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Pasta 2010

Although Seo Yoo Kyung character is a bit annoying, the overall drama is really cute and interesting.

A Chip Off the Old Block
A Chip Off the Old Block 2009

this drama has the WEIRDEST ENDING EVER!

Temptation of an Angel
Temptation of an Angel 2009

It's good at the beginning but then it started to drag on and on. I find a lot of similarities b/w this and Temptation of Wife (Temptation of Wife is better than this).

Queen Seon Duk
Queen Seon Duk 2009

This drama is so good; i'm watching each episode without blinking my eyes. Totally amazed and their costumes are so pretty. I didn't know there are two different actress playing Misil (they did a good job finding actors who look alike for young and grown up characters; well for the females).

The Accidental Couple
The Accidental Couple 2009

this drama is alrite but not that great.

Born Rich
Born Rich 2009

omg it's the monopoly 1!!! can't wait

You're Hired
You're Hired 2009

lol i learned about so many tricks i neva knew they existed

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady 2009

this drama is cute even with a few flaws

Shining Inheritance
Shining Inheritance 2009

I only saw 1 ep of it on TV but it looks so interesting.

When It's at Night
When It's at Night 2008

the leads make the drama more enjoyable than what it actually offers.

East of Eden
East of Eden 2008

omg this drama is good and the poster looks great. I think it captures the characteristic of the roles. Plus lee da hae is so cool.

Beethoven Virus
Beethoven Virus 2008

I dont know wat's the big deal about this drama...y many ppl r going crazy over this while i find it uncatchy and boring..

Worlds Within
Worlds Within 2008

I think this drama suck after watching "women in the sun" and "on air" which have the same genre as this (behind the scene type of drama) THose 2 dramas did a better job comparing to this 1 =.=; Wat a waste since I adore song hye since her previous drama "full house"

My Queen
My Queen 2009

love this. the storyline is so cute and entertaining. It shows ppl that age differences can't stop ppl from falling in love with each other.

Heart of Greed
Heart of Greed 2007

my gosh this sequel is so freaking BEYOND AWESOME. I love 1st heart of greed, but this sequel freaking surpass the 1st 1.

Steps 2007

a waste of time

The Gem of Life
The Gem of Life 2008

man...all these great casts and yet the storyline is boring. I was looking forward to watch it since ada, maggie, moses, and forence are it in T_T . what a bummer; i quit after 20 eps. Not gonna sit there watching 80+ boring eps.

War of In-Laws II
War of In-Laws II 2008

I think this sequel is freaking dumb. the original 1 is so much better =.=;

E.U. 2009

this drama is so interesting and good. both michael r awesome. they'r so good at acting <3 I personally dont like ron...maybe cuz of the previous dramas he was in (most of his previous dramas, he always get the impulsive character which annoyed the crap out of me).

Speech of Silence
Speech of Silence 2008

I find kate's acting/expression the same for most of her series... =[ The only reason i even bother watching this is cuz of kenneth

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West
When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 2008

lol I have to agree with kailor. TVB seems to be promoting all these pageant queens who can't act =.=; It annoys the heck out of me when ppl who can't act get the leading role just cuz they won a pageant title or w/e >=o

The King of Snooker
The King of Snooker 2009

looks like another lame drama...this reminds me of that 1 drama about the casino with jessica and bobby, where these ppl have special talent about gambling. Here...the talent is in pool >.<

Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2009

ROFL i like how u put it "Heart of Greed meshed with War and Beauty" I can't wait tho since tavia, charmaine and susanna r in it.

Man in Charge
Man in Charge 2008

this drama looks so it a remake of some older drama? it looks lame

Best Selling Secrets
Best Selling Secrets 2008

I like the love story of diana and ka lam...2 bad they discontinued the series T_T

Sweetness in the Salt
Sweetness in the Salt 2009

this drama grabbed my attention after ep 4. it's so interesting to watch; didn't know salt was that valuable.

