs and precariously stood ground. The force was split in two directions, one pulling the other pushing. The man, Dok Gu Ming, behind Sword Saint is pushed off. In contact with such inner chi, Dok Gu Ming finally spat out the bruised blood inside his body.

Sword Saint: "Ming Er, forcefully holding back an inner injury will hurt the chi. Do you feel better now?"

Dok Gu Ming: "Thank you uncle!"

Sword Saint: "You have to remember, you are here for revenge not to throw your life away. With that injury before, if you combatted Lip Fung, it would at most only lead to both dying. Ming Er, your father's revenge is important but you also carry the responsibility of rebuilding Without Equal City. You must not be rash and hurt your body, do you understand?"

Sand and rocks were falling off the bridge from Sword Saint's previous slash. However, when it neared Sword Saint, it is repelled from the energy field surrounding his body.

Du Long (thinking): Sword Saint's powers have already surpassed mortals, so incredible and unthinkable!

Dok Gu Ming: "I respect and will obey uncle's teachings."

Six years ago, Without Equal City's leader, Dok Gu Yut Fong, splitted with Hong Ba and was killed by Lip Fung. Without Equal City disappeared from the pugilistic world thereafter. The person standing before the eyes is Dok Gu Ming, the only son of Dok Gu Yut Fong.

Du Long (thinking): Sword Saint retired into the wild mountains tens of years ago and saw past mortal life. He is mostly revered by the pugilistic world...Coming back out to the pugilistic world, it can not just be about revenge and rebuilding his clan...?

Summarizing rest of issue 13
Dok Gu Ming vows to personally kill Lip Fung to avenge his father and to practice diligently to achieve his Dragon Subduing Kicks' ultimate move "Slaying Dragon for Path".

Du Long, whose mission is to rid of Tuern Suern, claims that it's all under his control and will be easy to handle--because Tuern Suern's strength is also his weakness. Tuern Suern is someone who places great value on love, loyalty and honor.

Legend holds that only "One Person One Sword" can rule the pugilistic world. The "Person" is Tin Ha Clan's Hong Ba. "Sword" is "Without Equal Sword" of Without Equal City.

Meanwhile, Bo Ging Wan charges forward looking for the traitor Lang But Fong and ignores Guan Chut in battle. Confused, and feeling elated, Guan Chut thinks that Bo Ging Wan is evading him because Bo is afraid of him. When Guan Chut sees Bo Ging Wan challenge Shuet Kam Tin instead and completely ignores him, he becomes livid.

Seeing the killing spirit revived in Shuet Kam Tin, Bo Ging Wan challenges him to a duel, much to Guan Chut's chagrin. It turns out to be a ploy of Bo's to distract Guan Chut, who instead, gets hit hard by Bo.

Years ago, Shuet lost to Bo Ging Wan in battle and then agreed to be his servant. However, he only wanted to find out Bo's weakness so that he could defeat Bo one day. Yet today, Shuet Kam Tin trembles that he has followed Bo Ging Wan as his servant for so long, yet still could not grasp his master's mind--and he is not getting any younger.

Bo Ging Wan notices Lang But Fong and runs after him and reveals that Lang is really a spy sent by Bo. But since Bo found out he really has turned traitor, he kills him. As Bo's palm is hit against Lang's chest, he feels a surge of Buddhist light aura from the opposite side of Lang's body...

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