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Four Women Conflict
Four Women Conflict 2009

a really heartbreaking ending (sniff sniff)

Twilight 2008

one of the most overrated movies in history

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 2008

a great movie overall! The major cast did really well and really like how this movie and the previous one made the whole 'batman universe' seem so realistic and seamlessly infused in our world. After all comics are comics and movie directors have to be clever enough to realise what sort of elements have to be eliminated onscreen to make it more believable for movie audiences.

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber
The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2009

personally i felt that out of the thousands of actresses available, the director could have easily picked someone younger,and prettier looking than liu jing. I'm not saying that liu jing is ugly but i really don;t think she fits the description of zhou zhirou in the novels (who is supposed to be exceedingly beautiful). It doesn't help the fact that her acting was not exactly impressive so overall i was alittle disappointed with the casting of zhou zhirou. it makes me very hard to root for the character when watching the series.Gao yuan yuan was in my opinion, probably one of the best zhou zhirou onscreen. Other than her apparent beauty, her acting was spot-on and definitely made me sympathise with the character

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