Reviewed by: sukting

December 01, 2007

Rating: three

This is the final trilogy of the lovers series. This is a drama that brings Suh Jin and Jung Eun together. Will you discover sparks between them as they act?


Kang Zai goes around intimidating stockholders of Bai En Construction Company so that President Jiang can have a legitimate channel for his business. He uses the golf post and also photos to blackmail them. It is quite funny when he can still keep a straight face when telling one off that he will oversee the part that he illegally parks his car!

Mei Zhu is a plastic surgeon. She often turns away business from rich socialites as she refuses to operate on patients who she thinks are already "perfect". Her boss is angry at losing money. Mdm Zheng tries to set Mei Zhu up with Shi Yan. She offers to buy a low cut dress for her but she buys it herself – to pay by installments.

Shi Yan sets Mei Zhu up with an obnoxious man and watches them from the next table but gets attracted to her feisty manner. She claims that she doesn’t want to make a living that concerns life and death. Mei Zhu returns home in the dress and her neighbour, Yu Zhen praises her for looking stunning in it.

Mei Zhu returns the dress to claim her cash back. She meets Kang Zai who buys it. Tai San sends it to Yu Zhen and informs her that Kang Zai chooses it personally. Mei Zhu has a big shock to see Yu Zhen in the dress the next day. But she isn’t in the mood to call him as she is pregnant. Mei Zhu stares at the new car Kang Zai gets for Yu Zhen and is puzzled. Why does Yu Zhen reject it but accepts the dress?

Mei Zhu’s sister, Jing Hua cries as her boyfriend, Shi Xian ditches her and she is pregnant. Mei Zhu grabs Kang Zai's collar at a Japanese restaurant and threatens him when she mistakes him as Shi Xian. Just then the sliding partitions opens, revealing his gang of men. Kang Zai adjusts his tie after Mei Zhu realizes her mistake.

Fed up with Shi Xian’s attitude, Kang Zai gets Tai San to beat him up and repeats Mei Zhu’s words. He should bear responsibility since he wants to be a kissing fish. Shi Xian then vows to be a good father and promises never to desert his child. Mei Zhu finds out that Shi Yan is Mdm Zheng’s son.

Shi Yan tells Yu Zhen that he is interested in the plastic surgeon after the match-making. He sends her a flowery umbrella and wants her to meet him. He now looks into his handphone, wanting to ruin Kang Zai’s deal. He claims to her that he is jobless but generous. She laments that she has to earn money but she will still accept the umbrella as she has longed to own it but is reluctant to buy it as it is costly.

He asks her for a date to eat noodles. She is shocked that he means to fly her to Hainan for this date. He sends her an air ticket. Kang Zai looks at the photo taken with Yu Zhen on her university graduation day.

Mr Yin puts his land in Shin Do up as collateral for a loan for a fellow villager who has now absconded. Yu Zhen refuses to see Kang Zai. He knocks on Mei Zhu’s door intending to climb over to her apartment through the balcony. Mei Zhu tells him the code to her apartment instead. Yu Zhen tells him he either lives with her or she will break up with him. Mei Zhu hears things being broken and assumes that Kang Zai is an abusive boyfriend.

The misunderstanding gets more complicated when Yu Zhen cuts her own face accidentally by a broken vase that she throws. When knowing that the land has an orphanage, Kang Zai is stunned. How is he going to develop the land and yet the pastor’s daughter wants to sell it? He visits the orphanage personally and likes the place.

Mei Zhu scolds Kang Zai for hitting a woman but she is shocked to know that he is going to be her buyer. She wants to sell the land in order to open a clinic and marry a rich man. Kang Zai despises her and wants to cal off the deal. Suddenly gangsters come. He gets ambushed and stabbed. Mei Zhu saves his life.

She is stunned to know that he is a diabetic and his sugar level is very low. He has his medicine in his car and wants Tai San to get it. Shang Zhe slaps Tai San for keeping it from him. How can a gangster not get exhausted and tired? Kang Zai might lose his life if he loses too much blood. When giving him the injection, she is shocked to find a taboo on his back.

Mei Zhu tells the children not to disturb Kang Zai as he is sleeping. Kang Zai wakes up – has Shang Zhe told Mei Zhu that his shirt is expensive after tearing it? Mei Zhu gets him a flowery shirt – that is the only best shirt that she can find. Kang Zai forces Tai San to exchange the shirt with him. Do have a good laugh at this part – Kang Zai tells Tai San not to frown but he replies that this is hard. Kang Zai wants him to check out the attackers’ whereabouts.

Jiang wants his bodyguard, Dong Kui to look for Kang Zai as he suspects him to be in trouble. Cheng Pei is the culprit and tries asking Yu Zhen in vain. Shi Yan has not returned to his father. Kang Zai knows that many are after his life so it is best to hide on the island. He suspects the attack to be an insider’s job. He gets annoyed when she keeps calling him ‘big brother boss’.

He bears with the pain when she dresses his wound. His henchmen sent furniture and shoes here. Laugh when one gangster adds flower clips to Kang Zai’s slippers and his senior has to remove them to put clip them on his hair instead! (Is it to fawn over his wealth – just like how Qi Zhu does in his Paris home too?) Kang Zai decides to buy the land. Tai San enjoy playing with the children. Shang Zhe and Kang Zai even provide sunglasses and ice-cream for them to make them happy.

Mei Zhu applies for a week’s leave and wonders if Yu Zhen knows that Kang Zai is with her. Jiang is concerned that Kang Zai is injured. He asks if there are any clues. Shi Yan is jealous upon seeing his warm side to Kang Zai. He decides to act according to plan to ruin the deal. Jiang has kept him out of business. After his graduation, he buys Shi Yan a house in the U.S. to want him to stay there. But he is unhappy that Shi Yan keeps asking him for money.

Shi Yan refuses to work under Kang Zai but agrees to work in the company. Kang Zai looks at Mei Zhu when she leans towards him to dress his wound. Why must she always call him big brother? She thinks that he should inform Yu Zhen about his presence now. She gives him another jab again. Shi Yan is reaching the island and gives Mei Zhu a call.

She panics. She gets ready quickly and Kang Zai doesn’t believe that she has a boyfriend. Shi Yan comments that she is pretty. He has bribed Chun Zhen to draw a map for him. Mei Zhu doesn’t think that he should be a loafer since he has the brains. Shi Yan then sees the children picking the umbrella to play with it. She explains she lost it as she was attacked by gangsters.

He is concerned and asks if she is hurt. The children run to tell Gong Hao that she has a boyfriend. Kang Zai observes their expressions from far. Shi Yan tries to persuade Mei Zhu to meet him on Hainan island. Gong Hao thanks Kang Zai to give Mei Zhu a chance to save him. Yu Zhen worries when Kang Zai doesn’t contact her. He hungs up his phone after hearing her message about being sorry over what has happened.

Kang Zai doesn’t think that God loves him. He escaped from the orphanage at 16 years old to suppress his urge to kill the orphanage patron. Shang Zhe tells Yu Zhen to visit Kang Zai. She sobs as he hugs her as she doesn’t want to be kept in the dark. President Qian is returning to Korea so they have to return soon. Kang Zai suspects a mastermind to instigate the motion.

Gangsters from both sides fight at the airport carpark. (Are the policemen oblivious to what is going on?) President Quan has to sign the contract. President Jiang wants to pay the culprit double if he finds out for injuring Kang Zai. Mei Zhu returns to work only to find that she has been fired. Before she leaves, she insults her boss. Her boss retaliates by calling all her contacts and advising them not to hire her. Chun Zhen also resigns to support her.

Kang Zai decides to go to Hainan island to seek the attackers out. Mdm Zheng wants him to bring Shi Yan back for the company meeting. She can be so nasty – she comments that they can’t have a proper meeting with only a group of gangsters. Kang Zai starts falling for Mei Zhu and is stunned to meet her at the airport. She decides to take a break and fly to Hainan Island.

Shi Yan is busy looking at company notes. He refuses to apply sunblock for Yun. He jokes that he has fallen for a woman who uses an umbrella and she should not suntan anymore. He wonders if Mei Zhu will come. Kang Zai comments that Mei Zhu has poor taste in clothes. Seeing her fuming mad is finally like the person he knows.

She sits next to him on the plane, much to his annoyance. They briefly disclose their purpose in coming. She adds that he must be smuggling goods and he replies that he will be happy to smuggle her overseas! He wants her to eat more.

Why treat her so well suddenly? She can only be quiet when she eats! She sleeps and leans on his shoulder so he sighs.
Shi Yan has wanted to fetch Mei Zhu but gets a driver to do it when seeing Kang Zai beside her. Mei Zhu develops the photos and discovers photos of men with tattoos that she has taken accidentally. Just when Shi Yan is talking to Mei Zhu, Kang Zai calls him.

Shi Yan is trying to foil Kang Zai's attempts to get an effective control of the shares of the construction Company. He also continues his wooing. He has seen him at the airport but Shi Yan insists that they must pretend not to know each other.

Shi Yan is disgusted when recalling the past. Kang Zai is taken home after President Jiang adopts him. Shi Yan isn’t happy to have a car as his birthday present. Why? He has wanted President Kang’s watch but he nearly beats Kang Zai up upon knowing that he has given it to Kang Zai. Kang Zai uses Mei Zhu to lure Shi Yan out to meet him by threatening to foreclose on her mortgage. She is disgusted by his behavior.

Shi Yan sees Kang Zai still with the watch on his wrist and still refuses to return home. Mei Zhu is having a rose bath when Yun comes in to give her Shi Yan’s house keys. (This reminds me how Tai Ling enjoys herself in ‘Lovers in Paris’ too.) She returns the keys to Shi Yan and decides to return to Korea. Seeing Yun wakes her up – so she is no different from other women. Kang Zai is surprised that he is the "boyfriend" Mei Zhu came to see.

He recalls Shi Yan telling him that he is seeing a plastic surgeon – so she is the one. Shi Yan gets jealous to know that both have lived together before. Mei Zhu tells Shi Yan that if they are fated, they will meet again in Seoul.

Seriously, she isn’t angry with him but leaves with Kang Zai. Kang Zai deduces that they must be lovers – if not, why hasn’t she considered to sleep with him for the night?
She wants him to pay the deposit through the land sale by paying her hotel charges. She has wanted to leave but decides not to as she likes the coconut trees.

This is her first occasion too. She initially wants to pour him a glass of wine but remembers that he is a diabetic. He can’t breathe if that happens. They look at married couples on the beach.

Hainan island was once a place for refugees like Su Dong Po. Kang Zai refers himself to him too. Mei Zhu asks about the guys’ relationship. He answers angrily that they are not friends. He recalls how they quarrel on their first meeting. Shi Yan doesn’t want to eat with a brat. He gets so mad that he grips on to the pole tightly.

