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Till the end of time
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    Post Till the end of time

    This is one of my story. Hope everyone can enjoy itnull


    Chapter 1

    The bargain
    "Mom, how can you do that?" Ruby cried in fury. She couldn't believe her mother. How can she do this to her. She doesn抰 want to. And nobody is going to make her. Ruby determines.
    揜uby, I just tell you to met one of the employment. Why are you so angry? It not like I told you to marry him, even though you marrying somebody is really my greatest wish. Wont you just go met him. Then decide that you going to like him are not?"
    "Mom, you know I don抰 like matchmaking, but if you do something for me, I could reconsider, maybe meeting him. How that for a deal."
    "Fine, what do you want, god, whom in their right mind would bargain their daughter just to go on a date."
    Ruby smile slyly. 揑 want you to give me a chance to give you my proposal for the company. And you can't refuse my idea."
    At her mother shocked face. Ruby knows she hit it. It just as well. Her mother always thinks that girl needs to stay home and marry. Well that not what she think. And she going to take this chance to show her that woman can be better than man. She had been giving idea for two year now to her mother for the company but every time. Her mother says it not good enough. Damn it. She is going to get this because she know she good at it. She is going to make the company a success and this the only way. Since her father dies her mom had take over the company. It not as if she not good but Ruby think she could do better.
    "Ruby, honey sure you want something different. How about I buy you a house, a car." her mother persuaded
    "No, you know I don抰 want anything else. I want these. So we have a deal or not."
    Mrs Lin was worry. She know what Ruby want. But she is too young to get into this. For two year she tried to kept her away from it. How could she let her do it? Didn't Ruby understand that what going on in the company. They don't like woman. They think that buisness is not a place where woman should be. She had been the subject of all their gossip. They never include her anything. The reason they still kept her their because they know she hold a largest percent in the company. They just bid their time so they could have the big reason to throw her. If Ruby go into this company. She going to get crush. Ruby is not strong enough. She is stubborn and it going to get her in trouble.

    Seeing her mother hadn't answer her yet, Ruby get impatient. She know all the think her mother suffer. And she want to take some it away. She know she can do it. She can made those respect her. She is her father's daughter after and and buisness is in her blood. If her mother just let her give one of the proposal. Those people could listen.
    "Mom, do you agree or not?"
    "Ruby, you know I agree to anything but that. You don't what kind of people in there. They are waiting for fresh meat. They going to crush you. I don't want you to hate for putting you in there. You know you is all I got."
    Seeing her mother like this, Ruby hear melt. She know her mother love her, but her mother need to know she already growth up. She can do her own battel. " Mom, you have to belive in, I could help you, I could fight this people. Don't think of me as a little kid. I had master degree in buisness. Mom, my goal when I was small is to handle Daddy company when I growth up. Why don't you give me a chance to prove myselt."
    "Fine, but promise me, any chance you had a problem you had to go to me?"
    "Oh, thank you mom, I love you. I going to do it. I going to show them that I better. Got to go tell Vicky. She going to be so happy."
    " Ruby.."
    "Don't forget your date tonight. You see I haven't forget." her mother smile.
    Oh, the stupid date. I going to call Vicky to go for me.
    "Uh, what his name anyway"
    "Alec Su. And be nice."
    Yeah right.

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    Chapter 2

    It all your fault
    As Ruby drive to Vicki house she was wonder who Alec Su was. Who is he, why do her mother want her to date him. As she ponder over this matter. She look up and saw a man walk across her car. Ruby had to brake her car and nearly hit that guy.
    Feeling angry at the guy whom made her stop her car. Ruby walk out her car toward that guy.
    揌ey loser, don抰 you have eyes. Can抰 you see this street is not for pedestrain. If you had a death wish. Go somewhere else because I don抰 want my new car to be dirty with your blood.?BR>Looking at Ruby with angry eyes he yell at her 揗e! Have a death wish. Isn抰 your stupid eye that should be looking at the road. If you can't even tell by that then you shouldn't have drive at all."
    Eventhough knowing that she should own him an apologied. Ruby still couldn't say it. "My having a driver license is none of your buisness. You can't expect me to to look for you. I know your kind. You want to create an accident so I could pay for you. What you want some money. Don't think I going to give you some. Find a job you.." Ruby stop talking when she saw the guy red face. He was angry. She could actually see the steam out of his ear. Maybe she shouldn't haven't said that but she was mad to be yell at. Nobody ever dare yell to her. Who the hell is that guy think he is.
    "You spoiled brat. You think I want you money. Who the hell do you think you are. Just because you have some money, you think everybody out to get it. I bet you havent' even work hard for what you earn. So don't act all high and mighty. Thinking you all that because you are rich." The guy eyes were hard. He look at her digust.
    Trying to recover at his accusation. " Hey, I work for my money too. So what if my family rich. You don't have to yell at me like. I sorry if I hurt your feeling. I didn't mean to say that. It still your faul that you walk infont my car. You should have look where you going."
    "ME" he sputter " Shouldn't it be you who should on a watch out any innocent pedestriant like me. Somebody should cut your driver license. You know what. I going to call the DMV and report this. Let see if you can drive anymore"
    " What you stupid bastard. I didn't even hit you. It was an accident." Ruby yell at him. How dare him. She haven't hit him yet. And he look fine to her..
    "So you finally admit it was your fault." With that he smile and walk away.
    Ruby was shocked at the smile he gave her. He look so handsome when he smile. Until she realize what he said. That jerk. He was mocking her. Nobody made fun of her. Don't let she ever see him again or he going to pay for what he just did. With that she went back to the car and drove.
    " Stupid jerk." Eventhought saying that she couldn't erase his smile in her mind. The guy do have a killing smile. He look so handsome when he smile. Handsome or not he going to get it when she saw him again. Ruby promise herself.
    Who is that guy?. Are they going to met again?. What Ruby had plan for him?

