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Mark Chao and Janine Chang’s romance cools off

By on February 25th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Distance and busy schedules seemed to cool off the alleged romance between Mark Chao and Janine Cheng. The two Taiwanese actors were rumoured to be dating after they starred together in the hit police-and-thief drama series Black & White.

The couple reportedly kept their relationship under the radar due to their opposing management companies. Although they adamantly dismissed rumours of a relationship, Mark often talked about his onscreen partner. In more than one interview, the 26-year-old Golden Bell Best Actor winner confessed to “admiring Janine Chang” and straightforwardly said “which guy would not like Janine Chang.”

Janine, 28, spent the last three months filming a drama series in China and only returned to Taiwan twice due to advertorial commitments, staying only for a day on both occasions before returning to China.

Mark went back to native Canada on a one-month and is now is tied up with movie…

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