Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: Jaylee

February 26, 2005

Rating: four-point-five

Chinese Title: Sai Seung Kei Yuen
Producer: Cheung Kan Man (Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, Vigilante Mask)
Themesong: (Performed by) Ron Ng Cheuk Hai, Myolie Wu Hang Yi
Episodes: 20
Dynasty: Tang (e.g. Twin of Brothers)
Ron Ng Cheuk Hai (Issac Tong Yik Fung - Triumph in the Skies) - Cheung Guan Sui
Myolie Wu Hang Yi (Zoe So Yi- Triumph in the Skies) - Hung Leung
Michelle Ye/ Yip Suen (Mang Lai Guan - Eternal Happiness) - Cui Ung Ung
Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming (Ko Wai Lei - The Driving Power) - Tong Tak Chung/ Wong Man Bun
Power Chan Kwok Bong (Tai Siu Tin - My Master is Wong Fei Hung) - Suan Fei Fu
Nancy Wu Ting Yan (Wan Wan - Twin of Brothers) - Cheung Lim Wai
Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor (Wong Po Heng - The Last Breakthrough) - Cheung Lim Yan
Ho Siu Hung (Ta Ho sir - To Get Unstuck in Time ) - To Fai/Cheng Sum/Yut Ping

My Rating: (Out of five) Four and a half
Weekly Ratings: (Week one) 28, (Week two) 29, (Week three) 29, (Week four) 32 - Making the average 30 (rounded). The highest was 33.

Series - Now and Then (Spoilers!)
I had never watched "Romance in the Western Chamber" (I think that's the name), which is "Sai Seung Kei" in Chinese, but I had heard of the story of the novel. Apparently, there were two versions. One was when Cheung Sung and Ung Ung get together, the other was when Ung Ung rejected him. There weren't any twists and turns as far as I know, or at least there wasn't anything as bizarre as what there is in "Lost in the Chamber of Love".

Like whoa! One minute we hear that Hung Leung is the long lost Tibetan princess and that her Aunt was actually the wife of a King! The next, we hear that Hung Leung is the real Seung Kwok Chin Gam, the daughter of the prime minister, and Cui Ung Ung is actually the Tibetan princess! And To Fai isn't really an eunuch (that was the exact same story as in Virtues of Harmony)!

But to be honest, it made sense. I was thinking when I accidentally stumbled across some spoilers and found out the real identities of everyone, that it was just stupid and that putting this in would just spoil the series. I thought it would've been better if it stayed faithful to the original story. But it did make sense. I mean, I thought the story behind the Tibetan princess was that she got lost or whatever, but it was actually because the king's wife wanted revenge. I thought that the reason the two babies got switched was because they were clumsy and everything, but it turned out that it was because the king's wife was afraid that the baby was going to suffer, so she switched the babies, meaning that the real daughter of the prime minister had to work hard as a servant, but the princess got to live the life of Cui Ung Ung, and didn't have to suffer. It made sense! I'm impressed!

I like how they added Nancy's character, Cheung Lim Wai, to the story. She and Suen Fei Fu (Power) are very cute. Like the time when they were talking, and Lim Wai asked if Fei Fu thought of her when he was in danger, and he was like, "No!" Then when Lim Wai stomped away, he was like, "Siu jie ah, ngor yut lum hei nei ngor jou fun sum, fun sum jou wou bei yan charm sei!" or something much rather, and please excuse my poor pronunciation, but anyone who has watched it before should remember that scene! It was when Kenneth and Michelle just walked past Ho Siu Hung and Kiki, then after they'd gone, Power and Nancy came along. All in pairs.

The ending was so sweet! Lim Yan and To Fai had two twin babies (wonder if they're boys or girls, or one boy and one girl!!) and then she was going to have another one, and Power said he really wanted a kid too and got glared at by Nancy! Ho ho, Ron could jump high! Oh my gosh, I love the ending of this series so much! Compared to what the scriptwriters cooked up for "The Legend of Love" (same script writers, apparently), it was heaps better.

