The Legend of Ching Lady

Reviewed by: hkopinions

January 29, 2008

Rating: four

Dodo Cheng
Ray Liu
Simon Yam
Austin Wei
Ha Ping
Cheung Lui


This series is based on a historical character, Lui Sei Liang (Dodo Cheng). It takes place during the Ching Dynasty in the reign of Emperor Hong Hei (Ray Lui). Sei Liang is caught between her loyalty, her love and revenge for her family. The series has well known casts and portrays the story almost to perfection.

What about the story (Spoilers!)

Lui Sei Lang is the daughter of a well-known and rich family. Her father (Guan Hoi San) supports the Ching Dynasty in order to secretly help reclaim China for the last Ming supposed heirs. By chance, Sei Liang joins a rebellious group called Gong Nam Sut Hup, who are trying to overthrow the government and reinstate a Ming heir to the throne. Gong Nam Sut Hup's leader is named Chang Ping Goon Chi (Ha Ping). Sei Liang meets and falls in love with Nin Bun (Simon Yam), the son of a powerful general. Nin Bun's father is liked by the emperor.

Sei Liang meets Sal Sum (Liang Hong Wah) and they become friends. Later on, the emperor accuses the Liang family of treason because Sei Liang's father secretly supports Ming rebels. The entire Liang family was executed by Nin Bun's father, except for Sei Liang. Sei Liang swore revenge and became a serious member for the rebellion. She and a member of the rebel group, Bok Tai Goon (Austin Wei), get engaged. Meanwhile, Emperor Hong Hei struggles to destroy the rebel group and keep the Ching dynasty strong. Hong Hei ordered Gong Nam Sut Hup's members to be killed. Two of the members were poisoned and so the group decided to assassinate the emperor. Some events led to the revelation Hong Hei's secret.

Hong Hei finds out that he is not part the Ching dynasty but of Ming descent. Hong Hei doesn't accept the truth and continues to prosecute the rebels. One of the members of the rebel group, Chong Seu Dip, falls in love with Hong Hei. The emperor takes her in to be his mistress. Meanwhile, Hong Hei's attitude changes and he destroys Nin Bun's friendship with him. Nin Bun accepts Sei Liang and helps the rebels dispose of Hong Hei. Later on, Seu Dip learns of Hong Hei's ruthlessness to her fellow members. In anger, Hong Hei accidentally kills Seu Dip and he goes insane. The rebels assassinate Hong Hei. Chang Ping Goon Chi finds peace and commits his life to prayers by becoming a priest. Nin Bun apologizes to Sei Liang and reveals his love to her. Sei Liang accepts.

Dodo Cheng

Dodo portrayed Sei Liang to perfection. I did not find any flaws with her character, although I did feel bad that Austin did not end up with her. Dodo also appeared in "The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1986".

Simon Yam

In the beginning, I hated Simon's character. I just did not want Simon and Dodo to be together. In the end, I was glad they had a second chance. Simon is a very good actor. There are many scenes that just make you want to cry. Simon also appeared in "The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1986".

Best supporting actor

Austin Wei as Bok Tai Goon

Best supporting actress

Chong Zing Yi as Chong Seu Dip

Best villain portrayal

Ray Lui as Hong Hei

Worst character portrayal

? as Simon's father

Watch it or forget it

The series was good overall. Dodo and Simon have great chemistry with each other. There were some scenes I wished weren't included. The scenery wasn't that spectacular and costumes were dull. However, Dodo and Simon makes up for the series' flaws.

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