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Lin Gengxin not in “Bu Bu Jing Qin”

By on February 7th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

After Kevin Cheng turned down the drama due to his busy schedule, it was reported that another “Bu Bu Jing Xin” actor, Lin Gengxin will not be returning to the sequel as well.

As reported on Jayne Stars website, the drama’s big breakout star was rumoured to have been involved in a conflict with his management company, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, which coincidentally, is also the production company for the drama.

However, while attending a press conference for GUESS in Nanjing recently, the actor dismissed the rumour, stating, “I’ve heard of the rumour, but aren’t I working now?”

The 24-year-old actor revealed the reason for his absence from the sequel, “Bu Bu Jing Qin”, saying that he has not received a script of the drama.

Lin stated, “I never read the storyboards, nor did I receive the script. I really don’t know if I will be filming it. If I was offered a role, I would very happy to be able to work with my old friends again.”

However, the actor seemed unfazed about the lack of offer. Even without the drama, Lin Gengxin is currently busy, starring as the second male lead in Ruby Lin’s latest drama, “Drama Go Go Go”, and will be playing a significant role in Tsui Hark’s upcoming action film, “Detective Dee the Prequel”

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