Actors - Now and Then
When I first saw Ron Ng in "Triumph In The Skies" I thought he was pretty good looking, hot, and a fairly good actor too. But if you compare the Ron Ng in "Triumph in the Skies" to the one now in "Lost in the Chambers of Love", you'd see quite a big difference. Well maybe not that big, but you get the picture. For one, Ron definitely looks hotter in modern, but two, his acting has improved. I wonder if he really was crying in the scene where Myolie "rejected" him, or was it just the use of an eyedropper? Interesting. Anyway, I think Ron did a very good job. He's quite romantic with Michelle and Myolie, and with Nancy he is very much like the caring big brother he is. He's so cute!

I didn't used to like Myolie Wu. Believe it or not, I was annoyed that she appears in too many series. But of course, that, like most reasons people come up with, was stupid. And I apologise to Myolie Wu fans. Oh but wait, wouldn't I be apologising to myself? Yep, I'm a fan too, now! Anyway, before, even though I was annoyed she appeared in too many series, I was very impressed by her acting skills. Myolie has potential. In "Triumph in the Skies" she was really good! Cute, bubbly, kind. I remember that I didn't like her much in "Eternal Happiness", but that's just because of her character. She looks really pretty in that Tibetan costume in here! And she's cute too! Myolie is so good, I don't know how to describe her. I really like it how Myolie can cry and doesn't need to use eyedroppers or anything. It's more realistic. Way to go Myolie! I can't wait until "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" comes out!

I wanted to see Michelle Ye in a Tibetan costume too, but oh well. I started liking Michelle since "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow" and the only reason I was so dying to watch this series was because of her. She did a really good job, but I have to admit, if she wasn't so concerned with her looks in those crying scenes then maybe it would've been a bit better. But she managed to cry and managed to make me cry too, so good enough! She's so pretty in there! No wonder the producer chose Michelle to play Cui Ung Ung, no wonder she won a Miss Classic Beauty award in MCI 1999, Michelle is stunning! She's so pretty! She speaks and walks and stuff like as if she really was an ancient person, she doesn't look as if she's acting. Laugh out loud, even some of the Michelle haters were impressed (Yes, I did research)! I can't wait until "The Herbalist's Manual", even though her co-star is Frankie Lam and not Raymond Lam. Oh well, the beautiful Michelle is all that matters to me.

All right, when Kenneth Ma first appeared, I was thinking, why does he have to smile like that? He's cute and he's good looking but his smile is a little too stretched. Oh but never mind. I'm actually happy for Kenneth. I mean, he used to just get supporting roles like Ron in "Triumph in the Skies", but he's managed to make it all the way up to the top. Well he isn't up the very top, but he's no longer down the bottom. In "The Driving Power", although I very much wanted to be watching Raymond Lam with Michelle instead of Kenneth, I still liked him very much, but I thought Kenneth needed a little improvement in his acting (that's not saying that Michelle doesn't). And I thought Kenneth could never beat Raymond (which I hear so many people say, I'm starting to think, is this just an opinion or is it a fact? improvement is the best?). Well when I heard someone say Kenneth are really cute, I thought that they would only be average. When the show started, yep, I was still thinking that. But there was one scene that I really loved of KM. That was when Kenneth had just lost the war and Michelle had just cooked some food for him, and then etc. etc. You guys all know what I'm talking about (unless you haven't watched the series). It was very touching! And then of course right at the very end, the bit when Kenneth snuck out of the kingdom and was trying to woo other girls, and Michelle goes over, ha ha, so sweet! I even like them more than Ron-Myolie in this series! I really like Kenneth's character too, he's so cute and sweet and romantic!

Names - Now and Then
How come there are two names for Ron? Cheung Guan Sui and Cheung Sung? Because in the novel and stuff, it was Cheung Sung, and at a function, Michelle called him Cheung Sung too! I don't get it! (P.S: At the same function, Kenneth was talking about the series, and he accidentally said: Sai Seung Ching Yuen, he he).

Hmm, I think the English title, "Lost in the Chamber of Love" has a modern feel, and Tales of the Western Chamber has an ancient feel.

