Ray Lui Leung Wai 呂良偉

Ray Lui Leung Wai


Last Name:
First Name:
Leung Wai
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Date of Birth:
December 22, 1956
Place of Birth:
Blood Type:

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3.3333333333333 stars

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Born Rich 2009 (TVB Series)

The Legend and the Hero II 2008 (Chinese TV Series)

Flash Point 2007 (Movies)

Seven Swordsmen 2005 (Chinese TV Series)

Land 1999 (Taiwanese Dramas)

The Book and the Sword 1991 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Twilight of a Nation 1988 (TVB Series)

Behind Silk Curtains 1988 (TVB Series)

And Yet We Live 1988 (TVB Series)

Ho Ching 1988 (TVB Series)

Heir to the Throne 1987 as Cheng Sing Gong 鄭成功 (TVB Series)

Dharma - Founder of Shaolin 1986 (TVB Series)

To Each Its Own 1985 (TVB Series)

The Brave Squad 1985 (TVB Series)

Happy Spirit 1985 (TVB Series)

The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1985 as Wu Fei (TVB Series)

The Rough Ride 1984 (TVB Series)

Rainbow Round By Shoulder 1984 (TVB Series)

Gary's Angel 1984 (TVB Series)

The Legend of Ching Lady 1984 (TVB Series)

It's a Long Way Home 1984 (TVB Series)

Love and Passion 1983 (TVB Series)

The Old Miao Myth 1983 (TVB Series)

The Brave Young Ones 1982 (TVB Series)

Radio Tycoon 1982 (TVB Series)

Destiny 1982 (TVB Series)

The Good Old Times 1981 (TVB Series)

The Bund II 1981 as Ding Lik (TVB Series)

Kung Fu Master From Fat San 1981 (TVB Series)

The Bund III 1981 as Ding Lik (TVB Series)

The Bund 1980 as Ding Lik (TVB Series)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1979 (TVB Series)

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