Mei Zhu sees Yun when she meets Kang Zai. She wants Kang Zai to call her. Mei Zhu is angry that he forgets Yu Zhen. He claims that Mei Zhu must be suffering from heatstroke to sprout nonsense. Seeing her lonely, he acts as a tour guide to bring her around. Laugh when this gangster is so chicken-heart when he is on the cable car to grip on the handle! He even has to take photos with her wearing the Hunan clan costumes!

Shi Yan pretends not to be nervous but his expression gives him away to Yun by calling Mei Zhu repeatedly. Mei Zhu asks Kang Zai if he is bored or Shi Yan tells him to be her tour guide. He denies – he will look relaxed with women as the killers are still watching him. She jumps – so she is in danger too? He forces her to call Shi Yan out again. Shi Yan will not come if he calls but he will if she calls! She leaves but returns later to show him the photos.

So what if someone has the same tattoos as these men? He replies that they are from the same gang. They are right behind him and he wants her to run away. Tai Sun tells her to leave as they will help him. She lands in another gang’s hands so Kang Zai runs after her at the jetty in a speedboat. (Goodness gracious – is the producer implying that the Seoul airport police and China port custom officers lax on their jobs?!)

They are brought to a boss….star cameo appearance by Hong Kong actor Shek Sau! The China boss is only testing how good he is. She feels safest beside Kang Zai but he isn’t Superman who can save the world and his woman at the same time! (Who can believe that he can still crack a joke now?!) She leaves unwillingly.

Shek Sau brings the rebels out and they kneel in front of Kang Zai. He knows who causes the trouble now. Shek Sau doesn’t want to get into trouble as he is now in legal business but enjoys drinking tea with ‘brothers’. (It is entertaining to listen to him speaking Mandarin lines indeed!) Chang Bei is angry when he can’t contact his men.
President Jiang looks at a woman’s photo – he will not let her child become a gangster forever or he can’t face her when he dies. He is looking for a house and wants his name to be printed in Chinese to look more stylish. Mei Zhu waits for Kang Zai to be out and is relieved that he is fine. She is the only one who can save him, knowing his diabetic condition.

He is touched and puts his jacket on her. Shi Yan is angry to see them back together. Kang Zai recalls Yun commenting that she nearly can’t recognize Mei Zhu in clothes. Mei Zhu retorts that Yun looks the same with clothes on or off. Chun Zhen lies to Gong Hao that Mei Zhu is handling an operation.

Kang Zai learns how the two women know each other. He tells her that her land will be sold the next week. Doesn’t she know that Gong Hao is the guarantor? She confirms with Gong Hao and regrets saving him. Shi Yan is overjoyed to get her call but is displeased that Kang Zai comes with her. Both men quarrel and Kang Zai has to suppress his anger.

Mei Zhu has noodles with Shi Yan as promised. Tai Sun suggests discussing the matter with Shang Zhe. Kang Zai learns about the shares’ matter and is enraged. Shi Yan is really his father’s son to do this to him. Why doesn’t he let go of the shares to implicate matters just to get Jiang’s attention? Jiang calls Shi Yan to return with Kang Zai.

Kang Zai only returns with Mei Zhu. She tells Kang Zai she will repay the mortgage on her land but that it would take some time. He replies that he calls the shots but will not be now. Yu Zhen isn’t happy to see both together at the airport. Kang Zai needs to work but asks Yu Zhen to bring her home since they are neighbours. (See how he melts for her now?)

Yu Zhen is stunned – how does he know? Tai San still stays in China to watch over Shi Yan. Jiang is enjoying an opera now – so he can print his cards soon to publicize that he is in legal business now. Yu Zhen is disturbed that Kang Zai seems to like Yu Zhen. She asks Mei Zhu the possibility of passing on the diabetics condition from the father and liquor poisoning from the grandfather to her baby. Mei Zhu is stunned to know that she is pregnant.

Shang Zhe is also puzzled to know that their own men are responsible for Kang Zai’s attack and they also smuggle drugs. They look through the directors’ list for the meeting. Shi Yan returns and Mei Zhu is in tears on knowing that they will lose the land soon. How is she going to get the money three months later?

Kang Zai sees Chang Pei to ask for help. Shi Yan stays at Yun’s home upon return. Kang Zai is apologetic to make Mei Zhu lose her job. He wants to give her a lift but she runs away. Kang Zai wants to check out Shi Yan’s whereabouts.

When in vain, he wants Mei Zhu to ask him out again. Yun talks with Director Bai and Shi Yan is upset to hear that he looks down on the gangster’s son – which is him.
Mdm Zheng learns that Mei Zhu loses her job and has a drink with her, still intending to make her marry Shi Yan. Mei Zhu is shocked when Kang Zai comes to fetch Mdm Zheng home and her intention. He visits Yu Zhen and is puzzled when Mei Zhu congratulates him in the lift.

Jiang’s attempts to take over Bai En Construction Company are foiled by Shi Yan. Kang Zai stares at Shi Yan angrily. Mei Zhu tries to apply for a job but her attempts are futile as her ex-boss manages to convince the clinics not to hire her.

Kang Zai warns Shi Yan not to provoke him anymore. He challenges him on how to kill a dog – which is him. Maybe like what he says, he only wants attention. Shi Yan doesn’t have any other motive. When he opens the door to leave, he is shocked to see Mei Zhu. She is here after knowing Kang Zai’s address from Yu Zhen. Gong Hao is distressed after getting the letter.

If Shi Yan knows Kang Zai is meeting her, he will choose another time. He will take that he has not seen her today. Their destiny doesn’t start with Kang Zai. Tai San doesn’t retreat even though Shi Yan beats him and Mei Zhu witnesses this. Kang Zai’s men bring weapons to the apartment but they are speechless to know that it is Dong Kui’s home. Who dares to make him take the rap – Kang Zai wishes him to be careful.

Mei Zhu uses ice to reduce Shi Yan’s hand swelling. He replies that he wants to impress women like Superman. She recalls Kang Zai’s words on Hainan Island which is a total opposite. She wants to know Kang Zai’s handphone number. Suddenly a man’s voice is heard reciting the numbers. She has a shock – he is Kang Zai sitting at a corner, looking at them. Shi Yan doesn’t know the dispute between them but doesn’t want her to give in to him.

She is enraged that he is only looking for her camera at her home. She slams the drawer to hurt his hand. She demands him to retreat the deal. She has deleted the photo – how to keep cool if her family is going to sleep in the cold? Actually she still keeps them on her laptop. Yu Zhen finds Kang Zai sleeping on the sofa when she returns. He holds her hand – why doesn’t she wear gloves since it is so cold? She will warm them with his hands. (This scene will melt you as we have not seen him so warm to a woman before.)

He asks if she wants to move away. She is puzzled. He has to handle the mess. If he has problem with women, it will be only her because she rejects his jeep. Kang Zai knows how to deal with them now. Jiang is angry with Lawyer Jin to suggest to hold another meeting again. They have lost because of a woman. She has a low % but Shi Yan is the mastermind. Dong Kui recalls Jiang’s concern towards Kang Zai. He asks Chang Pei if he is the one who hurts him. How can they hurt their own people?

Kang Zai approaches Bai and passes him wine. He only drinks a cup reluctantly. Bai sneers at him – how can a gangster not know how to drink? Kang Zai’s face changes when he says that there will be no construction issue if he doesn’t drink. So he tries. Mei Zhu waits at the lobby for Kang Zai when she sees Kang Zai on Bai’s back. He has suddenly fainted midway.

She examines him – he can’t take his medicine now and they can’t send him to clear his stomach too. They can only let him drink lots of water and sleep. Who is feeding him wine to kill him? All stare at Bai and he becomes shy. She measures his sugar level and holds his hand. How can a gangster’s hand be so nice-looking? Tai San walks out and Chun Zhen gets attracted to him. He can only answer her that Kang Zai is their company president.

She laments – no wonder they look so fit. His heart flutters when she touches his chest. Shi Yan waits a long time before he sees Jiang. Jiang scolds him – is Yun the wife-to-be to disgrace him? Shi Yan replies that he misses him as he only looks for him when he angers him. Kang Zai wakes up and learns that Mei Zhu has taken care of him the whole night. She has left the photos for him.

Shang Zhe comments that she looks prettier when they enlarge the photo on a big screen. He and Tai San try so hard not to laugh when he uses a lamppost to block it. He points at a person behind the car – they must look for this man now. Mdm Zheng pulls Yun’s hair and both start quarreling. She is not going to marry him – she is just toying with him. Yun marries 3 old men in the past and is a vixen in her eyes.

Shi Yan knows what Mdm Zheng has done to Yu Zhen. He arrives with a bouquet of flowers but she isn’t in. He turns around to see Mei Zhu. So is the talk smooth. She replies yes and learns that Yu Zhen is ex-lover. He has known her since she is 20 years old. He doesn’t have the chance to declare his love to her as she is snatched by Kang Zai. So this is why….Shi Yan dismisses Mei Zhu’s thought – he isn’t so petty.

Mei Zhu’s ex-boss sneers at her at the alumni gathering. Yu Zhen opens the bakery shop to bake bread for a pregnant mother. Kang Zai cuts up the crabs for her. Chang Pei has found the man for him. She tells him to stay but he leaves.

Mei Zhu suffers when her ex-boss’s boyfriend moves his arms on her butt. She tries in vain to get away from him. Kang Zai sees this and is disgusted. He turns off the music and lights. He brings her out.

Tai San prevents the man from following them. Kang Zai is sarcastic - it seems that anyone can touch her butt and her mouth is only used to scold gangsters. Can’t she say hands off me? Can’t she say no or is he the one who spoils her mood? (This is a direct replica of the scene where Qi Zhu gets angry over Tai Ling’s misfortune too. Sigh – why always arrange Jung Eun to get molested by men?!)

He will go to her home with her. Yu Zhen is unhappy that he neglects her and wants a breakup. She throws the pregnancy kit into the dustbin and drinks with Mei Zhu. Why hide her pregnancy from Kang Zai? She scolds Mei Zhu for being nosey. Kang Zai hesitates knowing on Yu Zhen’s door. Yu Zhen doesn’t appreciate Mei Zhu’s help in getting suitable pills to treat her hangover. She thinks of her pregnancy outside the shop.

Kang Zai doesn’t have the habit of lending others his gloves but he passes them to Mei Zhu on the ferry. He will hold women’s hangs – not giving gloves so he treats her like a man. She quickly grabs them. She laments that they are too big. He replies – something must be wrong if they are just right for her. (This scene is funny indeed.) Since the photo is for free, he will return the land. The children are overjoyed to see them and they cling to him.

