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Lunch Queen
Lunch Queen 2002

It's not THE best drama I have ever seen but it must rank among the top ones. The storyline is sometimes a little TOO perfect but it has all the ingredients for a good viewing. I like the main characters and especially like Ken-ni and Jun-ni's interaction with Natsumi. Pls go ahead and watch it!!

Love Story in Harvard
Love Story in Harvard 2004

Good series - good story, good actors and good ending!!! I have to admit I fancy Rae-Won!! He's a great guy and my favourite scene is where he writes his message for Tae Hee on the bus and then walks away .... broke my heart!!

However, (coming from a British upbringing) I don't like the guys hitting the ladies in any story ... and especially not a sweet girl like Tae Hee (is it part of the Korean culture???) Great stuff!!

Winter Sonata
Winter Sonata 2002

One of the first few Korean series that I've watched too - and it has to be one of the best so far. However, can directors please not linger TOO long on crying scenes? And can we not have TOO much crying each time? The storyline is good but I really want to complain about the ending - it should have been longer than a quick kiss and hug - the main characters should have some time to talk about what happened during those missing years and let the audience feel that there is closure!! I feel a little cheated out of a 'proper' happy ending!!!!

Beautiful Days
Beautiful Days 2001

The fact that there is less crying only enables the audience to concentrate on the action and storyline. Good choice there! I really felt for Si Won - I think he did a very good job!

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