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The First Page:

Hong Kong's Manga God - Ma Wing Sing
Ma Wing Sing was born in 1961 in Hong Kong. At the age of 14 he saw an advertisement for the enlistment of manga 'graduates', whereby he applied for and entered the manga industry.

In 1982, Sing joined the 'Yuk Long Ghap Toon' printing company. With this company, Sing wrote/drew 'Chung Wa Ying Hong' (The Chinese Hero). In 1983, this manga became the most popular manga of its time.

In July of 1987, Sing formed his own company -- 'Tin Ha'(Jonesky Limited) printing company. 'Tin Ha' printing company thus produced the famous 'Fung Wun' (i.e. Wind Cloud) manga. It has been over 10 years since the first edition of Fung Wun was released, and it is still up and going. Its longevity has been maintained by the support of its many fans from Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, mainland China, and America. Fung Wun has truly proven itself to be the epitome of manga.

Fung Wun - with its award winning special effects

Fung Wun - with its 'leading' song that has been praised by millions

On the 21st of January 2002, the audience accepted mainland China's release of the Fung Wun series with great excitement. Even before it came out, the series that had been over a year in the making, had already been highly anticipated and praised. GMM8866 were responsible for providing 10 candidates for the lead and ending songs for the series. Obviously, the two songs that were chosen pleased the audience as much as the amazing special effects and moving storyline of Fung Wun.

The Second Page:
The second page basically gives a rather inaccurate and sexist (wholly male dominated) partial summary of Fung Wun. It is a TOTAL spoiler for the series if you haven't already watched it; spoiler as in giving details away about the series AND as in it spoils one's impression of the show in general. Now that I've totally put you off reading the following translation, lets just skip it and go straight to the characters. Just kidding!

In an attempt to ruin Cloud and Wind's steadfast friendship, Hong Ba uses Cloud's beloved Hung Ti to come between the two. During this enforced love triangle situation, Cloud accidentally kills Hung Ti. A devastated Cloud and a remorseful Wing both leave Tin Ha sect. The sect's eldest student Qin Shuang decides to stay behind.

After leaving the sect, Cloud discovers the 'Blade-that-has-no-equal' and tries to use it to kill Hong Ba. During the fight with Hong Ba, Cloud loses an arm, but is saved by Yu Yuk and his daughter Yu Chor Chor. In a past battle with the Fire Beast, Yu Yuk's arm had been burnt and infected by the beast's blood. However, Yu Yuk discovered he couldn't control the strength of his burnt arm anymore. Since meeting Cloud, Yu Yuk believed that he had finally found a fitting master for this strange arm of his. After the strange arm had been used to replace Cloud's missing one, Cloud's martial arts power(s) increased.

Kim Sheng (Sword Saint), who everybody had believed dead, challenged Hong Ba to a death match. The 'Pugilistic World's Legend' Mo Ming (No Name) stepped in to persuade Sword Saint to forgo his battle with Hong Ba. Sword Saint realized that No Name's swordsmanship had reached a 'Tin Kim' (Heavenly Sword) level. Although Sword Saint knew he couldn't beat No name in battle now, he was still determined to fight Hong Ba.

At the same time, all the swords in No Name's armory began to tremble and shake. No Name realized that this strange occurrence heralded the coming of 'Juet Sei Hou Kim' (Best Sword in the World) into the world of men. Fearing that this powerful weapon would fall into the hands of evil, No Name instructed his beloved pupil Kim Sun (Sword Morning) to find the sword.

On his way to do battle with Hong Ba, Sword Saint realized his time of death was approaching. Sword Saint thus used his 'Sword of 23 Forms' to astral project his spirit to fight Hong Bad. Unfortunately, Cloud showed up and struck down Holy Sword's spiritless body, resulting in the disassociation and scattering of his spirit. Thus, Hong Ba's life was spared.