    Chapter 3

    Help me, please.
    Looking at her newest design Vicki reflect on what her life had been like. She a famous fashion designer. Everybody like what she create. She has a great boyfriend . She had never has any difficulty in life. Yet she felt that there was something missing in her life. She want excitment. She want something that create chao in her boring life. Oh, how boring her life is. Day in and day out she has to create something. There nothing excite about that. That a second time she wonder if she has choose a wrong carreer.And tonight she has a date with Edison. He was handsome. He was great. He care about her. In another way he such a perfectionist. People alway said she was lucky that he go out with her. Yet she doesn't felt any excitment when she with him. Everybody expect them to get married, even Edison. She hate that. Hate him for thinking everything for her. Why doesn't he just let her think for herself. He alway made decision for her. Like tonight. He told her where they going to eat, what time they go home. God how annoying. When they talk, she nearly fall asleep. It not he not great at talking but he choose what topic they should talk about. Sometime she just want to shake him, until he realize what she hate it. But she don't want to
    hurt his feeling.
    "Vick, Open the door, it me Ruby!!"
    That shout has made Vicki return to reality. Ruby, her bestfriend since grade school. The only one that whom could understand what she feeling. Walking to the door. Vicky open the door to see Ruby. She look beautiful and happy. She wonder why. Ruby alway complained about her mother whenever she saw Vicky. What made her so happy today.
    "Guess what?" Ruby shout
    " You wont guess in a million time. Mother has actually given a chance to tried my proposal for the company. Yes. Can't you belive..." Ruby stop what she said when she look at Vicki face. "Is there something? Vick, has something happen? You look a little pale."
    Vicki put her hand to her face as if she could actually touch the thing. " Um, I guess I was little bit tired, but I really happy for you, Rube, You deserve it for waiting all this time." Hugging Ruby " Congratalution!!" Vicki laughed
    Putting on a firm face Ruby demand "Ok, what wrong. You look pale, you laugh a little bit off and you eyes doesn't sparkle...I know, it that stupid Edison. That jerk, he made you sad, don't he. I going to make he wish he never born. I going to..." Ruby stop when she hear Vicki laughed. Ruby couldn't understand why she was sad then she laughed.
    " You should have see your face. You are all red, oh god. it so funny" Holding her stomach Vick laughed until tear come to her eyes.
    "Very funny, Vick, here I though of helping you, you go on an laugh at me. So what really wrong, why are you sad?"
    "It nothing, it just that tonight I had a date with Edison and I don't if I want to go or not." Vicki sat up looking unhappily at the thought of hurting Edison feeling.
    Looking at Vick, Ruby understand that Vick is a nice person. She couldn't bear to hurt anyone. Sometime she hope that Vick could just dumped that Edison and date someone whom is right for her. Someone whom in not controlling. Something tug Ruby and she smile.
    " Vick, I think I have a answer to your problem. What do you say if I told you that you don't have to go out with the Edison perfect anymore. You can't date someone else." Ruby said with a mysterious smile.
    Jerk her head up Vicki regard her friend with excitement in her eyes " Really, how, how can you do that. You know I just can't cancel Edison. He is going to be so sad."
    " Don't worry, just leav everything to me." Taking out her cell phone. Ruby dial Edison phone number. Waiting for the phone to ring.
    Vicki wonder what Ruby was doing.
    Finnally hearing a voice " Edison, here, whom do I speak."
    Ruby resist a groan. Gee, the guy even sound boring on the phone. Poor Vicki, I guess I have to help her. " Ruby, here."
    "Ruby, what do you want, I don't have time to hear you talk. I give you two minute. Start right now."
    " Grr.. Um, Vicki can't go to the date with you, she had to go to help me buy new clothes. I just found out that there this place, they have a sale. And it only a one day sale. It one in a life time.So Vicki had to go with me. She ask me to call you that she can't go on the date and hope you understand, she see you in a weeks. So bye." With that she cut off the phone.
    Vicki mouth was hanging open when Ruby finish her conservation with Edison. " Ruby, what are you doing. He is going to be so mad at me. How am I going to explain that to him. Oh"
    " Don't worry, he not going to ask. Knowing Edison. He just be happy. I know that he care about his work and he probably just so busy he just going to cancel the date. I just give him a reason."
    "How you know he busy." Vicki ask curiously
    " Didn't you see how long I have to wait for him to answer. If my guess is right he has alot of work and was about to call you to cancel the date. Don't worry he not going to call back."
    Ring Ring
    Rasing her eyebrown Vicki look at Ruby. "He doesn't call does he."
    Picking up the phone "Don't be a smart *** . Hello, Ruby here."
    A voice boomed out " What the hell do you mean she is busy.
    "Put a sock in it Edison. You don't have to yell so loud. I can hear you know."
    "Listen here, you little brat, Vick is going out with me tonight and that is that. And if anyone who want to cancel the date. It was going to be me." Edison rang out in Ruby's cell phone
    "So you mean that you don't want to go on the date tonight either, so why don't you say so. Well I guess Vick will see in a week. And buy something for her when she get back. You know, let her know you miss her." And with that Ruby turn off her phone.
    "See, I told you no more problem. Edison don't want the date either, so you have time to pretend to be me and go out with Alec Su." Realizing what she said Ruby put her hand to her mouth.
    "So your mother tried to get you a date. But you don't want to go so you ask me, your best friend to go. Woa, what a good friend you are, Rube." Vick said sarcastisly.
    Ruby smile sheepish at Vicki "Please, you got to help me, I dont' want to go on this date. And don't you think it time you got rid of that Edison and have some fun on your own. Be wild. Be me. Please!!!!!!!!!"
    "How could I say no to the begging. Sure, I go. Maybe it has it gave some exictment in my life."

