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Musketeer and Princess
Musketeer and Princess 2003

where can i find tis drama and watch?

Secret of the Linked Cities
Secret of the Linked Cities 2004

where did you guys watch this drama?

Rouge Snow
Rouge Snow 2008

i'm watching tis movie rite now n it seems okay but then i don get it reallie much b/c there's no eng subs

The Prince's Education
The Prince's Education 2008

what is this drama about?

Wu Lin Wai Shi
Wu Lin Wai Shi 2000

its nice to see that you have a summary for all of them, but you had a lot of bad impression on Qi Qi and not enough information on her role in the drama and what she does like FeiFei. It's nice to get one's opinion, but it's also good to stay away from writing one own's opinion too much. Because many people would rather know the main roles than opinions.

it's good overall, but actress and actors did graduate from acting schools because of their high acting. so it's not a good thing to look down upon because if i was in their shoe, i don't think i would've made through graduation...

but thanks anyways

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