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Tiger Cubs
Tiger Cubs 2012

This drama is excellent! One of the better dramas that TVB have produced recently. The magic formula in this drama is simplicity and action. The acting is pretty good too by the male stars in the SDU, Jessica Hsuan and Mandy Wong.

Growing Through Life
Growing Through Life 2010

I actually enjoyed this TVB series despite all the negative commentary in the media. The series was well-written and poignant. It conveyed a strong meaningful message about life. I thought the acting in this series was primarily fantastic. Damian Lau was at his spectacular best. Raymond Lam delivered a great performance. I disagree with the negative publicity surrounding his acting. May be his only weakness is his inability to connect with his female counterparts, which is not all his fault. Other veterans such as Dominic Lam, Cecilia Yip Tung, Lui Yau Wai were all fabulous. Where the acting was average, it came from Bosco Wong, Toby Leung, Zhao Zi Qi and Vionn Song. In all fairness though, Bosco Wong had a difficult role of a person who begins with a good heart but is quickly poisoned by his own jealously. I thought the music, lightning, camera work and script all complemented the acting well to strike an emotional chord with the audience. Overall, I think series is 17/20.

The Mysteries of Love
The Mysteries of Love 2010

This TVB series has been the best so far in 2010. The most interesting feature was how science was used to solve the crimes or explain mysterious phenomena. The cast was good and the acting was excellent from Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma. Although I liked the pairings, I sometimes found the script to be too long-winded when dealing with the romance; particularly at the end. I honestly thought the series deserved a better ending; unfortunately TVB always wrecks the best series. I believe there will be a Part II, but I sincerely hope it does not come at the expense of the characters in this first instalment. Overall, this gets a rating of 18/20.

Rosy Business
Rosy Business 2009

This is by far the best TVB drama in 2009. The story is intense, the conflict is gripping and there is a great balance among drama, comedy and romance. The cast is exceptional and did a wonderful job. Sheren Tang is fabulous in her role as Hong Bo Kei; and finally she won the TVB Best Actress Award, she deserved for a long time. Wayne Lai is a terrific actor and put together an incredible performance as Chai Kau. He also won the TVB Best Actor Award, which he definitely deserved. There are commendable performances by Susan Tse, Kiki Sheung, Kara Hui and Elliot Ngok. Ron Ng showed some improvement, but is really still a long way yet to becoming a great actor. Overall, this drama is a real twenty out of twenty for me!

Your Class or Mine
Your Class or Mine 2008

This is a great drama, which strikes the right balance between comedy and conflict within circles of family and friends. The cast led by Bobby and Sheren do a fantastic job at portraying themes regarding family; and the importance of planning for your future. The younger cast are excellent in their support roles. The show may not feature beautiful scenery or incredible special effects; but on the whole, it is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. I give it a rating of nineteen out of twenty!

E.U. 2009

The third instalment to the Academy series otherwise known as E.U. is the best TVB drama in years! I love it completely for its wonderful cast and the well-written plot which keeps you glued to the seat. The acting by the veterans Michael Miu, Kathy Chow and Michael Tse is of high quality. Furthermore, Sammul Chan is brilliant in his role, while Ron Ng shows some improvement in his return to acting as he handles the challenging role of an undercover cop. I don't want to spoil it for others, but definitely watch this TVB series - it's the best in years! I'm giving this a twenty out of twenty!

Legend of the Demigods
Legend of the Demigods 2008

This is the journey of three people attempting to destroy a menacing evil snake demon, which threatens to turn the world upside. It is an enjoyable story and often is funny; but unfortunately the quality of the acting particularly of Linda Chung and Beeny Chan is disappointing considering that the script is above par compared to the other popular TVB series this year like Moonlight Resonance. The story began to drag a bit towards the end when Linda's character falls under an accelerated decripitude curse. Another problem is how the series repeatedly attempts to create that feeling of tragedy (as if the world is about to end); it overdoes it to the point of bathos when I can no longer sympathuse with the characters. I should mention that Sunny Chan was the best of the cast in this series and he seems to be making a good comeback at TVB. The special effects in this series are a bit over-animated and for some viewers this can be displeasing, but I tolerated. I think this series deserves a fourteen out of twenty.

Moonlight Resonance
Moonlight Resonance 2008

I think this a good TVB series, because of its all star cast, which delivered a brilliant on screen performance. However, the script has its flaws in terms of plot development and characterisation. Furthermore, it does get annoying with all the arguments and complex relationships. (I can't stand the high-pitched voice of Suzanna Kwan and Kate Tsui.) The older cast (Ha Yu, Michelle Yim, Lee See Kee and Suzanna Kwan in particular) were extraordinary - they shone despite the poor script. Of the younger cast, Moses Chan and Raymond Lam are outstanding. Unfortunately, Raymond Lam featured in a boring love triangle with Linda and Bosco, but his performance was unaffected by the poor script. Bosco Wong didn't seem too comfortable in this role, which is typical of him in non-comedy series. Of the younger female cast, Tavia Yeung did well, but Linda Chung, Fala Chen and in particular Kate Tsui will need to put their act together - their acting needs improvement! Overall, the message about the importance of a family unit in this heart-warming series is good. I'll give this series a rating of fourteen out of twenty.