Kang Zai manages to find the man who absconds with the money and Mei Zhu is touched. The other villagers are afraid that he will run away but he now looks timidly at the gangsters. Kang Zai doesn’t want her to thank him since she saves him. He will not let a jobless person give him a treat too so they return to the Japanese restaurant. She recalls what happens the last time when the doors are opened.

He replies that she is the only female survivor so far after pulling his collar. (He can have endless jokes with his straight face!). How can Yun Zhen fall in love with such a terrifying gangster for 7 years? He knows her through pressing her to pay her father’s debts. She uses her scarf to wrap his injured hand. She needs time to pay off but not her body. Soon they develop feelings. She wants to know why they are unmarried.

Kang Zai replies that they will not marry good women. They only marry when they think they are the best. She snorts that he doesn’t know women. They want to be mothers or they are already mothers. Now she knows why Yu Zhen keeps from him. Why hasn’t he considered that he can make her pregnant? He is stunned.

Yu Zhen smiles looking at the small mirror Shi Yan gets for her from Hainan and the flowers. Mdm Zheng confronts her for seducing Shi Yan. Kang Zai tells her to leave. Yu Zhen thinks that he is accompanying her to the hospital to have the abortion. He wants to look at the baby photo. She should have seen it. He should have known when she has something to tell him. He is apologetic for being a silly father.

She asks – can she give birth? So the mother is silly too. He hugs her. She looks at the booklet and the photo taken back from the hospital. Kang Zai wants to build a district with playground. What houses has Bai in mind? It is just instinct that Kang Zai knows that this is the land that he builds the first house. Their company needs money while they need experience. So Jiang’s wish comes true.

Kang Zai promises to get Shi Yan to be the management consultant. He will take over but Kang Zai reminds him that he will snatch anytime he wants. Shi Yan has prepared for 17 years. He forces the incompetent directors to quit and changes the company name to DO to fulfill all wishes. Jiang is not happy that Shi Yan will not let things slip easily.

Who likes his son to be a gangster? Kang Zai doesn’t even have a high school certificate. How can he be a capable man?
Dong Kui informs him that Chang Pei might hurt Kang Zai again. Tai San looks for the man with the tattoo. Mdm Zheng warns Chang Pei to get rid of Yu Zhen. Kang Zai doesn’t want to do construction business but Jiang wants him to consider. He can’t be in bloodshed all his life.

Yuan Zhe mentions about Kang Zai helping Mei Zhu. She calls him but Tai San is driving him and Shang Zhe away. She sees Kang Zai’s car and hides to see him giving his gloves to Yu Zhen and both walk away happily. His smile turns faint when seeing Mei Zhu.

Her car will not start so he gets impatient to push it back. She gets mad and wants him to find Gong Hao’s shirt back. Chun Zhen moves in to stay with her. Kang Zai doesn’t want Yu Zhen to work too hard. He can’t meet her in the evening because he is meeting Bai. He stops his work because of him. Bai doesn’t want to give his company to gangsters. The orphanage that Kang Zai stays has a swing.

No one can touch it except the patron’s son. Bai asks Kang Zai why Shi Yan is so different from Jiang. He likes Shi Yan’s new concept. Kang Zai looks at a poster on plastic surgery in the lift and recalls about Mei Zhu.

Yuan Zhe is 4 years Mei Zhu’s senior but has no patients on plastic surgery. To get her hired, Kang Zai sends all his men to "Hope Cosmetic Clinic" for "procedures". He shivers when one asks - so can he be Jang Dong gun after this? Another asks to remove the tattoo on his back. There are about 300 people so he calls Mei Zhu to work for him. (This is another memorable scene.)

When doing an operation, she recalls Kang Zai’s back tattoo too. She meets Kang Zai who visits Yu Zhen. Kang Zai learns that the culprit is Chang Pei indeed. The fellow owns up after seeing the photo. Mei Zhu jokes that Kang Zai should not be using her balcony again. He should have changed his occupation. Shang Zhe wonders why Tai Sun is so smart to seek him out. Tai San notices that the attacker is still young to imitate others.

He himself did the same tattoo around his age as Kang Zai is his hero then. They go to the warehouse to destroy the illegal drugs. Chang Pei jokes that Kang Zai shoots movies lately. The last time is a love movie to a music movie. Now is it horror or action packed? (This statement is funny indeed.) Kang Zai can’t get drunk elsewhere or he will get shot. Shi Yan doesn’t want Yun to act like his wife. Mei Zhu thanks Kang Zai – it is hard to look for a job.

Her pride is already halved by others. He can look for her to remove his tattoo too. She buys chocolates for him and he is touched. Shi Yan is stunned to see them together again. The three have a meal. Shi Yan asks – can she keep him for a few days just like what she does to Kang Zai? (This man must be boiling with jealousy now.) He wants Kang Zai to persuade Shang Zhe to work for him as he is married and should get a stable job.

Kang Zai should also do the same to see Mei Zhu daily too. She coughs to hide her uneasiness. (This is also another repetition when Tai Ling is with Xiu He and Qi Zhu in ‘Lovers in Paris’.) Yu Zhen hires the husband of the pregnant customer to work for her as a baker. She doesn’t know that he is Shi Xian – Jing Hua’s (She is Mei Zhu’s sister.) husband.

Kang Zai sneers at Mei Zhu for having a lousy car so Shi Yan offers to send her home. Kang Zai wins as he wants to see Yu Zhen. She alights earlier, lying that she is getting chestnuts. He sees through her lie and gets the real chestnuts for her.

He doesn’t know how to build houses with Bai. He is distracted and looks at his watch. Yu Zhen notices that he looks at his watch and can even hear Mei Zhu closing the door. Upon returning home, Kang Zai looks at the chocolates while Mei Zhu looks at the photos. Mdm Zheng gets an amulet for Shi Yan to do his business better.

Yu Zhen talks Mei Zhu for telling Kang Zai. But she wants her to close the door softly next time she returns home. Chang Pei recalls seeing Mei Zhu with Kang Zai at the discotheque when Mdm Zheng introduces him to Mei Zhu. Kang Zai buys flowers for Yu Zhen. She has thought that he will not do this without the baby. Yu Zhen has a fever and Kang Zai gets Mei Zhu to help. He is touched to see her sleeping beside Yu Zhen and puts a blanket over her.

Shang Zhe’s daughter, Min Ci is 9 years old so Kang Zai wants him to think of her future to quit the gang. He can work for Shi Yan as the finance director. Admitting to be a gangster is the same as making her an orphan. Kang Zai finds Gong Hao. Tai San returns the flowery shirt to Mei Zhu’s home but Chun Zhen greets him. She exclaims – why is his taste so unique? Mei Zhu is on the ferry, eating chestnuts. She is shocked to see Kang Zai.

Seeing her shocked look, he asks her if she thinks he is here for her. He tells her to buy a pair of gloves. It is faster than getting a man to help her. (He gives such hurting remarks!) Shang Zhe tells Tai San to bring ‘the guest’ here. You will laugh on how Mei Zhu stores Kang Zai’s nickname on her handphone ‘the dimpled underground boss’! She gets a blanket for him but denies her intention. He can’t stop grinning.

Why is he treating her home like a hotel? He complains that it is not as he can’t sleep like a retarded her with such a flowery blanket. He asks why she closes the door loudly the other day. Kang Zai joins in a Christmas party with the children at the orphanage. She sees the soft side of him and finds herself falling in love with him in spite of herself.

The children ask if he is married or he can proceed for a better relationship with her. Shi Yan is surprised that Yu Zhen is pregnant. She replies it is more surprising for women to face their ex-boyfriends without makeup. She mumbles that she should not meet him. Shi Yan gathers that Kang Zai improves on showing her concern. It is now Yu Zhen’s turn to get surprised to know that Shi Yan knows Mei Zhu through matchmaking.

They meet Chun Zhen at the lift area. Chun Zhen tells Yu Zhen not to interfere with Mei Zhu’s love life. Kang Zai puts the children carefully on their beds to sleep. The man Kang Zai catches is Yang Qian Xiu, Chang Pei’s henchman. He has run into Yun’s car and Tai San stops him from harassing her. He isn’t looking for her but knows that some men are seeking trouble for her.

Kang Zai and his men bury a pit to force out the truth. Dong Kui wants Chang Pei to pass all the medicine to him. Kang Zai and his men start to attack the other group and are speechless to know that Dong Kui is behind this. Kang Zai refuses to believe it – there must be a reason. He wants Chang Pei and slaps him. Jiang wants Shang Zhe to persuade Kang Zai to take up the construction job. He wants him to make a house for him.

He has loved a woman deeply - has Kang Zai hoped his lover to cry at the grave? Does he want her to live the life of a dog? Mei Zhu introduces Chun Zhen to work as a receptionist. Yuan Zhe is attracted by her. She gets a fast mail – a fortune cookie with an invitation note by Shi Yan.

Recalling the last time she gets a fortune cookie at the same restaurant that she will get a man to give her gloves soon, she replies that she hasn’t found her man.

Shi Yan doesn’t want her to stay with Kang Zai as he keeps snatching his things – his father’s watch and girlfriend. Yu Zhen asks Kang Zai if he has not tried decorating a Christmas tree. He doesn’t reply her as he is reminded of his involvement with the children. She suggests doing one at home and suddenly sees the ferry ticket. He doesn’t tell her what he has done there. He looks at Mei Zhu’s car in the carpark and she gets jealous.

Mei Zhu hides in the car to let them leave first. Mei Zhu is annoyed that her car tyres are changed by Kang Zai’s mechanic friend, Zhen Xiu (cameo appearance by the actor who acts as Qi Zhu’s arch enemy, Zheng He. It amuses me as he is related to cars in here too.) to fill with fragrant air. He has paid for her and ignores her calls by hiding right inside the garage’s office. He smiles when she leaves and his subordinates hold a dinner for him. He passes his business to Tai San and decides to go straight to join the Construction Company.

He opens the chocolate box to taste one. He also pulls down the screen to admire Mei Zhu’s enlarged photo when he is back home. He is hesitant to walk up but she is behind him. Why doesn’t he accept her calls the whole day? The cost is so expensive. He holds her arm – he is not here for Yu Zhen but for her. She yells that she knows what he has done on Shin Do. He hugs her and leaves abruptly while she cries.

Kang Zai wants Tai Sun to get newcomers to tail Chang Pei. He will only call Yu Zhen later. Both guys are stunned to know that Yu Zhen is pregnant. Shi Yan is taken aback that both guys work with him. He is going to be their boss but Kang Zai chooses to work under Bai. Kang Zai asks Shi Yan if he is giving up what he is doing now. He is too petty.