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    Chapter 4

    Angry Edison
    "So who mad you mad, Ed?" A young man standing over the door smiling when he saw how red Edison face is. Wondering what bother Edison he think.
    " It that stupid girlfriend's friend of mine. Do you know what she do, she call me up and cancel my date with Vicki. Do you know what excuse she tell me. ..They have to go to the mall in some god damn place because they were having a sale. It only one day she said. God if I don't love Vicki I going to kill that friend of her. How dare she involve in my relationship with Vicki. "
    "Are you mad at her or are you mad that you not the one to cancel the date first." raising his brown he regard Edison with a look that could see everything.
    "Of course I mad at Vicki's friend. Tae. You should have listen to her. Oh, well you know you should buy Vicki some present when she get back. Like I have time for that. And why should I comfort Vicky when I the one got cancel."
    "Oh, come on Edison we both know that you alway like to get an upper hand. Look around you, you have bunch of work, I bet you couldn't finish it. You were about to cancel the date but she call first that all. Admit it you don't like the feeling of getting reject, you like to be first. You alway want to be first at everything." Tae said sarcastily at the last part. He know Edison for a long time. Eventhough they were friend since college and now working together. Sometime Edison just getting on his nerve with all his I all that. He lucky his girlfriend doesn't dump him yet.
    Glaring at Tae " What got on you today. You sound mad. Is some girl dump you or problem with your girlfriend and that why you so testy today."
    Remember what happen in the morning Tae frowned, " Oh, is just some snob who couldn't understand the law in driving. Nearly killed me. God, and she had the nerve to say it was my fault. I had never met an unreasonable woman in my life. That got to be my first. She say I should had watch where I going. She the one who is driving the car not me.
    If I wasn抰 such a gentleman I probably call the DMV to revoke her license. That girl had no idea what right and wrong. God I hope I never see her again.?Tae look mad. Edison thought. So finally someone had actually made him mad. It was kind of annoying to see he always smile, acting all happy. Whoever this girl is he had to thank her for that. Being friend to Tae is like being with Mr. Clown. He always joking and he never saw him get mad. The guy practically a joker. People should always focus on their work. They should put their work the first priorities of their life. Like himself, nobody could control him.
    ?So what do you do to her? Don抰 tell me flirt with her to let you out of the dilema.?Edison joke
    揘o way, I tricked her into realizing that is all her fault, and I am a innocent bystander. You should see her, her eye go round as a penny when she realize I trick her. It was such a treat. Enough of that. Do you have anything from my brother.?Tae look anxiously at Edison.
    揧ep, um he said he going to be here at 2:30 at UTK airport and he look forward to see you, and is 2:00 now so you don抰 have much time.?BR>Looking at his watch, he realize it time ?God, it all that girl fault, if we haven抰 need talk to her I should remember to ask. So got to go now.?Tae Hurry up to running to the door and out.
    Standing in his office alone Edison went over what happen to him this afternoon. His rage burn up as he realize what Ruby has done. God, that Ruby, how dare she intervene his relationship with Vicki. Why didn抰 Vicki call him to cancel but let her friend call it. Sometime he wish she could defied him a little bit. She always so sweet, so understanding, it made him mad, he tried everything to break her control but nothing work. He tried to order her food. And pick a conservation for them to talk about. But she just smile at him. Tae had been wrong when he say he was mad at Ruby because she called first to cancel the date. It not that is just he felt guilty. Aside from a lot of work he didn抰 want to see Vicki until he figure out if they should go out anymore. She is too boring. He just hope she could do something that could surprised him.

    Vicki抯 House
    揙h, I can抰 wear this. It too sexy. Look at the dress. It show everything." Vicki complained the third time and Ruby's nerved is about to end.
    "No" Ruby gritt her teeth " You look beautiful in it, and if tonight you are going to me. Put everything aside. Be sometone else. Just think that you are someone who are beautiful and confident. Don't you want be wild, just one night. Vick, this is your chance."
    "You right. Tonight I going to be someone else. So doing everything you can to make me beautiful." Vicki determine. She going to be someone who is exciting and not boring. It just for one night. Nothing going to chance. She still be herselt tomorrow.

    UTK airport
    A young man about mid twenty were looking around , he keept looking at his watch to see what time is it.
    Turning around he smile at his younger brother.
    "You still look the same. So how is mom and dad" Nic smile at his brother.
    "Fine, they so going to be happy meeting you." Taking his brother luggage they walk out of the airport.

    Chapter 5

    The date
    They arrived at the mansion. Nic nervously open the door. He was worried what he should say to his parent. What should he tell them? Walking with Tae to the house. He felt more nervously than he already is.
    "Mom Dad, Nic is home!!" Tae shout happily. He was happy that Nic was home now. Now there is someone going to help him on the company. Handling by himself is hard work now his big is him to help him
    Coming down is a man and women in mid fifties. Their face light when they saw Nic. Mrs. Tse run down the stair and hug her son.
    "Nic, honey I miss you so much. Let me look at you. You lose some weight. Let me tell the cook to prepare something for you."
    "Honey, let him rest. He must be tired after the trip. Nic, you can go to your room and rest. When you felt like it. You can come down to eat. Then we will talk about your position in the company. You going to help Tae."
    Nic know the reason they want him home. They want him to help Tae control the family business. But he don't really like business, he hate it, the competition. But he doesn抰 what to hurt their feeling. They all look at him with happy expression expecting him to thank them.
    "Um, I don't need to rest much. I just want to go out a little bit. I have been gone for four year. I wonder what has change. Tae, do you have time to take your big brother out for some fun." Looking at Tae for help. He hopes to get out of this house.
    "Sure. I have a lot of free time." Tae wonder what made Nic look unhappy. "Let go Nic, just give your luggage to Mr. Wilder. Bye, mom and Dad." With that both of them walk out the door.
    At the restaurant
    Vicki nervously walks toward the waiter.
    "Excuse me, I was looking for Mr. Alec Su, is he here yet?"
    "Yes miss, he was just waiting for you, let me show you where he is." Vicki follows the waiter toward the table where a young man sat.
    Suddenly he looks up when he hears a sound. Standing infornt of him was the most beautiful woman he has ever saw. He was about to stand up to say hello when he knocks the glass down spilling the wine. Looking embarrassed, he tried to tried to clean the wine that was spill but at that time he knock the waiter whom was carrying the food, the food flew over to another table.
    " I sorry," he said to the people whom the food flew over.
    Trying hard not to giggle. Vicki eyes the young man. He was so cute when he look embarrassed. His face so boyish. And he such a klutz.
    Looking at her Alec face was all red. "Um, as you can see, they say first impression should be prefect but in my case it chao."
    "It was okay, I always think chao was perfect way to start a day." smiling at Alec, Vicki was thinking how cute he look.
    Realizing that he hadn't asked her to sit yet. His face became more red " Pardon me, my mind seem to be wander, please sit down" Walking over to Vicki, he pull out her chair waiting for her to sit then went back to his.
    For some reason being with Alec Su had made her less nervous she decide to ask him a blunt question 揝o Mr. Alec, why do agree to have a blind date. Aren抰 you afraid that of what I look like? I mean, you could go out with an ugly woman for all you know. Aren抰 you scared??
    揙f course. Who won抰 be? I had doubt like many people going on a blind date. I not going to lie to you. It just I want to give a chance to see how it going. To my luck a beautiful woman appears. I guess it not so bad after all.?BR>At his word referring her beautiful. Vicki blushes. She felt so at ease when she with Alec. Not like when she with Edison. He always mad her nervous. Thinking about Edison made her felt guilty. Then she remembers Ruby word. Have fun. She going to have and not worried.
    揝o you say I passing?
    揘o, I don抰 mean that it just when I saw you I think you the most beautiful woman and I felt like I the lucky guy to be here with you.?realizing what he say Alec blush more. What wrong with him today? How come he kept saying the wrong thing. First it that klutz, now is this, she going to think he a weirdo to say that to her on the first day. Oh how embarrassed. But when he look at Vicki face, he didn抰 saw any disapproval but a sweet smile. His heart melts. Looking at her face Alec felt more at less nervous.
    During the time they talk. Vicki learn a lot about Alec. He an only child so his parent are strict on him. From his tone his love his parent very much. Then he told about his trip to taiwan where he got robbed. His leg broke because he wasn抰 too careful when he ski. The only part that not going good on the date is that he kept calling her Ruby. God is he gonna be mad when he know that she isn抰 what she seem to be.
    But the rest of the date was so much fun. Alec kept telling her joke. It make her laugh. It make her forget about Edison . She was having fun on a date for the first time in her life. And she not going to let anything ruin it.

