TVB is suffering from a lack of charismatic actors recently, which is why they have been contacting former TVB actors to try to bring them back, including Gordon Lam, but the actor wants nothing to do with the company.
According to Jayne Stars, Gordon revealed, "TVB contacted me last year, but I turned it down without learning further details!"

He added, "I don't see why they need help! Honestly speaking, they are a big company with so many people. There are many new siu sangs every year. I don't have the qualifications to help out. Actually, it's better for them to train new siu sangs than to look for outside helpers. Most importantly, they should look for artists with temperament."
It wasn't that Gordon was not successful back then. When Gordon was working for TVB, his dramas managed to achieve over 40 points in viewership ratings, and he was even the male lead in the anniversary series for four consecutive years. However, he decided to quit due to the redundant workload, and would not consider returning despite that TVB already has a script ready for him.

The 45-year-old actor believed that TVB should be aware that good actors are not all about looks, and train rookie actors and actresses like Mandy Wong and Oscar Leung.

"Drawing the distance closer between the audience is what a real lead actor does. For example, Ha Yu or Liu Wai Hung."

Currently, Gordon is signed under Andy Lau's management company, and has appeared in some well-known Hong Kong movies such as "Cold War". When asked about his career's future, Gordon laughed and said, "I'm greedy! If the Magic Lamp allows me three wishes, I hope I can become a director, a producer, as well as the male lead in the future. I wish to be successful in every position."