The Master of Tai Chi
The Master of Tai Chi 2008

This is an average TVB series. The martial arts scenes were interesting and the acting was good. Unfortunately, the script was boring. It earns a fourteen out of twenty.

Forensic Heroes II
Forensic Heroes II 2008

This is a thrilling crime fiction series! It excels in romance, in humour, in tragedy and in suspense. Excellent acting by the cast overall and a very well written script with interesting cases and thorough explanation of the forensic technology used to solve them. It deserves a nineteen out of twenty!

Catch Me Now
Catch Me Now 2008

This series deserves a rating of twenty out of twenty!

Catch Me Now
Catch Me Now 2008

This is the best series that TVB has produced in 2008! It is exciting, humourous and entertaining! Damiam Lau, Joe Ma and Idy Chan provide a masterful performance in their roles. It is tragic that Damian Lau dies in the end (sorry if I spolit this for some of you), but this story is still a master piece with a very thoughtful message to society about justice, morals and perception.

The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day 2008

This is the greatest romantic comedy that TVB has produced and to date it is the best series of 2008. It is beautiful in its structure as the viewers enter a world and follow the the story of two young men who are both born on the Seventh of August, yet they are very different in character and their attitude to love. This story is brilliant in the emotional romance between Kevin Cheung and Niki Chow and the comedy provided between Bosco Wong and natalie Tong. Perhaps its only flaw stems from the embarassing scenes that always feature in this genre; for example when Niki decides to break up with Kevin because she knows she has cancer and when Bosco tries to love teh character Jessie despite knowing he loves Natalie. However, this stain is easily cleaned by the enchanting cinematic experience provided by the scenery in Japan and the lustrous romance that grows between the main characters. The acting by Kevin Cheung and Bosco Wong was wonderful and well supported by the other cast. Look out for these two in this year's Anniversary Awards - they should make into the top five without fail! Overall, this story is excellent and it deserves a rating of eighteen out of twenty!

The Conquest
The Conquest 2006

This is a nail-biting historical film that deserves much more than some of the popular fairy tales of romance that TVB have released in recent times. The acting was extraordinary by Damien Lau, Joe Ma and Chen Kun. It deserves a sixteen out of twenty.

Under the Canopy of Love
Under the Canopy of Love 2006

What was a promising family drama and romantic comedy was utterly destoryed by the rushed ending and poor characterisation of Bosco Wong's character. It is disappointing and deserves a twelve out of twenty.

The Brink of Law
The Brink of Law 2007

This is an interesting series that began particularly well. Though it became savage in the end, it never lost its rhythm as a thrilling crime-fighting drama. It deserves a solid sixteen out of twenty.

The Ultimate Crime Fighter
The Ultimate Crime Fighter 2007

Strong in its preaching of Buddhism, supported by an intense beginning, but unfortunately it collapsed in the end with the unnecessary violence and revenge displayed by Moses Chan. I would give it a rating of thirteen out of twenty.

The Drive of Life
The Drive of Life 2007

I agree with villian123 that this was the highly anticipated series of 2007 with an all star cast, but unfortunately bad plot development and its unsustainable length of 60 epsiodes ultimately led to its self-destruction. On a more positive note, the acting was extremely good particularly by Damian Lau (who displayed a masterclass), Ng Wai Kwok (who played the villian skilfully), Liao Jing Sheng and Sharmen Tang. The younger actors and actresses were also good led by Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu and Charmaine Sheh.

The Gentle Crackdown II
The Gentle Crackdown II 2008

This sequel follows the style of its predecessor and becomes particularly interesting in the end. However, it still like many other sequels does not match its predecessor.

Heart of Greed
Heart of Greed 2007

This series lies in the small group of good shows that TVB released in 2007. Although some of the subplots were boring, the main drama in the Tong family was nail biting, the comedy provided by Ha Yu and Moses Chan was satisfying and the tragedy faced by Ha Yu, Lee Si Kei and the family was emotionally potent. The acting especially by Ha Yu, Lee Si Kei, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan and Moses Chan was top class.

War of In-Laws II
War of In-Laws II 2008

This is a light hearted comedy series. However, I don't think it matches its predecessor completely.

Survivor's Law II
Survivor's Law II 2007

This series is abysmal is every respect when compared to its predecessor.

Survivor's Law II
Survivor's Law II 2007

This series is absymal in every respect when compared to its predecessor "Survivor's Law".

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