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    You write really well! Alec seems like a really nice guy! Tae and Edison sound like they are real jerks though, no offence or anything. One question, what are all the chinese characters?

    Update soon!

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    Chapter 6

    The Trick
    At the bar
    Since Vicki goes on a date. Ruby is so bore. She don't know what to do so she goes to the bar. It been half an hour. Ruby is so bore. She hate the idea of sitting home alone on a Friday night. She thought that by going here she could had some fun.
    Suddenly she saw someone familiar. He was sitting not afar from her. His back is to her so she couldn't make out his face yet she could had sworn she seen him somewhere. She sat a little bit closer to hear what they said.
    "Hey, Nic what wrong. You don't seem happy going home. It some thing wrong in USA that made you sad. It is a girl problem?" Tae tried to tease Nic. He know there is something wrong but Nic doens't tell him what it is. They used to tell each other what going in their live but since Nic move to USA they hadn't talk much and sometime Tae missed his brother.
    "Nothing is going on." How could he tell his brother that being in the USA change him. He don't want to work in the company as his father and brother want him to. That use to be his dream. To work side by side with his brother but now he has a different dream. The problem is telling his father what he want to do.His father alway told them that his wished is for their brother to work side by side creating a powerful company. God! When do life get to be so complicated. "I just a little tired from the trip. Tae, what if..."
    " What if what? You can tell me. I your brother. We alway stick together."
    Hearing his brother say that Nic couldn't tell ask "Nothing, it just nothing."
    Looking at his brother Tae know he want to say something. Why couldn't he just say. When do they had become stranger. The person sit next to him is not the Nic he used to know. There strain in his eyes. And some secret that behind it. "I going to get another beer for you and something to eat." With that he walk away.
    Ruby eyes widen when she saw who is it. Of all the rotten luck. That jerk had to be here tonight. Well it payback time. The guy that sit next to him seem to be to want to go somewhere. He look at if he rather be somewhere else than here. Suddenly he sit up and went to go somewhere.
    Now is her chance to get revegne. Look at his table. She see a can of open beer. Putting on an idea. Asking the waiter to give her to give her some spice power, pepper adn some sauce. Carefully looking to see if he return. Ruby pour all that stuff in his beer. Then went back to sit at her place and enjoy the show.
    A minute late Tae come back. He didn't saw Nic. He was getting worried. Then Nic come out of the bathroom. "God, I thought you gone."
    "No, I just need to go to the bathroom."
    Sitting down. Tae pick up his beer and give the one he buy to Nic. He was about to drink his beer when he saw someone familiar. It was Edison.
    " Hey Ed" Calling to Edison, Tae motion him to come." Ed, you remember Nic."
    "Hey Tae, Nic.Nice to met you." Edison held out his hand to Nic.
    "So, aren't you suppose to work late today. How can you have time to go to the bar?"
    "I finish all of is. I was about to call Vicki when I was finish but I remember she had plan today. So here I am."