I really like the themesong, Myolie is so good! Ron needs a little improvement, or maybe it's just that I don't like his voice. But anyway, it's still very good! I can't stop singing it! My favourite line is "Hung Leung Hung Bit Wai Guan Chuen Chum Yan Sin".

Awarded To ...
Okay, if I was totally in charge of who gets what award at this year's TVB 38th Anniversary, this is how it's going to go:

Best Partnership (in order of preference):
1. Michelle and Myolie (if you could even have two girls get it, if not ...)
2. Michelle and Kenneth
3. Myolie and Ron
4. Nancy and Power
5. Michelle and Ron

Most Improved Female:
1. Michelle Ye
2. Nancy Wu

Most Improved Male:
1. Kenneth Ma

And, laugh out loud, he's the only person who could get that award. Ron's already got it, and why would Power get it? He's not a newcomer, no way, been in the industry since he was a kid (apparently).

Female lead:
1. Myolie Wu
2. Michelle Ye

Male lead:
1. Kenneth Ma
2. Ron Ng

And I'd give the scriptwriters and the costume designers and the make-up artists, director, producer and all the people back stage an award too. TVB should be giving out awards to them as well! They put in a great deal of effort!

Oh and an extra funny award, the best crier or whatever:
1. Myolie Wu
2. Michelle Ye
3. Nancy Wu

And another funny award, best dress:
1. Michelle Ye
2. Myolie Wu (ah, I'm in love with her Tibetan costume, but I still like Michelle's a bit better, I wanted to see Michelle the Tibetan dress, though)

Another one, cuteness award:
1. Myolie Wu
2. Nancy Wu
3. Michelle Ye
1. Kenneth Ma (TOTALLY!)
2. Ho Siu Hung (BELIEVE it or not!)

Most Touching Scenes
Oh, there are many ... (in no particular order)
1. When Myolie was getting hit and Michelle moved in front of her and she got hit instead

2. When Michelle and Myolie were talking afterwards

3. When Myolie collapsed after working so hard for the little bit of yin wor for her fu yan and her fu yan gave it to her to have instead

4. The scene between Kenneth and Michelle which I'd already mentioned before above, when Kenneth was sad after he lost the war and Michelle said she was willing to go wherever Kenneth went.

5. When Mich, Myo and Ron were in the temple and Myo was wishing that Michelle will be well and everything, and then behind her Michelle was thanking Buddha for giving her a best friend

6. When the whole Cui family were about to get executed and Mich and Myo were talking

7. When Ron described how Mich's poor brother was always stuck inside their house

8. When Myolie was going to leave the city and she and her aunt were talking, then the lanterns lit and stuff and she ran and hugged Ron

9. After they found out Myo is Cui Ung Ung and she and Ron were getting married and she gave the tea to Myo's parents. The stuff they said was so touching!

Cute Scenes
1. It was Michelle and Myolie's birthday and they each made a little pouch with their name on it for the other, and then Michelle goes, I've spent a few days sewing it, and Myolie goes, me too! Then Michelle points out that her name (Ung) has more strokes than Hung, and Myolie was like, oh yeah.

2. The scene where Kenneth was trying to woo this girl with the yin yeung kow and Michelle goes over, grabs his ear and goes, you have so many yin yeung kow, how about giving one to me? and Kenneth goes he was just playing and Michelle was like, wait until we get back to the palace! And her pout was so cute!

3. I'd already mentioned this, when Nancy and Power were talking and Nancy asked if Power thought of her when he was in danger and Power was like, No! It was Power that made this scene so cute and funny, he said it in a serious way but then afterwards he's like, if I think of you then I'll get chopped to death! Ha ha!

4. When Michelle and Myolie were cooking at the Cheung's house. Michelle looked so funny when she was struggling with the slippery fish, and then when she chopped the carrot and half of the carrot was sent flying and hit Myolie on the back of the head. Michelle and Myolie were both so cute!

5. When Kiki, Nancy and their grandma all started beating Kenneth up because they thought he was trying to do something to Michelle (that was when Kenneth fell on top of Mich, remember?)