While Cloud was preparing to kill Hong Ba with just his 'Fire Beast' arm, Sword Morning made Cloud realize that he needed his 'Fire Beast' arm AND the 'Best Sword in the World' to defeat Hong Ba's 'San Fun Gue Yun Hei' (3 Fold Returning Breath) stance. Both Cloud and Sword Morning both set off to seek the 'Best Sword in the World'.

Qin Shuang questioned his master Hong Ba as to his intentions concerning the 'Cloud and Wind' conflict. Meanwhile, Hong Ba had already ordered 'Tin Chi Sei Saa' to eliminate Wind and Cloud. After being defeated by Hong Ba's '3 Fold Returning Breath', the badly hurt Wind and Cloud were separated. Wind eventually stumbled into a cave, where he found 'Huu Pouw Tay' (Blood Grapes). After eating these grapes, Wind's internal damage was healed and his energy level increased to great heights. Wind's lucky streak also led him to discover and learn the 'Ow Han Luk Sec' (Pridefully Cold 6 Form) stance.

Hong Ba also wanted to own the 'Best Sword in the World'. Thus, in a race against time, Cloud and Wind tried to find the sword before Hong Ba. With the help of Wind and Sword Morning, Cloud finally gained possession of the 'Best Sword in the World'.

With No Name's wise guidance, Cloud and Wind combine their powers to develop the 'Mor Chi Mo Leung' stance. Use of this stance defeated Hong Ba's '3 Fold Returning Breath'. While Cloud wanted to end Hong Ba's life, Wind recognized that Hong Ba was responsible for raising them so he tried to persuade Cloud to spare Hong Ba. No Name was also inclined to give Hong Ba a second chance, whereby he told Cloud something along the lines of,

"By treating life too harshly, fate will also treat you harshly."

(Basically, No Name was advising Cloud that if you are willing to forgive, one day when you are in need of the same sentiment, forgiveness shall also be given to you too). After Cloud's willingness to spare him, Hong Ba was overcome by guilt and remorse; which thus fulfilled Hong Ba's fate of 'Success by Wind/Cloud, downfall by Wind/Cloud').

The Third Page:
Important Characters in Fung Wun
Hong Ba - (played by Sonny Chiba) 'Tin Ha' sect's master. An unethical and cruel man, who projects this I-am-going-to-annihilate-you-if-you-don't-obey-me impression. Hong Ba is persistent in removing anyone that opposes his tyrannical rule in the 'Mo Lam' (Martial Arts) world. Hong Ba finally meets his downfall when Wind and Cloud join forces to destroy him.

Lip Fung/Wind - (played by Zhou Wen Zhao) A kind hearted and righteous character. Wind frequently displays a happy and contented expression. Because of his dashing good looks, Wind is constantly surrounded by women; however he is also a very faithful lover. As he cannot stand by and watch Hong Ba hurt more people, Wind joins forces with Cloud to overcome Hong Ba.

Bo Ging Wun/Cloud - (played by Peter Ho) A silent, brooding character who maintains a proud presence. His piercing cold eyes projects a feeling of ruthlessness mingled with a few wisps of loneliness. After the early death of his father, Cloud was adopted by another kind man by the surname of 'Forc'. Sadly, the whole 'Forc' family was killed by Hong Ba's minions. Since that horrific day, Cloud swore that he would avenge his adopted family, and so, he decided to go along with becoming Hong Ba's student so that one day he would have the chance to kill his enemy.

Qin Shuang - (played by Wong Hei) Hong Ba's eldest student. A kind-hearted yet naive man. After realizing that the death of his beloved wife, Hung Ti, was the result of Hong Ba's cruel manipulations, Qin Shaung turned against Hong Ba.

Chor Chor - (played by Kwan Hong) Daughter of Yu Yuk. A gentle and caring character. She is the only one who truly understands Cloud. Chor Chor holds an absolutely unconditional love for Cloud, willing to follow him anywhere he goes. In the end, Cloud finally returns Chor Chor's love.