Jiang knows the best teacher for Kang Zai is Shi Yan. The most difficult department is sales – why is Kang Zai there? This is tougher than being the underground boss. Is Shi Yan so insecure? Then he must guard well or he will become the loser. Bai wants Kang Zai to get his car and he meets Mei Zhu in the lift. He admits that he yearns to hug her but this will not happen again. He comes to make sure that they will not be uneasy to meet again since he is working at DO.

Kang Zai is too used to sit at the rear and the truck seat is too bumpy. Bai grumbles that he should be flattered that he is driving and can’t expect him to open the door for him. He gives Kang Zai the helmet and wants him to memorize the building facts. Shang Zhe admits in front of the other directors that he is a ex-gangster but he graduates from the same university that the director who is sitting in front of him! He has taken management before so he isn’t a newcomer.

He is not working for Jiang but for Kang Zai. Yun knows that Mdm Zheng is behind the accident so she wants her to pay for the damages. She wants her to check out the identity of the woman in Jiang’s photo. Seeing Mei Zhu in the eatery, Shi Yan rushes to sit beside her – ignoring Yun completely! Chun Zhen claims that he is Mei Zhu’s boyfriend. He pleads with Mei Zhu not to deny to upset him.
He looks so pitiful here!)

Yun gets mad with Shi Yan. Chun Zhen mumbles – how many women must she get rid for Mei Zhu?! Yuan Zhe looks t shi Yuan closely – there is nothing that he dislikes. He is delighted – so he is perfect? (To me, he looks too much like a gangster.) Shi Yan gets Mei Zhu coffee. Will he be fixed as Yun keeps staring at her?

Kang Zai accompanies Yu Zhen to hospital and sees the baby photo. Chun Zhen asks Tai San out but he is uninterested. Mei Zhu is reminded of the hug when seeing the flowery shirt. She is so stunned to see Kang Zai smoking at the rooftop that she breaks her handphone. She is glad to know that he gets a new job but wants more freedom there. He tells her not to stay in the windy weather for too long.

Kang Zai expresses his love for her and Yu Zhen cries.
Bai forces Kang Zai to read and he brushes the books across the table in anger. He tells Shi Yan to do more reading up too. Mei Zhu hides from him at the company rooftop in vain. Is she so uneasy? There is no need since they have done nothing. When back with Shi Yan, he passes her a pair of gloves. In one glove, there is a handphone. Chun Zhen has told him about it. His words will be more precious than a diamond. He misses her – can they be in love? (This moment is quite romantic.)

Mei Zhu tells him it is more important for a woman to have a man who loves her more than a man that she loves. Shi Yan is torn by his feelings for her and the knowledge that she likes Kang Zai when she tells him she is prepared to go out with him. He is serious about her – so it doesn’t mind if Kang Zai knows? Kang Zai looks at the building plans. Tai San finds nothing wrong with Chang Pei and decides to send Yu Zhen home.

Yu Zhen asks if he is angry with her for venting frustrations on him after every quarrel with Kang Zai? She suddenly has a stomachache and he sends her to hospital. See how anxious he is to pull a nurse’s blouse at the entrance! Kang Zai is concerned when he can’t get her. Yu Zhen miscarries but she does not want Tai San to tell Kang Zai for fear that he would leave her. She still returns and applies makeup at the lobby. Tai San watches sadly.

She is touched to see the Christmas tree that he has prepared. He has decorated it – it might be better if they do together. She sobs when he adds a pair of baby socks. He apologises for making her cry. She lies that she is too happy. He senses that she is tense and she lies that he wakes her up with his snoring. He suggests sleeping on the sofa but she urges him to return to the hotel. He walks out to see Shi Yan with Mei Zhu.

She obeys him to ask if they should go steady. He replies he will consider and waits for her coffee in her flat. He gives her an invitation card for DO company debut flat showcase event. She returns to look at Kang Zai’s photos. Shi YTan admires Bai’s talents and wants to stay in a house that he builds to get the feel. Bai nods with admiration.

He is still grooming Kang Zai. Kang Zai is given a lot of work and asks Shang Zhe about Powerpoint and Excel. Shang Zhe tries so hard not to laugh at his broken English. (but in real life, we know that Suh Jin graduates from New York university.) Seeing his grin, Kang Zai asks if he is trying to boast that he has been to university? He misses Mei Zhu’s call.

She peeps into his office. He calls from behind – is she looking for him? She picks up her things as she drops in shock and this amuses him. She shows him the Hainan photos that she develops. He complains – she can call this good – his eyes are so small! Why does she always talk about his dimples? Just confess that she envies him then.

She asks him for money for developing the photos – he replies why since he hasn’t told her to develop them! (this exchange is unexpected indeed!) He asks if she is good in computer skills. She teaches him how to do – he doesn’t even know how to drag a column. He then asks if she is going to the event as Shi Yan’s girlfriend. She replies yes.

Bai tells reporters that selling the flats is like selling daughters. Kang Zai sees the two together and snaps that he needs not work so hard if he comes earlier. Shi Yan sulks to see her looking at Kang Zai’s back. Mei Zhu is the guest of honour together with other guests to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. (I shake my head – she appears far from elegant.)

Kang Zai keeps shadowing them. He is jealous and finds it hard to fight his feelings for her. He even tells Bai that there is no use of him to wear a suit since he is so nervous. Bai is offended – so he is very free? He makes him stand with the other employees at the entrance to greet the crowd! He throws the banner on the floor. When he distribute flyers or take care of children, crowds appear so Mei Zhu helps him. Shi Yan is unhappy to see both so close together to blow balloons.

Kang Zai accidentally offends a customer as he pours champagne on him. Jiang watches with delight as Dong Kui tells him that Mei Zhu is Kang Zai’s life saviour. The faint smile on his face vanishes when Mdm Zheng also announces that Mei Zhu is her prospective daughter-in-law.

He tells her not to interfere to let Shi Yan make the choice. (How unfair this man is and how his expression can change within seconds! And how does Mei Zhu suddenly become popular?)

Yu Zhen thanks Tai San for not telling Kang Zai. She is depressed and finally breaks down - she goes to the hospital and demands to know the sex of her miscarried baby. She wants to give it a name to be a mother for one day. Chun Zhen brings food for Yuan Zhe and he falls for her. Yun knocks into Kang Zai and gets nervous. Shang Zhe reveals to him what happens on his first day of work over lunch. He might as well reveal his past before it is discovered.

Kang Zai mumbles that no one knows his background to dump him more work. Chang Pei changes the alcohol supplier and their men are struggling with the business. Kang Zai wants Tai San to introduce more clients to them. Both do not dare to give Kang Zai wine or they have to send him to Mei Zhu. He gets cross – she is dating now.

Chun Zhen suddenly calls Tai Sun to come as Mei Zhu gets slapped. She confronts the gangsters for cheating her pregnant sister out of her rental deposit. Kang Zai’s eyebrows are raised upon knowing this. They come on time and before the gangster can hit Mei Zhu, Kang Zai’s cold voice is heard from the back to let her go. The gangster has to return the money and Chun Zhen calls them their bodyguards.

Chun Zhen claims Tai San to be handsome. Mei Zhu is sorry to trouble him. Kang Zai loses his temper - is she stupid? He doesn’t think that she is a doctor to even bring a pregnant woman here. This is not the first time to approach gangsters. What if they get hurt? Is her boyfriend only good for dating? So she feels shy to let him know but prefers to let a gangster see this? (He must have bottled up his feelings for too long to cause this outburst but I agree with him wholeheartedly. She is totally brainless.)

He doesn’t want to see her again. She walks away quietly, pulling her torn blouse over her. But he runs after her later to grab her arm. He drags her to a store to buy her a coat to cover up. He pays the bills angrily before leaving to pour his woes to Zhen Xiu. Zhen Xiu senses that he betrays Yu Zhen. Shi Yan moves out from Yun’s home as he wants to date Mei Zhu formally.

Although she will not nag at him, he finds her wrong to say that she has no room to give out to Mei Zhu in the first place as she has not won his heart. She can scold or hit him but don’t let him stay. She slaps him and takes out the woman’s photo to contact a man. She has managed to make a copy of Jiang’s photo.

Shi Yan stays in the same hotel as Kang Zai. Both drink – Shi Yan doesn’t want to return home. He even asks to be Kang Zai’s emcee if he marries Yu Zhen. Shi Yan has found the woman he wants to spend his life with. Kang Zai is deeply torn by his feelings for her and his sense of obligation to Yu Zhen. He looks at his stomach scar that Mei Zhu has dressed for him.

She keeps wearing the coat that he buys for her to look at her mirror reflection. Shi Yan looks at the pair of home slippers he prepares for Mei Zhu, they even have her initials sewn on them. Kang Zai is called into the president’s office by Mdm Zheng. She sneers that he and Shang Zhe isn’t satisfied with the 2 nightclubs to work here to ruin the company. Are they out to fix her? Kang Zai says that she is right – like what she says, gangsters don’t have to listen to her!

Kang Zai storms out. (I have seen him so angry.) Shi Yan and Yun act as nothing as happened as they work the next day. Bai asks Shi Yan how he wants his house to be. He is okay with anything. Shi Yan holds a meeting – wanting to meet the person in charge of sales. He is displeased that Kang Zai is in charge. Kang Zai tells him not to be scared as he hasn’t snatched his position as yet.

Bai regrets not building good houses in the past. The department head then wants Kang Zai to write a report on the residents likes and dislikes. Mei Zhu brings Kang Zai to an eatery although he grumbles that he hates waiting. She urges him to frown to show his dimples again. She feels sorry for him to be isolated by colleagues. He replies that is probably due to the fact that he doesn’t know how to write reports. She gives him PC lessons again.

Both go to the bookstore. She is surprised that he reads widely – even on the classics – romance of the 3 kingdoms! He then asks if she looks down on him as he only receives secondary education. She flips the pages frantically and uses her tongue to lick her fingers when he asks her questions on the story and she can’t answer. (This gesture is so unsightly and annoying – this is exactly what Tai Ling does in ‘Lovers in Paris’.) She then dumps all the books at him to buy and read them.

Kang Zai asks her to walk slowly as the books are heavy. She laughs – where has the strong man gone to? She helps him with a plastic bag. They stop at a blood donation bus. He notices that she is tearing. Does she owe anyone money…but she gives him a treat earlier. She replies that she can’t pay back even with her life. He can’t settle for her as he has ruined it. Why does she have to save him then? She cries.

He holds her hands to touch her face. He always wants to know why she saves this brat although she doesn’t want to get involved in life and death. So he tries not to be a brat. He still thanks her for saving him. (I am puzzled – what happens to Mei Zhu in the past?) Shi Yan learns from Chun Zhen what has happened to Mei Zhu. He confronts her – what is the handphone and boyfriend for? Has she forgotten him?

