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Nie Feng (Lip Fung) - Wind. Son of the Wild Saber of the North, Nie Ren Wang. Third disciple of Hong Ba who taught him the Wind God Kicks.
Weapon: The Snow Drinking Saber.
Love Interest: 2nd Dream
Personality: Compassionate and kind hearted.
Outer appearance-wise, Zhao Wen Zhuo (Chiu Man Chuerk) is a big mistake as a casting for the handsome Wind. Lip Fung is supposed to be a pretty boy, inheriting a lot of his mother's features. Zhao's get-up is not convincing, especially his line of bangs. However, I have yet to see whether Zhao can compensate this major deficit with his martial arts and acting.
Bu Jing Yun (Bo Ging Wan) - Cloud. Swears vengenance against Hong Ba who ordered the murder of his step-father and family. The 2nd disciple of Hong Ba and uses Sweeping Cloud Palm. Dubbed the God of Death.
Weapon: The Forever Good Sword
Love Interest: Hung Ti, Chor Chor
Personality: Cold, ruthless, and a lone-wolf.
Another bad casting. Probably casted because of his recent role as Xiao Hu in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon series. Peter Ho looks like a big kid wearing a Halloween costume. He doesn't have the muscles or the masculinity of Cloud. Ho's hair (wig?) makes his face look too small. Overall, Peter Ho looks too puny to play Cloud!
Wu Ming (Mo Ming) - No Name. Pugilistic World's Legend. Given to raise in a General's family. When he discovered the General was corrupt, he returned his surname and given name, thus called himself No Name. Created his own sword techniques style and later is the master of Cloud. Searches for the murderer of his wife.
Weapon: Hero's Sword.
Love Interest: -
Personality: Heroic, of few words.
Suen Hing as Mo Ming is actually one of the few castings I have no complaints so far. A worthy actor who might be able to pull it off and who actually exudes a little of the aura of Mo Ming.
Qin Shuang (Tuern Suern) - Frost. First and most trusted disciple of Hong Ba, uses Heavenly Frost Fist. Loyal and looks up to Hong Ba. Like a big brother to Lip Fung. Loved and married Hung Ti.
Weapon: -
Love Interest: Hung Ti
Personality: Loyal and strategic.
Not too much to say about Wong Hei casted as Tuern Suern. Tuern Suern is a character that does not have too many requirements physical-wise to look out for in the comics. The hardest part is probably to play his loyalty turned hatred against Hong Ba.
Xiong Ba (Hong Ba). Seeked the Mud Buddha to foretell his future. Promised that he will dominate the world for the first half of his life if he can recruit two persons with the characters wind and cloud in their names.
Weapon: -
Love Interest: -
Personality: Merciless and calculating.
Sonny Chiba is chosen again to play Hong Ba, the role that he also played in the Stormriders movie. Sonny Chiba is a great pick for this role and I can only think of very few people who can take this character on.
Nie Ren Wang (Lip Ren Wong). Father of Lip Fung. Given the title of The Wild Saber of the North. Loved his wife very much and when she left him, he turned mad.
Weapon: The Snow Drinking Saber
Love Interest: Kan Ying
Personality: Unpredictable hysteria.
Gu Guan Zhong has been in many martial arts films before so I think he is fitting enough to play Nie Ren Wang--his face a bit chubby though.
Jue Wu Shen (Juet Mo Sun). Number one Japanese warrior who later captures many of China's pugilistic figures. Willing to sacrifice anything for his power, including his own son, Juet Sum. Extremely powerful.
Weapon: -
Love Interest: Kan Ying
Personality: Ruthless.
Haven't seen Wang Hui Wu's full costume get-up, nor his full figure so I can't really judge how much he looks like Juet Mo Sun yet. His facial appearance is bit cunning and evil looking, but not menacing enough.
Kong Ci (Hung Ti). Maid at Tin Ha Clan. Loved by both Tuern Suern and Bo Ging Wan. Pawn of Hong Ba to cause rift between his 3 disciples. Ordered to marry Tuern Suern. Killed accidentally by Bo Ging Wan and declares to love Lip Fung at her death!
Weapon: -
Love Interest: Lip Fung.
Personality: Sweet and caring.
Annie Wu will apparently play two characters, Hung Ti and her lookalike, Ding Ning. The roles are both quite short (unless screenwriters change that) so I don't have too many expectations to lay upon on Annie Wu.
2nd Dream. Daughter of the 2nd Saber King (Dai Yi Do Wong). By circumstances, saved Lip Fung's life one time and remained pen pals with him. Lip Fung never saw her face but was in love with her. Scarred on one side of face. Apt in sword skills.
Weapon: twin swords.
Love Interest: Lip Fung.
Question: Do you call that a scar on Shui Ling's face or a fashionable heart-shaped tattoo? I guess producers don't want to ruin Shui Ling's nice face by giving her such a big scar that should stretch from part of her forehead to almost near her ears. I think Shui Ling is an acceptable pick to play 2nd Dream.
Pic not available Kan Ying. Wife of Nie Ren Wang (Lip Ren Wong) and mother to Lip Fung. Dissatisfied that she married a retired martial artist, she left both husband and son to seek out the strongest man in the pugilistic world.
Love Interest: -
Don't know who this actress is -- Tian Li. By her looks, I think she looks pretty enough--at least in this picture--to play the beautiful mother of Lip Fung.
Chor Chor. Loved by Bo Ging Wan and Keem Sun. She is later raped by Keem Sun. Bo Ging Wan finally declares his love to her after this incidence but it seems that they are never meant to be.
Love Interest: Bo Ging Wan
Another actress, Tao Hong, who I never saw in a series before. Commenting on her hair then, I don't like it. It looks too Japanese.
You Ruo (Yal Yuerk). Daughter of Hong Ba.
Weapon: -
Love Interest: Lip Fung.
Personality: A bit spoiled but kind-hearted.
Jiang Zu Ping looks sweet enough. Her role is should be pretty short and not much screen time, unless of course, they base this also on parts of the novel where she appears.
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