6. This isn't very funny, but it's good enough to go on the list: Michelle was at Ron's place with Myolie to help make the lanterns and then Nancy put her face right up to Michelle's and was goggling at her smooth skin. He he!

Four and a half! *Squeals* So close! Well the reason it lost half a mark was because I thought they could've improved a little. The suspense and stuff. Well maybe it was because I already knew the ending before I saw it, but anyway, it's not 100% perfect. Four and a half, not bad at all!

Funny Wishes
I wish I could try on everyone single one of Michelle's costumes (for some reaosn I don't like that gold one), and Myolie's Tibetan dress. Oh I wouldn't mind that large bath either, but no one else can be around! I also wanna watch a live performance of those flipping cards (the ones that read I Love You which Kenneth organised for Michelle to see), catch a star (I'm assuming that that rope thing is safe ...) and ride in a kiul.

Funny Thing in the Series
Anyone notice that Michelle's bed is ROUND? It's so cute! I wasn't sure what it was before, like maybe it was just a seat or something (er, olden days sofas, *nervous laugh* ha ha), then my Mum said that Michelle's bed's round, how funny, and I was like, huh? And I looked properly and saw that there was a pillow there! Ha ha!

What I Wanted ...
I was hoping that maybe that Michelle's brother in the series, because he's so smart and stuff, would get recognised by Kenneth and then his parents would be proud of him and stuff, and no longer ashamed just because his hand is a little weird. And I wanted to see a kissing scene between Ron and Michelle! And I wanted to see Michelle and Kenneth's child!

Remember how Ron went to live in the Western Chamber and his Mum wouldn't let him see Michelle? Yet when he, Michelle and Myolie snuck Michelle's brother Kwok Foon out of the house, then they lost him, they came back and Ron and Michelle were still walking together!

They should've explained how Power found Myolie's Aunt and dragged her in at last minute to explain that Hung Leung isn't Hung Leung, but Cui Ung Ung, and Cui Ung Ung isn't Cui Ung Ung, but the Tibetan princess!

Is it just me or are they missing a scene? The wedding scene where Kenneth and Michelle get married and Myolie and Ron get married (and I didn't like Michelle's hairstyle, saw it in theme video and magazine). I never saw it in there! That was also like in Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, you know when they show ads and stuff, they play that short clip or whatever you wanna call it, like, scenes from the series then they show the name of the series then they play the ads and stuff? There was one bit in that which had Michelle and Raymond standing together pulling the Verdant Bow, but that never appeared in the series either! Maybe I watched it, then forgot.

Despite what I said before, even if Michelle and Myolie were the same age and stuff, the babies weren't identical, and if they were switched ... Well it's hard to believe that no one suspected anything, but oh well.

Silly Questions By Silly Me - Use Your Imagination To Answer
If Ron didn't run into Myolie and her Aunt talking about how Myolie had the yin yeung kowl, would Ron realise that he loved Myolie more? Stupid question, but it seems as if the only thing that made him realise then that he loved Myolie more was the fact that he found out she had the other half of the knot. Anyway, I think he'll probably realise it when he was about to marry Michelle or something. Then he'll realise that he wasn't as happy with her, and go to Myolie.

If there was no Kenneth Ma in the series, do you think Michelle and Ron would've gotten together in the end anyway? What would've broken them apart? What do you think? I mean, if there was no Kenneth Ma, I think Michelle still would've loved Ron, but Ron might start liking Myolie instead.

What would've happened if Myolie's real parents (prime minister and wife), didn't like Myolie? Despised her because she was, after all, a servant (well used to be anyway)? Pretty obviously, her Mum's probably gonna treat her badly again, like not as bad as before, but just get annoyed with her. But then she's going to realise that Myolie really does care for her!

Anyone else got any other theories?

Lost in the Chamber of Love II
Do you think it'll be a sucess if they made up a Lost in the Chamber of Love II? I never like it when they purposely write a sequel because they want to, and not because they need to, like in Armed Reaction, they probably would have to write another series because Joyce Tang still needs to find her husband.

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