    "Since you are here do you want to order some beer? Here you could drink mine since I haven't drink them yet. I could order another one." Giving Edison his beer. Edison look at with distate. He hate the smell of it. He perfer to drink wine.
    "No, thank. I don't drink beer."
    "You don't drink bar. What the heck you go here for Ed. If you didn't know this is a bar. Not a freaking dancing party. Have some. Don't be such a prude. Have some fun." Tae kept pushing his beer at Edison.
    Well what could drinking some beer going to hurt. If it letting Tae getting off his back.
    Holding the can of beer he look at it. Then slowly he take a gulp of it. The first gulp of it, Edison eye bulge out. His tongue got hot. The taste is terrible. Jumping around. He tried to find water.
    "Hot, hot. Dang Tae. God, what kind of beer is this. If this what is taste like. I rather never drinking it again. God. I need water. Waiter! Give me some water. It hot. The taste is terrrible.."
    Tae was finding this to be very funny. Looking at Edison. He look like a kettle about to pop. Trying very hard not to laugh at him. Tae put his hand over his mouth. Nic was finding this very funny too. What wrong with this guy. It just a beer. It hard not to laugh so Nic burst out. He stop when he hear someone laugh behind him. When he turn around he saw a beautiful girl. She was holding her stomach, tear were running out her eyes. She look at Edison and kept laughing.
    At that time Edison and Tae turn around. Both of their expression turn grim when they saw who is it.
    "You!" Edison cried out. His tounge felt it was on fire. He tried to say more but he need more water so he run around trying to find a glass of water.
    "Hey, Ed, don't you know how to drink beer. Guess you shouldn't come to the bar if you don't even how to drink." Ruby kept laughing when she saw how ridiculous Edison look. She was kind of suprise when she saw Edison talk to that guy. They seem to be friend. She was kind of worried that guy wont drink it. But when she saw he gave to Edison she was happy. This perfect payback time. She had never Edison. He alway boss Vicki around and this time is perfect time to teach him.
    Tae was suprise when he hear that she know Edison. " Hey, do you know this snob?"
    Hearing that guy referring to hear as snob. Ruby eyes snapped to him " Who do you call snob. Aren't you suppose to go for look out. Looking for a car for you to get hit."
    " You nearly kill with your driving. I see you haven't improve on your manner. But what do I expect from a snob."
    Walking to him. She poke him in his chest. "My manner is perfectly fine. It only bad when I with some annoy person whom he alway right.
    "I am right. You should apologied to me,not the other way!" Tae yell at this girl. He couldn't belive. She is so stubborn. Don't she know right from wrong. He was getting mad. His face all red.
    Ruby was scared when she saw how red his face. Maybe she shouldn't haven't gone overboard. She know is her fault,not his but her pride keeping her from telling him that is her fault.
    "Oh my god. She is the girl that nealy hit you and didn't even apologied. Figure. Ruby never admit is her fault even if is. She is inreponsible. Hell would freeze when she apologied to you. Tae." Edison say with confident as if he knew everything about Ruby.Then as if realize something he look at Ruby. "Aren't you suppose to go shopping in somewhere with Vicki. If you were here where is she.?

    Chapter 7

    Find out
    "Where is Vicki"
    What should she tell him. "Vicki is on a date with someone I think is wonderful and not a freak like you. And by the way. I set her up with it. And I hope she dump you." Well if she tell him that he definite going to kill her. If not so bad if her witness doesn't look like he agree with the idea. No, definite a bad idea. She don't want to die young. She got a lot to do. The idea of staying home seem so much better now. Gee what a tough crown.
    "Um, she must be sleeping at home. Who know ? Why do you ask me anyway. You her boyfriend." Trying to get out of there as fast as she could. She step back a little. Waiting for a right time for her to run.
    "Your memory must be low. Don't you remember you guy suppose to go to the mall. So if you here. She must be here. You guy alway goes together." Turning his head around Edison skim the crown trying to look for Vicki.
    "Um, I remember now. She did go with me to the mall but you know. The clothes at there is so blah. People must have bad taste there because all the clothes look like my grandmother clothes. So we went home. You know how fragile Vicki (Sorry Vick for using you, you don't want your bestfriend to die in your boyfriend hand. Do you) so she ask me to drop her off at her house. And I come here." Patting her self mentally on the back for thinking a great story.
    Edison look as if he didn't belive her much. "So why don't you answer like that when I first ask you."
    "Um, because you scare me witless. And looking at you made fun of yourself jumping made me forget everything." Horray 1 point for her.
    Remind him of the incident made Edison remember his burning tongue. He run to find some more water.
    Inside Ruby was relief. She didn't want Vicki to kill here when she find out about this. Looking up she find that Tae guy was looking at her.
    "So you that annoying Ruby Edison alway talk about. From his description of you I should have know. There is no two people on the world who couldn' t be more unreasonable." Tae smirk when he saw how red Ruby face is.
    Nic look at Tae. He couldn't belive it. Tae never much fun of girl. He alway nice to them. How come he insulted this girl now. So what really happen here.
    "Tae, be nice. I don't think you should say that to her."
    "Yeah be nice. Listen to brother. Maybe you can learn some manner from him." Taking her bag , Ruby was about to leave when the waiter come to her.
    "Miss, here is your bill. You ask for the pepper,hot pepper powder and some sauce. So that be 9.65 dollar."
    Thrusting the money at the waiter. Ruby run as fast as she could before they figure out is was she who did it.
    Holding the can of beer. Tae was supicious of Ruby so he ask the waiter what she want the stuff for.
    "I don't know but I saw she put on your can"
    "What!!" Edison coming back hearing what that waiter say. "I can't belive what she did. Oh, my tongue. Damn it. Oh, my tongue still hot. I going to kill her. That little b**ch" Finish saying that Edison jump around . Seeing a waiter hold a bottle. He thought that was water. Took it from the waiter he drink it . It not water. It was hot sauce. Flung the bottle away. Edison face was red, even his
    nose were red. Jump up and down try to find more water Edison run around the place with his hand on his mouth.
    Looking at Edison Tae finally burst out . He was laughing so much until he realize something.
    "Oh my god"
    "What?" Nic ask
    "That was not for Edison it for me. It was there before Edison come. It was for me. If I hadn't give Edison my drink. I the one who going to jump up and down now. She want to get her revengne on me. God she was so unreasonable." Thinking of what could had happen Tae was so mad. He can't belive it.
    Smilling at Tae. Nic was wondering who that Ruby girl is. He never met anybody that could made his brother this mad. He hope he can met her again.