She promises to call him next time. He lets her off since she is unhurt. He even prefers her getting Kang Zai’s help than to see her in danger. (This shows how important she is to him to even allow her to go to his enemy.) He invites her to his new home. She is touched to see the slippers.

She gives him face towels – to think of her right at the beginning of the day. You will laugh – she twists them in a position that they look like cakes and he thinks that he can eat them!

She rushes home upon knowing that her young sibling is sick. Shi Yan stammers when meeting Gong Hao but he is nice to him. Mei Zhu drops a tablet case under the bed and picks up a flower ornament. She recalls how she teases Kang Zai when giving him the injection. He asks why his eyes shine when having the needle – is she interested in his butt? She is furious with him for treating her like a pervert. They land up in an awkward position of her leaning on top of him! He grins when she escapes quickly.

The child doesn’t tell Gong Hao that she is sick to save money. She knows that Mei Zhu is returning over the weekend so she bears with the discomfort. Shi Yan enjoys the breeze and wishes to stay for the night. Kang Zai is fortunate indeed to sleep in the room but he can’t. Mei Zhu answers that is because it is slept by patients. Shi Yan thanks her for finding a reason to prevent hurting him. Shi Yan still decides to develop his relationship with Mei Zhu.

Kang Zai doesn’t know how to use Excel and goes online for answers. You will laugh to see him typing the question ‘how to work without writing reports’! Shang Zhe tells Kang Zai that Mdm Zheng is meeting Chang Pei. He wants them to keep it from Jiang. Tai Sun finally reveals that Yu Zhen has a miscarriage. Kang Zai flares up – why only tell him now? He visits her and asks if she sleeps well now and offers to bring her out for crabs. She sobs as she knows wny.

Mei Zhu and Shi Yan meet them outside the girls' respective apartments. Shi Yan complains that Mei Zhu has not agreed to let him into her home to drink coffee. Shi Yan is displeased that Kang Zai only brings Yu Zhen to have her favourite food now –that indicates that he isn’t concerned about her. He mentions that he is just back from Shin Do and Kang Zai raises his eyebrows. It is an awkward encounter and Yu Zhen suggests going out for dinner together.

Mei Zhu gets drunk and tries to lighten the mood at dinner. He snaps at her to stop drinking and pays the bill. She nearly trips from the stairs and both men try to help them. Shi Yan is filled with rage when Kang Zai gets to her first. It is obvious to everyone present that Kang Zai is very much in love with her.

Kang Zai drives Yu Zhen back without her but can’t help looking at the car mirror. Yu Zhen knows that Mei Zhu is in his heart even though he leaves her behind. Since he is doing so, he should let her go. She only hopes that it is only both of them when back home. She is not blaming him but her heart aches. Still, she hates both of them. Wanting to tie him using a child seems impossible. He stops the car and tells her to get off.

Now Kang Zai is angry with himself as she is so stupid. Shi Yan shakes his head – why does Mei Zhu still drink since Kang Zai isn’t there? She is so naïve to make use of him. Why not leave with him earlier? He can bear with her but she is despicable. Is it really him that she desires? He doesn’t pin too much hopes but she should be smart enough to know that Kang Zai is never hers. He has thought that she will work hard to forget him.

Kang Zai buys a ring for Yu Zhen but she locks the door. Mei Zhu drops her chestnuts when hearing that he proposes to Yu Zhen. She panicks when trying in vain to open the door. Kang Zai picks up the baby socks. He has no family and has a dream like anyone. He apologises the hurt caused to her and puts the ring on her finger. Mei Zhu is heartbroken but accepts the fact that he can never be hers.

Mei Zhu sees Kang Zai’s car at the carpark the next day and puts a note ‘gangster on board’ on his car rear. The other drivers laugh. Kang Zai is annoyed when Shang Zhe shows him that. Since Shang Zhe puts it so easy to cut lanes, why doesn’t he paste it on his car? Shang Zhe smiles – his wife will get angry to see a note written by another woman. He asks if he has offended Mei Zhu. Shang Zhe gives him details of the residents – his wife has typed it out. (The conversation is funny indeed.)

Mei Zhu congratulates Yu Zhen but confesses that she dislikes her when she asks if she is sincere. Kang Zai passes the materials to Bai. He is startled – is he superman? Kang Zai confesses that he has someone to help him. Yun learns that the woman is dead for 30 years and sends her son to an orphanage who runs away at 16 years old. He is Kang Zai. Yun observes Kang Zai and Mei Zhu so he smiles devilishly.

Kang Zai asks Mei Zhu why she is late. She doesn’t want him to look for her anymore. Madam Zheng demands Yun to remove her large earrings but she sneers at her ring instead. She lies that she has no news on the woman but Mei Zhu is dating Kang Zai. Madam Zheng should get a better daughter-in-law.

Kang Zai demands to talk to Mei Zhu at the rooftop – he will lend her his gloves. She will not wear what others have worn. He wants to hold her hand. They can at least do this and this doesn’t matter if they are seen. He knows that he is a brat but he only needs this once although he lets her down. She doesn’t want him to say this as this is like parting to a woman. Just let her adjust her feelings and she will remember to buy her own gloves.

Mei Zhu cries in the lift later (why is the way she cries exactly the same as in ‘Lovers in Paris’?) and he leaves his gloves at the rooftop. Tai San finds the evidence and all confront Chang Pei. Kang Zai steps on him – he gets his lighter ready. Chang Pei offers to give two-thirds of his wine loot – the money is enough for Kang Zai to be a chairman overnight.

Kang Zai replies that his suggestion is good. His men stare at him….he continues – so Chang Pei should not be sad since he will only lose one-third of it! They finally seek revenge as he learns from Chang Pei. Chang Pei curses and swears as he tries in vain to put out the fire. Shang Zhe gets back to work on his laptop. Kang Zai regrets asking him along since he is every inch a working professional now. He encourages Kang Zai to learn the computer skills slowly. He mumbles that Mei Zhu will not teach him.

Madam Zheng scolds Shi Yan for being stupid. He and Yun are really a pair. His lover is taken so he must guard the company now. Shi Yan’s mother sends a "bodyguard" to ferry Mei Zhu around as she is aware of her feelings for Kang Zai. Shi Yan looks at the towels and Mei Zhu comes. She starts to cook for him when seeing him eating instant noodles. He misses her when she isn’t around and gets angry when she is here. Why does his heart beat faster now?

After learning Madam Zheng’s arrangement, he recalls how she pulls Yu Zhen’s hair in the past. No matter what, it is still bad news so he will talk to her. Mei Zhu doesn’t dislike him – he is confident and really loves her. But she doesn’t know how much she loves Kang Zai. Shi Yan snaps at her - does she really think that she feels better? This makes him feel worse. He does not want to see her since she is in love with Kang Zai.

He will never force a woman to like him. Yun arrives and Mei Zhu is eager to know about the information on Kang Zai but Si Yan tells her to leave. Yun tells him that Kang Zai is President Jiang's illegitimate son. Shi Yan has always known this fact – how can he not know after seeing this over 10 years? Why does she want to tear his wound? He warns her never to divulge the information to anyone or their relationship is through.

Shi Yan asks Jiang about the watch – why does he give to Kang Zai? Jiang is impatient – he has given him so much – what is he unhappy with? Seeing Jiang’s shocked face, Shi Yan feels revengeful. He is over 30 years old and will not question why he has a half-brother but Jiang is too much. Jiang tries too much to compensate to Kang Zai. Why doesn’t Jiang treat both sons the same – why make him stay in a big house while Kang Zai stays in a garage?

Why must Shi Yan pave the road for Kang Zai? He will not give Kang Zai anything – every itch of displeasure is caused by him. (I don’t understand this too.)

Kang Zai and Mei Zhu are looking at the photos taken in Hainan. Both are in tears. She vows not to wear gloves. A man who holds her hand just walks away. She calls him – she is now at the hotel entrance but lies that she is at home. Kang Zai feels miserable after seeing her and sits in the lobby in a trance. Yu Zhen arrives to give him a surprise and brings him out for a meal after choosing a nice suit for him.

She suddenly weeps – their baby is a boy. He proposes to her because of him. She drags till now to tell him the truth and wants to return the ring but he has already known it. She leaves in anger – why must she endure the pain alone? She can survive well but why doesn’t he console her?

Yes, he is sorry and will be responsible but it is not by staying with her. This shows that he is not returning to her. He should ask Mei Zhu what he should do. Now he is hurting her. Mei Zhu sees tears in Shi Yan’s eyes as he drives away.

Yu Zhen confronts Mei Zhu – normal people will not love gangsters as they are inhuman. She will only let her off this once. Bai and Shang Zhe do not see eye to eye but Kang Zai smiles. Shi Yan can keep Kang Zai company as a brother. He has given up on Mei Zhu so he can hold on to her if he wants. He goes traveling because of Yun’s act.

Mei Zhu comes to look for Shi Yan but gets to meet Jiang instead for tea. You will be surprised that he is so gentle to her. He likes her demure looks and has heard of her saving Kang Zai. Hoe does she wish him to thank her? She replies that Kang Zai has already shown her gratitude. He knows that Kang Zai isn’t observant and asks if she is going steady with Shi Yan?

He wants to show his feeling for her – he is his precious son so he wishes to meet her again. Dong Kui learns of what happens to Chang Pei. Kang Zai lets Chang Pei off because Jiang’s life is at stake. Jiang is angry after overhearing their conversation – how can he hurt his son? He wants to transfer all his wealth to Kang Zai since Shi Yan already knows the truth. Mei Zhu leaves a message for Shi Yan to take care of himself.

Yuan Zhe wishes to woo Chun Zhen but she has fallen for Tai San. Kang Zai tells Mdm Zheng’s driver not to insist Mei Zhu to get into his car. She is returning to Shin Do. He offers to send her back but she doesn’t want to complicate matters. However, her car can’t start midway and he has to help her to send it to Zhen Xiu. Zhen Xiu needs time to repair it. Zhen Xiu reveals that Kang Zai is a racer and they need cheerleaders.

Chang Pei threatens Kang Zai with the children as his hostage. Still, he finds them cute as they act in Christmas play and wants him to be the cow. The other gangsters laugh as he needs time to consider and wants them to address him as big brother and not uncle. Mei Zhu and Kang Zai rush there together to see that they are having fun. Chang Pei asks why they are together. He comes since Kang Zai often comes too.

Kang Zai pulls his collar- does he still want his life? Mei Zhu doesn’t want him to frighten the children. The children then press Kang Zai to act as the cow or he must dance like pop group, Tohoshinki. Kang Zai reprimands Mei Zhu – how does she teach the children as the pastor’s daughter? She also shakes her head when the stage he makes collapses. Can he build a house with this kind of talent – he protests that Gong Hao is the one who nails it. But Mei Zhu protects Gong Hao as he is the one building the orphanage.

