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Warriors of the Yang Clan
Warriors of the Yang Clan 2004

I LUV ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Return of the Condor Heroes 2006

i didnt like the guo xiang cuz she was dressed like the mongolians. her earings. yuck! i didnt like the guo fu in this movie either. i think the best guo fu was the 1 in 1980's played w/ andy lau and idy chan. and huang rong looks really young. she doesnt seem like a woman that is in her late 30s. i think the best huang rong that ive ever seen was in the 1980s played by susan au yeung pui san. she had all the looks that would be huang rong.

Princess Chang Ping
Princess Chang Ping 1979

i felt bad that michelle and david werent the 1s 2gether. i thought they were so cute tog. it seems like 2 me that every role that david does w/ michelle he is the 1 that likes her but gets rejected. i thought that was sad. and then the part w/ that 1 gay sect. i hated that part. but i guess that was there so that david can get injured and michelle had to help cure him. the ending where michelle was at the nunnery and damian confronts her and michelle was wearing something to cover her face. it was kinda funny cuz that cloth that covered her face kept on falling down. and u could totally c her face. i thought it was funny. but michelle had really good acting skills there.

Ping Chung Hap Ying Luk
Ping Chung Hap Ying Luk 1985

the outfits that michelle r in r soooo beautiful. even beautiful cant really describe her. the fighting scenes r actually good 4 something that came out in 1985. michelle and damian's chemistry is good 2. i didnt really like the end tho. it felt like at the end damian was suppose 2 die but because nobody liked that ending they had to change it to a happy ending. im satisfied w/ the rest of the movie. jus the end bugs me a LOT.

Dynasty 1980

i wish i can c this movie. i luv michelle and david. i think they hav a really good chemistry.i like them better than michelle and damian sometimes. my aunt told me its and bits of this story. its kinda sad that somebody that is good and kind luvs u but u go off and fall in luv w/ somebody so evil that killed ur entire family. i didnt like that part. i dont think that in any movies that michelle and david worked together in, david is the 1 that falls in luv w/ michelle and michelle falls 4 somebody else.

The Legend of Condor Hero
The Legend of Condor Hero 2001

well i think the ends really crappy either that or the ending isnt out yet. and i hope the ending isnt out yet cuz im gonna b really pissed if the ending is like that.

The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983

b4 i ever read the actual novel i LOVED this movie. key word loved. now i dont even wanna own it. if TVB makes a movie they should make it rite.

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber
The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2000

i dont like any of the actors and actress in this movie except 4 michelle and damian. the only reason i watched it was b/c of michelle and damien. they hav 1derful chemistry!!!!!!!!! and they look so cute tog. I HATE TVB!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it when they take the book and change everything in it and make a movie. thats y i dont watch of the wuxia movies anymore.

Lofty Water Verdant Bow
Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2003


Lost in the Chamber of Love
Lost in the Chamber of Love 2004

i like Myolie. i think she acts real well. the storyline was kinda boring. i was able 2 guess wat was gonna happen. my aunt, dad, and step sis thought i saw the movie b4.

The Gentle Crackdown
The Gentle Crackdown 2005

this is 1 HILARIOUS movie. but i never got 2 c the end.

The Academy
The Academy 2005

i sad the beginning and the middle of this movie. the rest i had to rely on my step sis to type the summary. but sadly that wasnt 2 satisfying.

Popcorn 2000


My Girl
My Girl 2006

yah i agree. the part where they accidently lip locked was good. lol. HILARIOUS!!!!

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