Hung Ti - (played by Annie Wu) A servant girl of 'Tin Ha' sect. In an effort to split up Wind and Cloud, Hong Ba married Hung Ti off to Qin Shaung. The outraged Cloud, who was in love with Hung Ti, tried to elope with Hung Ti on the wedding night. In an attempt to stop Cloud from betraying their eldest sect-brother, Wind started a fight with Cloud. During the fight, Hung Ti sacrificed herself to save Wind from one of Cloud's mighty strikes. With her dying breath, Hung Ti admitted that she only loved Wind.

Ding Ling - (played by Annie Wu) The look-a-like sister of Hung Ti. Ding Ling originally thought Cloud was her sister's murderer, so she allowed herself to be used in Hong Ba's scheming. After finding out the truth about her sister's death, Ding Ling joined Cloud and Wind in their battle against Hong Ba.

2nd Dream - (played by Shui Ling) Beloved of Wind. An intelligent and caring soul. Because of a red scar on her face, 2nd Dream emotionally cripples herself with internally directed scorn. Due to her insecurities about her appearance, 2nd Dream painfully sets up her love/Wind with another girl with the same name (Dok Gu Mong/Dok Gu Dream) as her. But 2nd Dream does finally end up with Wind.

Ming Yue/Shining Moon - (played by Shui Ling) Although appearing as just an innocent and beautiful singer during the day, Moon is really a skilled fighter and sworn protectress of 'Mo Sheng Sing' (City Without Parallel). This mysterious lady develops an 'acquaintance' with Wind, and ends up sacrificing her life for him during the battle against the evil master of city.

Mo Ming/No Name - (played by Sewn Hing) A reknown swordmaster. Hailed as a 'Mo Lam myth', everybody had believed No Name to have been dead for 20 years. His manner projects a feeling of disappointment at the war torn martial arts world, and his eyes tell of a proud yet lonely man. Although No Name prefers a quiet and peaceful life, he is forced into the martial arts world once more, in a bid to end Hong Ba's tyranny.

Kim Shun/Sword Morning - (played by Ying Ming Shan) The student of No Name. A mannerly and righteous character. As a result of falling into one of Hong Ba's traps, Sword Morning commits an unforgivable crime.

Yow Yur - (played by Kong Chou Ping) The only daughter of Hong Ba. A gentle and adorable girl-child. Yow Yur openly admires and loves Wind.

Lip Yan Wong - (played by Goo Goun Chong) Father of Wind. He's also known as 'Drinking Crazed Sabre of the North'. After his wife left him for another man, Lip Yan Wong became crazy. Before his crazed state, Lip Yan Wong was known to be dashing and deadly with the sabre; after having a mental breakdown, Lip Yan Wong became a bad tempered and bloodthirsty killer.

Lei Po Saa - (played by Bok Hork Leung) A famous fortune teller. Hong Ba enlisted the services of Lei Po Saa to help him determine his future. By revealing a fate to Hong Ba that wasn't very agreeable with his ruthless customer, Lei Po Saa effectively invited death to his door.

Wa Wa Saa Show/Doll Assassins - (played by China Dolls) The leaders of the '12 Tin Chi Saa' sect. The Doll Assassins are two youthful girls who use dolls as their murder weapons. They work for Hong Ba.

Aun Ying - (played by Teen Lei) Mother of Wind and wife of Lip Yan Wong. Outwardly, an extremely beautiful and gently woman. However, Aun Ying carries a heart devoid of love. Unwilling to be just a simple village wife, Aun Ying leaves her son and husband to follow the rich and powerful Hong Ba.

Cho Mo Shun - (played by Wong Ying Ng) A cruel and merciless man of Japanese origin. Cho Mo Shun joined forces with Aun Ying in an attempt to invade the martial arts world and China itself. He was eventually betrayed by his own son, and killed by Hong Ba.

Postscript: I apologize for the appalling grammar. Even my mother - who is definitely better at reading Chinese than me - agrees that whoever wrote the passages has absolutely no Chinese grammar sense.

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