Ron Ng Cheuk Hei 吳卓羲

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei


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Cheuk Hei
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Date of Birth:
September 02, 1979
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Actor, Singer

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Ron Ng Cheuk Hei is a Hong Kong actor and singer. Music of Ron Ng Cheuk Hei can be classified as "Cantopop", a subgenre in Chinese popular music. "Cantopop" songs are usually written in Cantonese, but sometimes also include Mandarin or English. While originating from Hong Kong, "Cantopop" is known for combining Chinese and Western influences, and is becoming more popular in the entire region and through the Chinese-speaking diaspora. Ron NG Cheuk Hei has released three albums (2005, 2006 and 2007).

Starting from 2002 Ron Ng worked for TVB, a popular commercial TV station. Since then he appeared in 21 TV series, starting with minor roles in such series as "Golden Faith" (2002) and progressing to such leads as Lang Ling-Hei in "The Four" (2008). Acting and singing brought Ron numerous awards. Back in 2004 as a part of "Twin of Brothers" he was named Most Improved Actor, while in 2006 he won the Ultimate Song King Golden Award for the Most Potential Newcomer.

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Ruse of Engagement 2014 (TVB Series)

Lord of Shanghai 2014 (TVB Series)

Lady Sour 2014 as Kai Chun (TVB Series)

Black Heart White Soul 2014 (TVB Series)

Season of Love 2013 (TVB Series)

Triumph in the Skies II 2013 (TVB Series)

L'Escargot 2012 (TVB Series)

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 2012 as Kam Muk-shui (金木水) (TVB Series)

Forensic Heroes III 2011 as Wind (TVB Series)

Wax and Wane 2011 as Gary Yung Yi-hang (TVB Series)

Yes Sir, Sorry Sir 2011 (TVB Series)

Turning Point 2009 (Movies)

A Chip Off the Old Block 2009 as Cho Tze 楚慈 (TVB Series)

E.U. 2009 as Chung Lap-Man 鍾立文 (TVB Series)

Rosy Business 2009 as Kong Bi Jing (TVB Series)

The Four 2008 as Lang Huet (TVB Series)

The Drive of Life 2007 (TVB Series)

The Brink of Law 2007 (TVB Series)

On the First Beat 2007 (TVB Series)

Men in Pain 2006 (TVB Series)

War and Destiny 2006 (TVB Series)

The Academy 2005 (TVB Series)

Revolving Doors of Vengeance 2005 (TVB Series)

Guts of Man 2005 (TVB Series)

Lost in the Chamber of Love 2004 (TVB Series)

Twin of Brothers 2004 (TVB Series)

Find the Light 2003 (TVB Series)

Aqua Heroes 2003 (TVB Series)

Vigilante Force 2003 (TVB Series)

Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2003 (TVB Series)

Triumph in the Skies 2003 (TVB Series)

Golden Faith 2002 (TVB Series)

Burning Flame II 2002 (TVB Series)

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