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Autumn's Concerto
Autumn's Concerto 2009

As some of you people know, I've watched it Started With A Kiss like sometime in 2006 that's approximately 5 years ago, so, it has been my ultimate favorite for 5 years already,yes! Not even boys over flower, you're beautiful, meteor garden and so on and so forth surpassed the said series. . And no it's not because I've only watched a few series (click here to view my asian series collection ) In every series that I watch I'm always looking for this certain "MAGIC" even i don't know what that is. And no, i am not bias because I am a fan of any of AUTUMN's Concerto casts. You guys should watch it yourself. And try to figure that magic out. Sure it wasn't perfect, i had a lot of "*pointing* you silly boy/girl why not. .Blah blah blah uggh?!"

Mischievous Kiss
Mischievous Kiss 2010

Why does it say 20 episodes?? I only get to watch 16. .

Mischievous Kiss
Mischievous Kiss 2010

I was looking forward on watching this series. . I love kim hyun joong . . a lot, but. . Did the show ask him to be a ROBOT @often times ?? Coz if they did then he did it w/ flying colors. .No em0tions @times at all. .That 's one flaw of this series, i have watched ISWAK & read the manga ,and i cant help comparing it w/ this & that. . Plus,he was a lil bit m0re softy to Hani than zhishu to xiangqin. . W/c i liked honestly. . Its a series that u can watch just once or twice . . It had a happy ending though i think it was too fast. . They just tied all lose strings together w/c made it a bid unrealistic. . Admit it,we cant possibly have a very lucky day that all of the people around us is all happy right??

Mischievous Kiss
Mischievous Kiss 2010

Fave Characters? That would be Hani no doubt. . She's a stronger version of xiangqin,she d0esnt mind following seungjo around but when he reaches the limit she knew how to deal w/ it.
Baek Seung Jo?? Yah, @times whenever he turns into a human he's the softy version of ZhiShu. He wasnt that hard to deal w/compared to the Taiwanese guy.

What i like ab0ut this one is that it's funny. .Definitely a romantic c0medy. .It's light hearted unlike TKA/ISWAK i had tears in my eyes,liters of em. .for this one,i only cried @ 1 scene. . And i had a handful of laughters. . So yah,it's definitely n0t a waste of time to watch if ur n0t a party pooper type of person hehez . . Peace! ;)
ahh. . My heart aches as it ended by the way. . Its like aww. .I cant see hyun joong again. . :(

Down With Love
Down With Love 2010

And so it came to an end. .
Pls do watch this if youre in to light hearted romantic comedies. . :) its neither dragging n0r to0 sLow. . --,

fave scenes:
a Lot! But i Love th0se that LoLed me. . --,

Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006

For one,i love the ost!! Tears from Polaris & little turtle. .

Just smile & theres n0thing u cant overcome. . U will always hear that all throughout the series. . Its n0t that great but neither that bad . . At times its rather unbelievable . .Accept the fact that u cant possibly meet a celebrity on the streets esp n0t fell over/underneath them. . But. . Yes! But since i get happy easily over simple things i enj0yed watching this series . .Like for that c0mpetition they had and xs fell down & superman i mean hq went back though that will mean they will lose. And that jinx-turtle c0ntest. . So u guys w0nt regret watching it . .No dull m0ments guaranteed :)

Miss No Good
Miss No Good 2008

I had a lot of laughs on this series so its okay. . Though pan wei bo is surely a jerk @ times. . & rainie's actually really "flashy" . .The voice,yea at times its a bit irritating but what matters to me is the story,its n0t that bad,yes, but i was left hanging. . How can she n0t kn0w her own m0ther??Bad fellas. .

Boys Over Flowers
Boys Over Flowers 2008

1st of all . .Yea shouldve been 5 blame it to th0se jerk students. . :(

boys over flower was such a big hit here in the phils. . Next to meteor garden of c0urse. . I didnt get crazy over this drama til in the midway. . When i saw this. .Yep ,ur right it was Jun Pyo who caught my eye. .Admit it. .He's cute. . But thats n0t just it. . I love th0se series thats always bickering yet loves each other. . What i hate here is that the old hag(sorry :p) was the m0st biatchy biatch ever made that she can surpass lucifer lol. Fave scenes?? Oh how can i forget the part where Jiho0 opened the cr and found jandi peeing. .And act like n0thing happened?? Lol that was the funniest scene ever and yes!Cute!!

It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again
It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again 2007

True enough, when a series/movie has a sequel it will be dragging in a way or two. . This one is n0 difference to that. .But n0t uLtimateLy to the p0int where it gets a negative view.

Anyways. . This sequel made me feel like riding on a roller c0aster one m0ment like this,one m0ment like that. . Okie true to be told, i have a handful of fave scenes here. .Like when zhi shu told xiang qin's father that XQ d0esnt really kn0w how much he truly loves her. . And the one @the scho0l canteen when zS told her that he loves her. .And the scene where she sats down on the flo0r crying and zS opened the d0or & c0mforted her. .Aahh. . Moreover this sequel made me cry and laugh at the same time though their lovescene i forwarded it lol

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

Yep!Thats right i gave a flat 5 for this series. .

This goes to my top 1 all time fave series ever!!! ^.^
true enough there are a bit flaws but hey thats why u call it drama right?? This series made me fell in love with joe cheng . .No,i meant jiang zhi shu. .That i even want to go fly to Taipei & d0 anything just for him to date me. .Yea,crazy i kn0w. . Its a good thing i g0t a grip of myself & differentiate reaLity with a dream anyways. . Here are my fave scenes. .

EVERYTHING. .!! From the 1st one to the ending!! I

Hana Kimi
Hana Kimi 2007

For one. . Hands down to the cast! I love them all. . :)

this was the 1st series that captured my heart . .
Wu chun,eLLa & jiro pLayed their parts very weLL. .
Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 becoz of the ending. . It was so bitin!! :( it left me hanging but 'twas okay. . ReaLLy. . :D

Down With Love
Down With Love 2010

Cant wait to watch this. . ^.^

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