The New Adventures of Wisely


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The New Adventures of Wisely

Reviewed by: SwordMaster January 28, 2008

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Vietnamese title: Long Tranh Ho Dau Length: 22 episodes of 1 hour each Cast: - Michael Tao (Dao Dai Vu): Wisely - Zoe Tay: Bai Su - Chew Chor Meng: Wen Bao Yu - Zhong Qing: Hai De - Li Nan Xing: Xiao Guo - Phyllis Quek: Yu Fen - Jerry Chang: Qi Bai (Quy Bai) - Yvonne Lin: Hong Hong - Chen Li Zen: Meng Dan (Mong Don) - Yan Bin Liang: Tao Qi Quan The Series: There are many cases in the series. I can't remember...

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The New Adventures of Wisely

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