The Winter Melon Tale
The Winter Melon Tale 2009

this drama looks like a waste of time X___x i watched the 1st few sec of the 1st ep and it's totally stupid

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008

I love this drama it's pretty goood and ariel lin did a good job. i love her character

On Air
On Air 2008

even tho the plot is cliche, it was quite entertaining to watch.

The Four
The Four 2008

waste of time. the asia's version is so much better =.=;

Pages of Treasures
Pages of Treasures 2008

this is kinda's one of those u watch to make time flies.

Miss No Good
Miss No Good 2008

the main actress is kinda annoying >.< and the plot doesn't seem that interesting to watch.

Love or Bread
Love or Bread 2008

pretty funnie <33

Thank You
Thank You 2007

This movie is pretty good.

It Started With a Kiss
It Started With a Kiss 2005

i like this movie at 1st but then ariel's character always does dumb things over and over again. Find it annoying =[

My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star 2007

it's interesting at 1st but gets kinda dragging in the bored and fast forward =[

It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again
It Started With a Kiss - They Kiss Again 2007

hmm i dont get y this movie is such a hit but i get bored watching it...

Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You 2008

must watch. it's so good and funnie. i wish it's longer.

Moonlight Resonance
Moonlight Resonance 2008

THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME; it can make u laugh and also make u shed tears!!!

Moonlight Resonance
Moonlight Resonance 2008

This movie is pretty good at delivering touching moments as well as laugh until you cry. =]

The Rose
The Rose 2003

um..i think i'll give this a try just cuz ella is in it <3

The Legend
The Legend 2007

this movie kinda bored me

Forensic Heroes II
Forensic Heroes II 2008

this movie has too many things going on...not as exciting as i expected

Catch Me Now
Catch Me Now 2008

this movie is freaking good LOL can't stop watching <3

Green Forest, My Home
Green Forest, My Home 2005

i really like it. LOL XD

Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006

i like their song "tears of polaris" or something like that

Hana Kimi
Hana Kimi 2007

omg the ending is so lame...THEY SHOULD'VE END UP 2GETHER or something....pissed me off

Why Why Love
Why Why Love 2007

i hate the main actress...she's so annoying

Sweet 18
Sweet 18 2004

this movie is so cute XD i watched it twice

Green Rose
Green Rose 2005

i dont know..i watched like the first 2 eps and then gave up TT__TT

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow 2003

i think it's pretty good compare to other stupid movies

Virtues of Harmony II
Virtues of Harmony II 2003

lol man..this movie is so long and dragged. i like the ancient 1, that's like the most halrious part ever. i gave up on this, so can any1 tell me if frankie and bernice paired up?

Perish in the Name of Love
Perish in the Name of Love 2003

sonija kwok did a good job...LOL cuz i still hate her because of this

Heavenly In-Laws
Heavenly In-Laws 2007

this movie is so stupid and annoying...freaking looked so fake

The Gem of Life
The Gem of Life 2008

it looks pretty good especially ada choi is in it ...i guess 0.o hopefully this is as good as Dance of Passion...LOL these r like the same 3 main female leads in DOP

Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Revolving Doors of Vengeance 2005

this one is pretty goood, especially joe ma part

Women on the Run
Women on the Run 2005

i dont see the point of watching VOH II

La Femme Desperado
La Femme Desperado 2006

i like sheren's character XD

The Dance of Passion
The Dance of Passion 2006

omg ada choi is so good in this movie. i was freaking hooked on her character. become a fan of hers after this movie

The Price of Greed
The Price of Greed 2006

i think kate is annoying...she can't gosh =.=; go shirley go XD

Heart of Greed
Heart of Greed 2007

5/5 it's so good

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 2007

this movie is freaking goood

The Building Blocks of Life
The Building Blocks of Life 2007

this is one of those movies that i'd watch to pass time...nothing special

Survivor's Law II
Survivor's Law II 2007

this series is so cute, especially ella koon

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