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    Chapter 8

    the talk
    On the drive home. Ruby can't belive she done that. She has actually run from them. Now how are she going to face Edison. That guy going to remind her everytime. Damn it she should had stay there and discussed it. Now it too late. Stupid move. Hitting her head with her hand as Ruby repeat the word over and over. When she drive to Vicki driveway. She saw Vicki with a guy.
    " That must be Alec" Ruby squint her eyes to see better what Alec look like. He was okay. A match for Vicki. Better than that Edison. What Ruby saw made her eyes goes wider. They were kissing.
    "You go girl. Carpi diem" When she saw they depart. Ruby get out of her car and come behind Vicki.
    "How was your date Vick" Ruby ask
    "Ahh!" Vicki scream. "God, you scare the heck out of me. Don't you know not to go behind a person and do that. You could give me a heart attack."
    Rolling her eyes Ruby said "God, I was making so much noise the neighbor could had hear it. You just been thinking of something that why you didn't hear me."
    Opening the door for Ruby to go in. Vicki was feeling more happy than she ever was. Tonight was the best night of her life. Alec has take her to Arcade game and they play game. She has never had fun like that with Edison. Thinking of Edison made her felt more guilty than she ever was.
    Looking at Vick's face Ruby could guess what she was thinking." Come on Vick, it just one date. Edison not gonna know about it. It not like you ever going to see Alec again. And if you really like Alec why don't break up with Edison. It not like you guy or commited or something. Vick, if you think that the relationship between you and Edison is not as you predict it would be and you don't had anymore feeling for him anymore. Then you should dump him. Tell him that you guy don't have that chemistry anymore."
    "Easier for you to say. You don't had the problem like I do. How can I tell him that, it going to hurt his feeling."
    Thinking in her head. Yeah right, he so cold he not going to care what you say to him.
    Trying to presuade Vicki to rethink the situation." Vick, you got to think about you and not other. This is your life. You need to grasp it. If you don't grasp it. You going to be sorried for the rest of your life. I not tell to dump Edison because I hate him but you got to do it for yourself. It your decision. I not going to ask you to do anything you don't want to. Just think about it."
    Looking at Ruby,Viki felt that maybe her friend is right. It time she should think for her self. Be selfish. She really like Alec. She got to tell Edison that they should break up. But there is just one problem " Rube, Alec think me is you. What he going to react when he know that the person he going on the date with is not what it seem to be."
    "Um, that the hard subject. We just had to think of something. Just go on as you are. I think up something." Realizing that is late and she need to go to home so she could work.
    "Got to go. I had to prepare for tomorrow." Walking to the door Ruby turn back "Um, if Edison ask you where you been just told him that you were sleeping at home and we don't had fun shopping today."
    Vicki look at Ruby confuse. Why would she want to tell Edison that.

    Chapter 9

    The plan
    Today is the day Ruby going to face those excutive. She was both nervous and excite. She couldn't belive she has done it. She has finnally going face those people that her mother has alway complain about. She has another problem. She couldn't talk or see Alec. How are she going to do that. . Now let see. If she just run away or hide whenever she saw him then he wont know Vicki not her. Going in the elevator, Ruby was about to push the button when suddenly a guy run in.
    "Sorry, I came a little bit late." He smile at her
    "Oh, no it him." Oh why do her plan alway backfir on her. What are she going to do. Got to think of something. Say something.
    "Hi, my name is Alec Su, what your? What section you work for?"
    Got it "My name is Vicki Zhao, I work at the lowest secttion where nobody know. You know where they need secretary."
    "Oh, I could visit you sometime. I know how first day at work is. People treat you bad. "
    Hearing that Ruby yell "NO!!"
    Alec was surprise. He look at her weird
    Great. Now the guy think she was crazy. Got to think of something. "Um, I don't to take away your time. And I may not be there anyway. My job is to deliver advirtise. So don't waste your time. "
    Okay. Wow that girl was weird. He just offer to be nice and she throw back at him. Wait. How come he didn't know that there was a job offer for that. "Um, how come I didn't know there a job for that."
    "Wow, I don' t know but looking at you. I think you are more high level so if you don't know that ok." When the elevator door open. Ruby get out as fast as she could.
    While Alec was thinking that is she work at the lower level why do she get out at the top level. It was none of his buisness anyway. Pushing the button down. He wait for the elevator.
    Wow, that was close. Who know the guy was so nosy. Great why do she use Vicki name. If she know. Ruby going to die. Walking to the confernce room she was about to go when a pretty woman stop her.
    "Hey, where do you think you going. Get out. If you don't I going to call security." Her eye flash menace as she look at Ruby.
    God, the woman really enjoying this do she. Well Ruby just had to doing something about it.
    Looking straight at that woman eyes. She take out her ID.
    When the woman look at her id and saw her name. Her face became pale. She look at her then at the name again.
    Smiling at the woman Ruby ask "Well, can I go in now?
    "Yes..yes. yes Ms Lin, you can go, the people are waiting for you." Running to the door she tried to open the door for Ruby.
    "Thank you" I going fire you witch. Wait and see. Ruby thought.
    Going into the conference room Ruby saw five of the excutive were there. Her mother they were the most powerful of all. They get to made decision, eventhought Ruby was the heir to take over the company. Before her father died he has appointed this five people to help with company. If Ruby want to made people see how good she is. She has to show this five people that she can solve the problem the company having.
    Mr Felix stood up with the other guy when he saw Ruby
    "Ruby, I can't belive how grow up you are. Do you remember me. I used to hold you in my lap when you were small. Wow, you had turn into a fine lady."
    "Well, I had to say you are fine. Your mother told us you had some proposal. So let hear it." Mr. Wong answer grimly. Of all the five people he is the hardest to please. He is a male chauvinist whom think that woman should know their place. Ruby never like him.
    "Yes, I had a propasal. I want you to know that I think the best think for the company too rise up again is to team up with a company to do this. We were thinking of finding the perfect company to help build the greatest amusment park. Where people could go there and rest. You said that there are too many amusment park already but if we build a park that connect to a hotel. Where people could go swin and have fun. You could have a gambling or refresement. And everything. When people went there we want them to be able to felt relax. There is no play time a time for people to relax after a harsh time. If we want to build this amusment park we need to ask for help. And I think the company that could do the requirment is The Tse company. They had the high standard everybody want. They never on debt." Finnaly breath out Ruby look at them " So What do you think"
    They all look at each other "I think it a fine idea. But the company partnership. Who do you think could go over there to bond wiht them. " Felix laughed at his own joke.
    Happy that they accept her idea. Ruby volunteer herself.
    " I will go. I think that this a chance for me to learn new thing."
    "Good, we give you three month to do it." Mr Wong said. Yeah right. The Tse never like the Lin. Do you think you could presuade them. This is a chance for you to pack your bag, little girl. Smile evily as he look at Ruby.