He asks if she likes him. She avoids answering and gives him a cake late at night before he leaves the next day. She admits that she likes him and thanks him for asking her or she will ask him. He kisses her and both sleep for the night. He leaves reluctantly the next day. Shi Yan stays in a temple. Shi Xian mentions how fierce Kang Zai is to pull his hair and even stays at Shin Do for the night.

Yun Zhen gets mad over it after knowing their relationship. Knowing from Jing Hua that Kang Zai is staring at the sea and is oblivious that the ferry leaves, Mei Zhu runs to the jetty but he is not there. Yu Zhen still waits for Kang Zai to be back with the cake. Kang Zai hides outside the house to observe Mei Zhu playing with the children. Chun Zhen calls Kang Zai, using Mei Zhu’s handphone – wanting to meet Tai San. (The man has thought that Mei Zhu calls him so he answers.) Both men are fishing and stares at him.

Tai San has a crying expression and scolds her for calling Kang Zai’s number. She gives him a present but he reveals that he is a gangster. If she is so curious, she can keep calling him. She is shocked but doesn’t believe it. Shang Zhe wonders if Kang Zai is curious what is in his fridge. He has this feeling before he comes – what matters is not what it has but who to make the food. Kang Zai replies that he loves Mei Zhu. Although his heart tells him to look for Yu Zhen, he doesn’t move as he ties his shoe laces.

If he is with Mei Zhu, he will feel blissful not just for a moment but the feeling is forever. Shi Yan comes to Mei Zhu’s home. She mumbles – is he so pampered to escape from cold easily as the only son? He replies – isn’t she the only daughter too? She fixes a meal for him. They buy coffee from the roadside so he still doesn’t get to drink her coffee.

She lies that she spends Christmas with the children but he knows she spends it with Kang Zai. She can’t hide her feelings and likes him even more now. Shi Yan doesn’t want her to feel letting him down. He likes her because she is so but what is he going to do then? He hugs her. The will is completed but how is Jiang going to convince Kang Zai to accept it? Lawyer Jin suggests putting the money as a trust fund before the legal transfer.

He greets Shi Yan as he leaves. Chang Pei visits Shi Yan and offers to help him. Mdm Zheng becomes nervous and demands him to leave. She suggests Mei Zhu to move in with Shi Yan but she refuses. Mei Zhu agrees to go to the car racing event. Kang Zai touches his car and is surprised to see her pushing the tyres. Both change in the changing room without looking at each other. Is he happy that she is here or she shouldn’t have come?

He traps her in his racing car. She panics and Zhen Xiu loosens the seat belt for her in amusement. She should turn the knob and not push it. Kang Zai isn’t a pervert – only car testers, racers and their women can sit in it. So as the same clothes and caps. This shows that Kang Zai has treated her as his family. (Sigh – how will this women know that there is a double meaning behind this?! She is so silly.)

He throws the walkie-talkie into her hand – she can communicate with him with it and also raise the flag to support him. She promises to remove his tattoo for free if he wins. He wins and she gets jealous when other women ask for his number. He turns to ask her. The others splash champagne on them over the win.

Kang Zai’s department head wants him to dress casually to do the residents’ survey. He gets Tai San and Da Yu to get two sets of clothes. You will laugh when he chooses the flowery shirt that Da Yu gets! Both are furious on where he is going. OF course, his act fails since he is not used to the job. Mei Zhu wants Kang Zai to look for the cap and he gets her to go to the hotel to get it with him. Yu Zhen puts the ring into the box and goes to his place.

She gets to see Mei Zhu’s big photo after steeping on the control by mistake. Both step in to face a furious her. Yu Zhen isn’t shocked anymore – luckily they are not walking in hand in hand. She forbids Mei Zhu to escape – hasn’t she prepared for this day? Kang Zai tells her to talk to him. She snaps that he has not repaid her yet. He has no stand to say anything but to listen to her. So they should get married.

She doesn’t care anymore and wants to control his life forever. She puts the ring back on her finger but he kneels to her, begging for a breakup. He really likes her and weeps. He can’t hide it anymore so let him go. But she walks to Mei Zhu – she has warned her. Why make him kneel and she doesn’t do it? Both of them share something that Mei Zhu doesn’t. She is the mother of his first child and she is so pretentious.

Mdm Zheng’s driver comes and Mei Zhu drags Chun Zhen to sit in it. She goes to the hotel but he isn’t there. Bai wants Kang Zai to work seriously as they sweep the road. Jiang comes to observe that they are doing personally but Kang Zai doesn’t work hard enough. But Kang Zai is his capable assistant so Bai requests Jiang asks the whole group to go next time. The others suffer because of him. The department head feels Jiang behaves like Kang Zai’s father.

Kang Zai knows that Bai is harsh but treats him well like a father. Jiang flares up – is he too much to acknowledge another man as his father easily? Kang Zai did not look for his parents because he blames them. He is the one with valid reasons to become a gangster. How will his parents like him? Jiang can’t say anything. Kang Zai brings the cap to Mei Zhu. She tells him not to kneel again as she should be the one asking for forgiveness. Either that or they should do together as one.

Zhen Xiu cleans the cap and passes to Mei Zhu. It has slipped under a car. Mei Zhu then realizes that Kang Zai has given his own cap to her. Yu Zhen drinks and regrets not marrying Shi Yan. Shi Yan learns that she slaps Mei Zhu but still blames Shi Yan for not controlling his girlfriend. How can she not drink since she loses her baby? Shi Yan calls Kang Zai and punches him. What makes her become like this? He is in the wrong but why cause Mei Zhu to get blamed? (I beg to disagree as Mei Zhu is also at fault.)

He wants to twist his arm but stops as he doesn’t want to scare the 2 women. Shi Yan asks Mei Zhu if the slap is painful. Mei Zhu learns of the miscarriage – so is she happy? Both of them are held responsible. She should let him go. Shi Yan doesn’t imply that Mei Zhu should return to him but she must reconsider. Dong Kui tells Kang Zai that Jiang is his father. Can’t he see that they resemble each other? 17 years ago, they meet each other. Jiang is not a person who is so nice to adopt a child.

He is cold to Shi Yan but nice to him – doesn’t he think of that? Kang Zai recalls his words and takes out the watch. Kang Zai tells Jiang that he wishes to leave the company as it doesn’t fit him. Jiang gets mad with him – is he too used to be a gangster? He has blood on his hands so he wants to get scolded forever? He may leave to ruin his own life then.

Kang Zai has tears in his eyes when he walks out. He tells his team he needs to take leave and helps Gong Hao to build the swing. Gong Hao will not allow Kang Zai to stay over again although he asks for his advice. Kang Zai gets his men to build the playground. He draws the plan himself and shows Mei Zhu.

Tai San tells her that he has settled another side so she should not worry even though Chun Zhen likes him. All sing in the restaurant. Kang Zai observes Mei Zhu and smiles. She brings him chocolates or his sugar level will run low. She recalls how they meet at the Japanese restaurant.

Actually it is the dress that brings them together. She wants to buy it first but Yu Zhen gets it. He looks at her fondly. She continues – still, she has no affinity with it. He is good but not hers too. Gong Hao has wanted her to clear the traffic. It is an accident that they meet. Yu Zhen has asked her not to influence him. So they should stop here. She is not going to bring any more blankets here. He is heartbroken – he has worked so hard for her but she does this to him.

She should wait for a while to command the courage. Why tell him not to come as he has no way to go? Still he leaves as she wishes. But now, he can’t do anything for her. She cries as he leaves.

Yun tells Mdm Zheng Kang Zai’s identity. She wants to be with Shi Yan. Shi Yan knows about it too. She doesn’t want Shi Yan to lose the company so Mdm Zheng should control Jiang. Mdm Jiang is bitter – so they don’t owe each other. Chang Pei is shocked to know it too. Mdm Zheng is surprised that he knows about Mei Zhu too. He is going to make use of her.

Tai San informs Kang Zai that Mei Zhu has gone for a seminar so he stays in the same room with her. He comes as he misses her. He sits at the back of the seminar room as she lectures. She meets the lecherous man again! Kang Zai plays the pen in his hand like Mei Zhu. The man comes to her to ask her out for dinner.

She drags Kang Zai towards her – this man is her violent associate. He is just out of prison to punish lechers. She puts her arm around his shoulder. Kang Zai tries so hard to suppress his grin – is she mad? Has he treated him as a terrorist? Mei Zhu can’t find her belongings as he has shifted them to a bigger room with 2 beds. He can’t sleep in a small room. Shang Zhe sees Chang Pei’s men at the hotel. Mei Zhu gets bored when Kang Zai isn’t with her later.

He goes to the seaside and wants her to stay with the wedding guests. She is in danger as she loves a dangerous man. Chang Pei and his men come into the room to face Shang Zhe instead. Kang Zai hits him – don’t ever think of harming Mei Zhu. She is finally relieved when Kang Zai comes to sit beside her to play with the balloons together.

She recalls that both of them are in danger at the Hainan island beach too. She isn’t afraid as he can save her anytime and anywhere since he can save the earth like superman. He never sings as he has never been happy but he does that today. Both sleep together for the night. Chang Pei and his men are tied up in sacks to bring home. He recalls Mdm Zheng’s words and realizes that Shi Yan isn’t Jiang’s son.

Mdm Zheng hopes that Shi Yan will go for matchmaking sessions. Shi Yan wants to know what goes wrong since all ends now. What has she done to Mei Zhu? He learns that both are there and calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Both go for a stroll and he puts his coat on her. It seems that she fits men’s clothes well. She opens his wallet and wants to spend all the money. (another repetition like what Tai Ling does to Qi Zhu in ‘Lovers in Paris’.)

He can’t send her to the doorstep so she needs to move out. He packs Yu Zhen’s things to pass to her. She is mad that he even wants to throw away her presents. She demands him to put them back so that she will check daily but he insists that she can’t come anymore. He knows how to give his love now. Even Shang Zhe can’t help her. Kang Zai is a man – not a saint. She doesn’t want Shang Zhe to become her enemy to side Kang Zai.

Mei Zhu meets Shi Yan with the umbrella. She has no idea what happens during the seminar but doesn’t want Mdm Zheng to do it again. She can’t meet Shi Yan anymore. She has started with Kang Zai so she returns this and the handphone to him. Chang Pei asks Dong Kui – 20 years ago, a man shielded Jiang from an attack.

Dong Kui gets nervous – why mention it? Chang Pei recalls that he should have taken note during the funeral. Why is Mdm Zheng so sad then? Why does Jiang speak to her angrily? Dong Kui’s response is too direct to get so angry. Kang Zai’s identity isn’t a secret. Blood ties can’t be denied. The 2 young men surely resemble their fathers.

