Outrageous Women


Section:Korean Dramas


Number of Episodes:18


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 발칙한 여자들 / Balchikhan Yeojadeul

Average Rating:       (out of 1 rating)

Also Known As: Rude Women / The Daring Sisters


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Outrageous Women

Reviewed by: sukting December 06, 2010

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

How long 18 episodes Foreword Do you wish to see how Kim Bum looked when younger? This drama allows you to have a good look at him. This is the Korean version of desperate housewives. It tells of how a divorcee who has a son and seeks revenge on her ex-husband. She never expects herself to fall for her landlord. In the meantime, will her ex-husband make her life difficult too? I bought this set of dvds for my friend's birthday...

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Outrageous Women

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