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    Chapter 10

    Edison we need to....
    Walking back and forth in her house. Vicki was thinking a way to break up with Edison without hurting him. This is so hard. Why do she had to do it. Because they couldn't go like this anymore. Her consience argued. Vicki agree. They didn't love each other, a least she didn't. She didn't know about him. To think about it. She didn't know alot about Edison.
    What should she do. She could ...
    Vicki run fast to Edison's office, open the door.
    Looking at Edison face, she yell. "Edison Chen, we should break up"
    Edison didn't even look up from his desk. "Sure, whatever, I see you on friday for our date."
    "I mean it, I think we should break up, and nothing you say going to change my mind."
    Still looking at his desk, "Sure, honey"
    Disbelive at what she was looking, how can he just standing there looking as if nothing happen. Vicki was so mad, she take the puncher and throw at Edison. Which cause Edison on his head. And he became unconsioucs. She go to jail for life.
    Suddenly jump out of her daydream, she shouldn't do that, first she could go to jail, second he going to be in a coma, that was drastic. Let think another of anothing plan
    "Edison, I think we should broke up" Looking at him with her with a sad expression. "We are not good together, I think i don't love you anymore, not that I ever have."
    Looking at Edison tried to see his expression but when she look up she was suprise. He was crying
    Hugging to her "Why, Vicki, I love you so much, how can you do this to me. Do you know how much you mean to me. Please don't break up with"
    Trying to stay strong. "Edison, I sorry, we can't be together. You know that so it best that we break up"
    When she free his arm around her. Vicki walk away. Then she a Edison yell "I will alway love you Vicki. Without you I don't want to live"
    When she look back he was standing at the balcony. He look at her with love in his eye. Then he jump down.
    "Edison !!!" Vicki yelled

    Ok, that was not good way to tell him. What if he love her and trying to kill himself. She will be guilty her whole life. Got to think something that will not made her guilty and not going to hurt him. Aha. She will ...
    With tear run down her face Vicki dramatic going into Edison's office.
    "Edison, I just went to the doctor, and he told me I had cancer. Um, Heart cancer. I will only have one month to live. I think we should break up. I don't want to hurt you." Turning around Vicki crying
    "No!!" Edison cried, he hug Vicki from behind. "How can fate be so cruel. I finally had find my true love, god had to seperate us. I won't let him Vicki. We will alway be together."
    "Oh, Edison ,don't be stupid, you can't fight god. Let just say goodbye. You don't want to be with a dying person. Find a girl that going to love you because I can't . Promise me edison. Please promise me.."
    Hugging Vicki more tightly. "I promise. Vicki I find someone but i will alway love you."
    Yes that she should do. She should tell him she got cancer. Then maybe she don't have to lie, he going to break with her. Yes, that is good. And she can be with Alec without hurting Edison's feeling. Now all she had to do is find a paper that said she going to die. Pretend she dead. Then find a new identity. God, this is just like romeo and juliet. Dancing around her house. She was happy to find a solution to her problem
    Then she stop to think. Wait that stupid. What was she thinking. Oh my god, all this breaking up with Edison must had effect her brain. How can she come up with that kind of plan. Well it back to square one. Tonight she had a date with Edison.

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    Chapter 11

    Edison we need to....II
    Tonight was the date with Edison. Vicki still don't know what to do. She don't know any plan that can break up with him. Oh what should she do. Walking back and forth in her room. Vicki decide that she should call him to cancel the date.
    Picking up the phone Vicki dial Edison number.
    Ring Ring
    "Hello, this is Tse copamny. How may I help you."
    "Um, May I speak with Edison Chen please." She couldn't belive she alway had to wait for him to answer. Why couldn't he just give her his phone number so she don't have to bother other person. God, she is his girlfriend after all. Isn't giving out his phone is that hard. She had to wait for five minute before someone answer the phone.
    "Miss, Mr Chen said he on a meeting. He will call you back at a later time. Can you tell me your name so I could tell him to call you back"
    Now Vicki was mad. He didn't give five minute to talk to her. What kind of boyfriend is he. "Well you can tell Mr. Chen that his ex-girlfriend Vicki Zhao call him." With that Vicki she slam the phone.
    Jerk. She was right to dump him.
    Picking up the phone. Vicki dialed Ruby number. It ring two time before someone say. "So, did you finally dump Edison yet?."
    Looking shocked. "Hey, how do you know it was me, and how do you know I going to talk about it?"
    "Institution. And the fact that I don't think my mom call me at this time. You the only friend I give this number to. And you are really to read. So had you dump him yet."
    Relaxing in her chair. Vicki smile. "I had, do you know what I do."
    "What?" Ruby ask curios
    "I, Vicki Zhao, had call him on the phone. And dump him there."
    "So what did he say when you told him you break up with him."
    Scowled at the phone. "um, I don't really know yet. I told his secretary that I dump him. He was in the meeting. So I don't had a chance to talk to him face to face yet."
    Signing" Vicki, you had to break up with him face to face. You know how Edison is. He will thought is your way to get his attention. He will ignore it. So say it to his face."
    "Well I don't know is that possible. You see. I scared to say it to him face to face. I had think it all day. I still can't come up with a plan to break up with him. I scared that I broke his heart."
    Laughter come at the end of the phone. "What so funny?"
    Trying hard not to laught. Ruby replied."God, Edison don't had a heart, Vic. How are his heart break if he don't had one. Just break up with for god sake. But if you worry so much. I could go with you to break up with him." Ruby joke
    Vicki eye lit when she hear that "Yes, you should. Ruby, you know that you is alway braver than me. So you should go with me to the date with Edison today. And you can tell him that I want to break up with him."
    "But..I ..but" Ruby stutter. She was only kidding when she say that. Who know Vicki take it seriously. Why do everythiing she say got backfire at her. This is so unfair. Oh, well she the one who suggest Vicki broke up with Edison she should help to the end. Well, she going to play on Edison. Ha ha ha. He going to be mad if he saw Ruby go with Vicki on his date. Oh this is going to be so fun.
    At the Tse company
    Coming out of the meeting. Edison was tire. He can belive how long it went.
    Sudenly his secretary gave him a paper. Opening that paper. He saw. "Your girlfriend Ms. Vicki Zhao say she now is your ex-girlfriend."
    Why the heck did Vicki say this. Oh well it must be her way to get his attention. He going to teach her tonight that he don't like that. It must that Ruby girl that told how say this. He going to stop this one and for all.