Jiang noticed that dong Kui is distracted. He confesses that he tells Kang Zai the truth and Jiang is enraged. Shi Yan is trying to accept the fact by not working too. Kang Zai recalls Jiang’s words and returns to work. Bai scolds him as he doesn’t need an irresponsible man. Will he forgive him if he punches him then? The others side for him since he has no more holiday. A housewife forces him and the department head to make kimchi with them. Be amused when all feed him instead of the other man!

Still Kang Zai gets away and smiles. Shi Yan removes Mei Zhu’s handphone battery and he gets nervous when she doesn’t answer. He rushes to her clinic and is relieved that she only returns it to Shi Yan. Chun Zhen hasn’t changed her feelings for Tai San even after knowing that he is a gangster. She only feels worried over his wounds. He sends her home, calling her elder sister since she is 3 years older than him.

Mei Zhu is good to cure Kang Zai. Kang Zai gets a new handphone for Mei Zhu but Chang Pei has a New Year present for him but Kang Zai snaps that he knows the truth. Chang Pei suggests getting rid of shi Yan and Mdm Zheng but Kang Zai isn’t interested in DO. Chang Pei reveals that Mdm Zheng is pregnant before marrying Jiang.

Kang Zai confronts Mdm Zheng – so she has known who he is. So don’t do meaningless things since he knows her connection with Chang Pei. Is he threatening her? Yes, and don’t ever harm Mei Zhu or he will mistreat her son. She cooks for Jiang – since Kang Zai is his illegitimate son, his child is also hers. She will give him a room. Chun Zhen is happy that Tai San sends her home and cries. Kang Zai gets Chun Zhen’s number from Tai San to ask Mei Zhu out to pass the new handphone to her.

He will not give any more presents and he will kill the fellow who gives her anything else. He buys it using his first month salary. She can only call him and answer his calls. She can’t call other men. He also thinks of buying something for Gong Hao since he is her father. She gets a flowery shirt and he argues with her. Mei Zhu explains that Gong Hao does that to make others laugh. Her late mother smiles seeing him in it. Kang Zai buys one more for Jiang – but he knows that he will never laugh as his father.

He brings Mei Zhu to the river where her mother is. If only his father is poor, he can help him. But he can only escape and can’t do anything for him. He doesn’t know his feelings now. Kang Zai should ask why he deserts him and thanks him for giving him life to become a gangster. Shi Yan jokes that he hopes both will not have a good ending. He asks why Kang Zai skips work to make Jiang feel awkward. He should not let him should him or upset him.

He isn’t talking as the director – he treats him as family. Kang Zai recalls Chang Pei’s words and hesitates telling him the truth. It is him who wants to snatch it – is that all he has? Why does Shi Yan hate him in the past and not now? Kang Zai has nothing so why still so? He has his father. It is voting day but Kang Zai doesn’t bow to customers like his colleagues.

Bai gives a speech – why must they refer to building a house but not making a house? Kang Zai once tells him that cooks will not need this word too. Mrs Bai tells him that this man will build the best house. It is hard on her even though she cooks daily. So he wants to maintain this attitude. Yu Zhen has a fever so Kang Zai cooks for her. Too bad this sincerity is not for her. She understands now and lets him go. It tastes so good that she cries.

Gong Hao is not happy with Kang Zai being a two-timer. He has known of his past. Kang Zai warns Mei Zhu not to eat noodles with anyone else. She laughs – is he jealous? (Truth indeed since he gives so many warnings.) He looks for a unit with her. He dislikes one unit as there is a male neighbour. He also rejects another with women because the police station is nearby. He decides on the final one. The women stay in a new home. Kang Zai promises not to do anything disgraceful in future but Gong Hao is still determined.

He asks him about Yu Zhen as he doesn’t want Mei Zhu to become a bad woman. Lawyer Jin tells Shi Yan the truth for money. Jiang even verifies that he is not his son to sue him for a DNA test to divorce Mdm Zheng later. Mdm Zheng learns about the will. Shi Yan is devastated when he learns that he is not Jiang's son. She is shocked when Sae Yeon confronts her about his parentage. He can go to Jiang to ask but she yells no.

Why stop him – so they are unrelated? So who is his father – does Jiang know him? She reveals that his own father is dead. Shi Yan is angry with her for implicating another man’s life. So should they deceive Jiang? She protests that Jiang also deceives them and plots to get rid of Kang Zai. Kang Zai tells Jiang that he once hated his parents but Mei Zhu teaches him to live a way as his personal choice.

Both meet Jiang. This is the woman who will cry at his grave if he dies. Jiang smiles but Shi Yan refuses to talk to Mdm Zheng. How should she bring him up? He becomes a gangster’s son but not brought up as a gangster. He knows but this ends here. He wants to set things on the right track. Chang Pei wants to kill father and son because he wants Mdm Zheng to help him. She agrees to the plan but he has to search for the will.

Shi Yan has brought it to Kang Zai so they must grab it before Kang Zai signs it. Shi Yan tells Kang Zai to sign on it so that everything will be his. He also asks him to forgive his mother. Yuan Zhe still wants to woo Chun Zhen and demands to see her boyfriend. Kang Zai hugs Mei Zhu tightly like a child – he doesn’t want to be alone.

Both land up in bed after kissing passionately in the dark. At first he buttons her blouse back but she encourages him to continue. (No wonder both become lovers after this steamy scene.) He prepares breakfast for her and touches her hand in the car. She hesitates going in together with him and he gets cross. Does he disgrace her? She doesn’t want him to belittle himself. She loves him wholeheartedly.

His colleagues get puzzled as he treats them to coffee. Why has he change after the new year? He must be in love. Yun is puzzled that Shi Yan doesn’t come to work. Shi Yan expresses his gratitude to Jiang for raising him. He asks President Kang when he knew that he was not his son. Jiang replies that he found out when Sae Yeon was 12.

He hated him because he cannot forgive his wife for her betrayal. (This man has tons of excuses – what is his reason to have a illegitimate son too?) . Yet he can’t bear to desert him as he is reminded of his father. So he has to send him away. He tells Shi Yan to leave Korea for the U.S. where he has a house and money for them.

He gets him to manage his business for Kang Zai’s sake. Shi Yan will not allow others to look down on Mdm Zheng – isn’t this enough that he has an education? They can go on holiday. Mdm Zhen starts to change her mind on killing Jiang. Mei Zhu goes on a date with Kang Zhu and is amused that he is afraid of heights. Chang Pei is now in Kang Zai’s room and sees the flowery shirt. Mdm Zheng’s warning comes too late. Jiang goes to see Kang Zai with the intention of revealing his parentage to him.

Chang Pei and his men ransack Kang Zai's apartment for the will. Jiang expresses his displeasure at him but this provokes him to stab him. The shirt falls beside him. Yu Zhen comes in to see him and Chang Pei leave the scene of the crime. They rush to the hospital and Kang Zai is devastated to know that he is dying. Can’t Mei Zhu save him the same way? (This scene is touching indeed.)

Tai San is searching for Chang Pei – he can’t be overseas.
Shang Zhe wants him to stay with Jiang. They have gone through hard times and Kang Zai must be calm to stable the situation. Kang Zai tells Shang Zhe to take care of the two women. Mei Zhu suggests going to Shin Do since her family is on holiday. Yun tells Shi Yan what happens to Jiang as he offs his handphone the whole day.

Kang Zai begs Jiang to wake up since he is always strong. Shang Zhe also weeps beside him. (I find that Kang Zai becomes sentimental like Mei Zhu after being with her.) Jiang is contented to see him for the last time and wants him to say sorry to Shi Yan. He has never forgiven him and thinks of him now. Jiang dies from his injuries in hospital and Kang Zai only calls him father now. Shi Yan is late upon arrival. Dong Kui blames himself and vows to get rid of this knofe. Shi Yan forbids Kang Zai to go.

Jiang is too lonely so he must find someone to keep him company. He will only stay till he returns unharmed. (How can attacks occur in hospitals? I am simply baffled by this arrangement.) Mei Zhu and Shang Zhe are captured by Chang Pei. He is seriously injured. Kang Zai confronts Chang Pei but his hands are tied as he threatens him with their lives.

Kang Zai is forced to kneel to him in order to know their whereabouts. She cries – she has told him that he should not kneel in front of others – why do this again? He is badly beaten in front of the two. Chang Pei's accomplice betrays him and defends Kang Zai instead. A fight breaks out between the two gangs. Shang Zhe is stabbed in the back by Chang Pei when he takes a knife for Kang Zai. Chang Pei tries to escape so a car chase ensues between him and Kang Zai.

Both men are captured by the police. In the meantime, Mei Zhu donates blood at the hospital in a bid to save Shang Zhe's life. Kang Zai attends Jiang's funeral in the temple in handcuffs.

He bids farewell to his father. (It is a sad scene as he stands in the snow.) Shi Yan is also upset over it but promises to help him out of prison soon. Tai San informs him of Shang Zhe's death. Kang Zai is devastated. He leaves without saying a word to Mei Zhu. She is desperate – why doesn’t he tell her to take care and not to look for another man? Shang Zhe’s wife scatters his ashes with his daughter clutching his photo.

She tells Mei Zhu that it is useless for a gangster's woman to cry and thanks her for donating blood to Shang Zhe as it gave him 3 days more to live. She thanks her for giving her 3 whole days to spend with him and to send him off properly. Chang Pei is sentenced to death while Kang Zai is sentenced to 7 years' imprisonment for their criminal activities. Shi Yan scolds his lawyer for not trying hard but he shakes his head as Kang Zai admits to all the crimes. Kang Zai refuses visitors in prison. Yu Zhen visits him before them to fly to Paris later.

Four years later...Kang Zai still refuses to have visitors. Mei zhu decorates the hut and gets the chocolates ready. She also starts to read his novels and records messages for him. Bai and Shi Yan continue to work together. Tai San becomes a singer’s bodyguard and goes steady with Chun Zhen. Mei Zhu depends on sleeping pills to sleep.

Shi Yan is happy with the first project and thanks Bai. Bai is grateful that he lets him work freely but he still resigns. He stays to help someone. Now he has paid off his debt to build a temple to fulfill his father’s wish. Bai doesn’t get along with his father and he often appears in his dreams. Shi Yan and Mei Zhu do not give up trying to see Kang Zai.

Mdm Zheng wants Yun to go to U.S. with them after Kang Zai’s release. She can help her if she wants to be her daughter-in-law. Mei Zhu is stunned to see paper windmills at the playground. She drops her fruit on the ground. Tai San and Chun Zhen have decorated according to Shang Zhe and Kang Zai’s wish for Christmas. She smiles as Gong Hao wears the flowery shirt that Kang Zai gives him.