    Chapter 12

    Edison we need to....III
    Sitting at her desk. Ruby was trying to come up with a scheme to help Vicki dump Edison. Sinse Vicki is scare of hurting that jerk feeling she had to come up with something. Um, how about I don't want to see your ugly face anymore. That kind of cruel and rude but sometime you got to be ruthless.
    Knock Knock
    "Come in"
    Mr. Felix come in. When he saw Ruby he smile. "Hi, I hope I didn't disturb you"
    Smiling at him. "No, I just don't had anything to do. So do you had something you want to ask me.?
    ¡°Yes, I think your idea is really great but I don¡¯t think our partnership with the Tse is good.¡±
    Looking at Felix, Ruby ask ¡°Why not, they had great potential.¡±
    ¡±Yes, they do but what you didn¡¯t know is that the Lin and the Tse family never get along. I don¡¯t think they going to agree with us. So just put the idea aside.¡±
    Ruby was shocked. Put the idea aside and let this people control of the company. She don¡¯t know who those Tse family but she will tried everything in her power to made this partnership good. ¡°You don¡¯t had to worry, uncle Felix, I the one who think this up and I the one who going negotiate with them. You don¡¯t had to worry about everything.. Just leave everything to me.¡±
    Looking worry at Ruby. He think that she should be the one on the lookout because there is someone who going to made sure she never recover their secret. Cover his eyes he felt worry for her. Her father and him has been friend for long time. Looking out for Ruby is his job. Turning to the door he was to walk when he turn back ¡°Promise me you be careful. Thing aren¡¯t what they seem to be.¡±
    Smiling at him ¡°Sure, uncle.¡±
    Then he walk out
    Picking up the phone book. Ruby trying to find the Tse company¡¯s phone number. How hard can it be. Finally find the number. She punch it in and waiting for somebody to pick up the phone.
    ¡°This is the Tse company. How may I help you.¡±
    ¡°Um, I want to speak with the boss of the company.¡±
    ¡°He is not here but I could transfer you to talk to his son. He take care of everything now.¡± .. buzz
    A son. Not a problem. She sure he can see reason.
    ¡°Hello, My name Tae Tse, who is this.¡±
    Whoa the voice sound familiar. Tae, that name even sound familiar. Where did she hear this voice before. Where is it.
    ¡°Hello, anybody there?!!¡±
    Yes, she has to answer ¡°Hello, my name is Ruby Lin. I from the Lin Company. I know that we had our problem in the past but I had a proposal that could help both of our company. If you gave me a chance. I could met with you and we could discuss this. And you could see for yourself .¡±
    Ruby has to wait for one minute before tae guy answer.
    "I gave you a chance. Ms Lin. But if this is not what I expected. I could throw you out."
    Wow, what a cold jerk. "Of course. You will not be dissapointed."
    "Don't count on that" The phone went dead.
    Looking at the phone. Ruby couldn't belive this guy hung up on her. What a jerk. Now she know why their family has problem. With that kind attitude. Who want to be their friend. Gees
    Looking at her watch. Ruby realize it time. Taking her bag with her she run out the door.
    At the restaurant
    Where is she Vicki thought. She and Edison had been sitting here for fifteen minute and all he ever do is complain about she interupt his meeting. How she demaning his attention and how childlish she are. She hate when he said that to her. Looking at her as if she a child. Where is Ruby. She couldn't last a minute with. If she do. She really going to do something she regret.
    "Do you hear what I talking about?"
    What do you mean do I hear what you talk about. I have been hearing since fifteen, no sixteen minute. God. She really hate him. "Sure, you talk about how bad I am" Rolling her eyes at Edison. Then she look at the door. There was Ruby.
    Waving her hand toward Ruby.
    When Edison saw Vicki waving at somebody. He look behind. He saw Ruby. What is that girl doing here. And why didn't Vicki look suprise seeing Ruby on our date. Something fishy going on.
    Ruby went to Vicki and Edison table. "You not mind if I sit here" Without waiting for Edison to oppose she sit down. Looking at Edison plate. She saw a brownie. She pick it up and bite it. When she look at Edison. His face was red with anger. Smile innocently "Sorry I thought you were finished, heh either way, I know you going to give me anyway. You not that greedy of a little brownied are you?"
    Grr.. he couldn't stand this girl. She came up everywhere. It really annoying.
    "What are you doing here. Don't you had a home you had to go to."
    Edison mock
    "Edison!" Vicki gasped when she hear that. Edison alway polite, why did he so mean to Ruby.
    Thinking this is a chance. "You see I had a home but I just like to go here. You know a rich girl place to goes." Mocking Edison back because he said she a spoiled rich girl. "But, I don't understand why you are here. Doesn't your income can't provide this kind of meal. Don't want you to be homeless eating at an expensive place like this."
    "Well what I eat is my problem, little girl. Isn't time for you to go to bed. Don't want your mommy to call Vicki and ask where you are." Edison snide at Ruby
    This guy really a jerk. Well time to put her plan in action "Well I want to but you see Vicki is here, and I can't leave my sweetheart alone with the big bad man."
    Vicki head was throbing when she hear Edison and Ruby attack at each other. But her head jerk up when she what Ruby said.
    Edison eye narrow at Ruby "What did you say."
    Signing "Vicki, hadn't you tell him the truth yet. Sorry Edison but she my girl now and you can take your manner somewhere else because she breaking up with you to be with me." Finish that Ruby put her hand on Vicki shoulder.
    Edison look at Vicki "I want an explaination, Vicki"
    Looking at Ruby, when she saw Ruby wink at her. "Yes, we are couple now. Sorry for you to find out this way." Putting her head down.
    Looking from Ruby to Vicki. Edison had never been this humiliate. He stand up and walk out of the restaurant.

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    Wow this is a really good story. Well describled and everything. Hope you can continue writing it.
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