Their appeal against his sentence is successful and he is released from prison. His men, together with Shi Yan, Mei Zhu and Tai San wait for him outside the prison gates to greet him. Kang Zai asks to pay his respects to Shang Zhe. He apologises to him – is it cold here? He continues to ignore Mei Zhu and even tells her he has forgotten about her.

Mei Zhu, in her grief, tells him that she would have waited even 20 years for him and in that time, she would help others. She tells him that if he has forgotten about her, she would leave and never let him find her or see her again. Kang Zai finishes his high school education in jail.
Shi Yan wants to return the company and all his father's assets to Kang Zai according to the will.

He tells him that he will leave the company to Kang Zai and join his mother in America. Kang Zai asks if the company doing better? He replies yes as he knows that he will come to get it. No, Kang Zai tells Shi Yan to stay to help him.

Mei Zhu prepares to leave Korea to join a volunteer doctor organization. She packs the two caps into her luggage. She visits the seaside hotel with balloons where Kang Zai and her sat the whole night talking. She sees him on the beach. She is angry at him and accuses him of lying about forgetting about her. She tells him that if she leaves tomorrow, she will never come back. She asks if they can visit the Japanese restaurant. Kang Jae finally relents and expresses his love for her. They finally kiss.

Introduction on characters

1. Xia Kang Zai: Lee Suh Jin
He helps in Jiang’s career as a gangster. He doesn’t even complete his high school education. He bears with the humiliation from his family only to know that he is his illegitimate son. He has Yu Zhen but treats her coldly, refusing to believe in marriage. He only agrees to marry her for the sake of their unborn child. Mei Zhu changes him totally to a normal man. He can be jealous, learns how to show his love, becomes humorous and turns over a new leaf after being with her.

I only find his performance satisfactory. It makes no difference from the way he acts in ‘Phoenix’ – with a warm heart beneath the cold exterior. I find his performance there better than in here.

2. Yan Shang Zhe : Lee Ki Young
He is knowledgeable as a gangster. I wonder how and why he becomes Kang Zai’s right-hand man to be involved in all his criminal activities. He is like an elder brother to him and for the first time to listen to his advice to become a financial director to put his knowledge to good use.

3. Nan Chang Bei : Kim Reo Ha
This man isn’t satisfied to be a henchman and aims to take over Jiang’s position. But his plots are often uncovered by Kang Zai to get punished severely. I really like the way that Kang Zai burns his goods to alarm him!

4. Director Bai : Jang Hang Sun
He is involved in the construction business for a long time but his company nearly folds up due to poor management. He is unwilling to work with gangsters but Kang Zai manages to change his mind with his sincerity. He is like a teacher to him although he can be very strict with him.

5. Lee Zhen Xiu : Lee Se Chang
He is a car mechanic who shares Kang Zai’s passion in racing. He always repairs his cars so Kang Zai looks up to him as his elder brother. He is an adviser to him to want him to face up to his love problems. Looking at how eager he is to bring him and Mei Zhu together makes me laugh.

6. Yin Mei Zhu : Kim Jung Eun
She is a plastic surgeon but she doesn’t behave like one. She is a money-minded person to want to sell her own house away! She is a busybody and I can’t visualize how she becomes a hot item overnight to be the centre of attraction for 2 men. She is also always reckless to land herself into trouble. Why do the elders also look on her as their prospective daughter-in-law? I thought they will prefer someone from a prestigious family to match their status?

I definitely detest her acting. She is just like the uncultured Tai Ling in ‘Lovers in Paris’ – reprising her character. And – she definitely dresses poorly!

7. Yin Gong Hao: Park In Hwan
She is Mei Zhu’s over-trusting pastor father who gives his love to orphans. Unlike his calculative daughter, he gives unconditional love to the orphans – treating them as their own. I doubt he likes flowery shirts but he wears them to make others happy.

8. Jiang Shi Yan : Jung Chan
He is Jiang’s son without the blood relations. He doesn’t understand why Jiang always treats him coldly but treats Kang Zai warmly. So he often does things against Jiang’s will to seek his attention.

He is brilliant to read other minds and is a gentleman to give Mei Zhu a chance to accept him. But he can’t help treating Kang Zai better after they work in the same company.

This actor really has a gangster look! That becomes a flaw because I don’t’ feel his affections no matter how nice he tries to be to Mei Zhu. They are a total mismatch.

9. Jiang Chong Zhi : Choi Il Hwa
He is Kang Zai’s father. He adopts him and regrets making him a gangster. So he hopes to make up to him as well as he can. We see him being stern or unfeeling to everyone except for him because he has a soft spot for him.

10. Mdm Zheng : Yang Geum Suk
She is Shi Yan’s mother and has a dark past as Shi Yan is not Jiang’s son. Yet, she can be so cocky to Kang Zai, belittling him whenever she gets the chance. She is forever not happy with Shi Yan’s girlfriends – either torturing or stalking them. She will be the last person on earth that women will want her as their mother-in-law.

11. Piao Yu Zhen : Kim Kyu Ri
She is Kang Zai’s long suffering girlfriend. They go through thick and thin for many years but he has a change of heart within months.

12. Yin Jing Hua
She is Mei Zhu’s adoptive younger sister who often gets into trouble and Mei Zhu has to solve it for her. But she is still her best matchmaker to make her know Kang Zai at the Japanese restaurant.

13. Liu Tai San : Lee Han
He is Kang Zai’s henchman who looks upon him as his idol to have tattoos on his arms. He often keeps a straight face but the unwilling expression he has to wear Gong Hao’s flowery shirt can really make you laugh non-stop.

14. Hong Chun Zhen
She is a clinic receptionist and is Mei Zhu’s close friend. I find her sponging on her and also not that sincere in love. She claims to love Tai San but we often see her flirting with Yuan Zhe.

15. Wen Dong Kui
He is Jiang’s capable assistant but I also don’t see why he must side with the scum, Chang Pei.does he think that peace can solve everything? Keeping Jiang in the dark indirectly causes his death.

16. Cui Yun
She is Shi Yan’s mistress with the beauty and the brains. If not, how can she cope with work in the company when he isn’t around? It is sad that he chooses the bimbo Mei Zhu instead who often asks silly questions and shoots words without using her brain.

17. Ma Shi Xian
He is Mei Zhu’s brother-in-law who tries to evade responsibility upon knowing that Jing Hua is pregnant. Kang Zai beats him up to be responsible. He learns to be a better man and looks for a job in order to support his family. He is very grateful to Yu Zhen for giving him the chance.

18. Xue Yuan Zhe
He is Mei Zhu’s senior and boss who owns the clinic. He carries a torch for Chun Zhen and never gives up wooing her.

Favourite character
Tai San – although his scenes are limited, he is noticeable for being a loyal friend.He also becomes Yu Zhen's sandbag when she quarrels with Kang Zai.

Most hated character
Jiang, he blames everyone for not following his way but never reflects his own act. He also lets Mdm Zheng down for having affairs too. If he doesn’t feel remorseful too, will he dare to declare that Kang Zai is his son when he brings him home?

The main theme is by Jo Jang Hyuk. A very plain song as compared to the other versions.

Interesting facts

Unlike the other 2 former versions which were shot in Paris and Prague, this version was shot on Hainan island. The director It came into trouble in the sea scene when the station did not request for a permit to shoot there. It shot Hainan naval base accidentally. After a 5 hour intervention, the scene was re-shot under the close eye of the authorities.

Many complaints also occurred. Some commented that it made the underworld glamourous. SBS invited many overseas media to interview the cast. Some were not happy for not being invited and there was a rumour that the filming company gave each reporter a wallet to suppress their anger.

When asked about her ‘old’ and ‘new’ lovers, Jung Eun knew that Shin Yang has many fans but she had to put her attention on Suh Jin since he wasn’t around. Both men are serious and attentive at work. She admitted that Suh Jin was attractive. Many could see that Suh Jin was a gentleman pouring water for her during the session. Many wondered why Jung Eun returned to shoot the 3rd part.

Her reply was – it was important for the artistes to choose a story but not the cast. Many thought that her role was repetitive but after reading, she changed her mind. (Argh – I don’t think so – her way of acting still looks the same to me.) Jung Eun admitted that she underwent cosmetic surgery before. Her mother was sad that she was plain looking although she was a beauty.

Suh Jin comes from a rich family of bankers. He graduated from New York University, arming a management degree but why has he come into acting? He has wanted to study directing but felt acting could still make him happy. Many knew that he bought coats for the Phoenix cast when they shot late at night in the cold. Jung Eun laughed – she would not need it as Hainan island is too hot! Suh Jin and Jung Eun became a couple after shooting this drama.

In the 2006 SBS drama awards, Suh Jin won the best actor award while Jung Eun won the best actress award through the directors’ selection. Both also won the 10 star popularity awards.


This drama gets actors who really look like gangsters! The moment they stand out, you know who they are and what they will do. They are really good even though they are the supporting cast. They have many amusing exchanges. Every punch looks real, although people will find it unbelievable that the whole police force disappears or is off duty when they fight at the sea, at the airport, in the hotel and at the hospital!

However, I don’t find the story as enchanting as ‘Lovers in Paris’ not because it doesn’t have a storyline. To tell the truth, it has but sad to say, the cast’s acting fall short of my expectations. Normally trilogies don’t work well – it is obvious in this case.

Up till the end, I still don't understand why Mei Zhu is reluctant to handle lifes that struggle with deaths. It seems that she has a sad past - so what is it?!

Although it packs some amusing scenes in the beginning, it tends to drag soon. Luckily it has the loyalty and fatherly love ties between the characters to lead me to watch on. Gong Hao, Bai and Jiang show the different ways that fathers will treat their children. Mdm Zheng’s love for Shi Yan is a scary comparison which shows why he becomes so rebellious.

Jung Chan tries acting well but his face - sigh – has such a gangster look that it is hard for me to accept that he is a well-educated man although he dresses well. Strange that Kang Zai even dresses smarter than him when he goes to work although he is inferior to him in position! I also find his attitude towards Kang Zai changing too fast. How can he be so hostile and later become so friendly quickly? Kang Zai’s change is understandable as he changes for the better for the sake of love.

The love scenes – sorry to say – I hardly feel affections from them. It’s like they don’t act like lovers but more like friends. Strangely, they have the chemistry when with other artistes in other dramas! I confess that I expect more as the cast have more experience in acting now. But somehow, they disappoint me as their gestures are repetitive (or it could be parts as I list above in the story so it might not be their fault entirely) or their range of expressions is being limited. Frankly speaking, I feel that their performances are overrated to win the SBS awards.

It is still different from the usual predictable Korean dramas and is worth your time if you wish to admire the scenery. It is far from being a fantastic drama so you might feel that it lacks the magical touch as the main cast has not placed in their best in this final segment.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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